625 Million Gift Bags and counting… the Second Community Prize

And heeeeeeere’s Santa!  Well, not really but definitely a place for him to rest his caboose.  Yes that’s right Tappers and Tappettes, we got our second Community Prize.  Santa’s Workshop is ours!  Does anyone else feel like the last 175 million counted down real slow?


Wait, I’m getting word from the control room that Kent has breaking news on this development… let’s go over to him and see what’s going on….

Christmas News

Just kidding folks!  Santa’s not dead.  I know for a fact that there are some of America’s finest in the US Air Force preparing to track him with their fancy satellites over at NORAD.  Seriously, check out this site, it’s legit!


Our new prize comes from Season 1, Episode 1: Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire.  Arguably, THE Christmas episode to compare all others to, it’s a classic I will just say you should go watch.  In the episode, Homer gets a second job as a Santa to make money for the holidays.

Santa's Workshop 2

Big blue chair… check.  Giant over-sized Christmas tree… double check.  Weird shed where he pulls Bart after being debearded… you really want me to say check again?  Looks like the decoration sitting in my town.  I’ve had a spot waiting for this since I made my Christmasland in Wookieetown.

Wookiee Winterland

The SC area in the top right has been waiting patiently (unlike me) so I’m super thrilled for this new prezzie from EA even if it is outdoors.  Let’s face it though, so much goes on indoors in our towns we never get to see, right?  I’m just thankful it’s not stuck inside Costingtons.  Then Santa would be Gil and a lot more depressing than Homer J.

Santa's Workshop 3

Notice that Homer has the blue chair.  As for the name of the new decoration.  I think it was stolen from the Santa area in the Try N Save from Marge Be Not Proud (S7:E11, a number I’m sure Apu dislikes).  Right over their Santa can be seen a banner for “Santa’s Workshop”.   I’m sure a lot of folks have seen areas similar to this in their local malls.

Santa's Workshop

Santa’s Workshop has a 24 hour build time so we’ll see what other goodies it has in store for us.  Well… not really much else to say.  Another community prize checked off and only 175 million gift bags to go before we get the scrooge skin for Montgomery Burns.  Here’s to hoping we hit 800 million quickly so we’re not all ignoring family while presents are passed out and they talk about Dr. Who.

TTFN… Wookie out!

5 responses to “625 Million Gift Bags and counting… the Second Community Prize

  1. It’s entirely possible. I keep in mind with Hal low’s eve, once a lot of objectives were met it seemed to take permanently to get the last 2 Group Awards.

  2. I still only get on average about 30-40 gift bags a day. With 100 neighboreenos (not counting “The Other Springfield”), that means that I can only drop 1 gift bag every 3 days (per neighboreeno)!

    Meanwhile, I play so often that I am just shy of 70,000 Gift Cards!

    Don’t know if everyone else is at this average, but if so, to reach the 625,000,000 in the 15 days would mean that we needed 625,000,000/15/35 = 1,200,000 ACTIVE players. Assuming no ramp up…

    So to get to 1.1 BILLION, will need another 11 days!

    Oh, so we will make the 5th prize with a couple of days to spare…

    Still, I feel so stingy to my kind neighboreenos who are giving me 30 Gift Cards a day! – Come on EA! Adjust the gift bag frequency!

  3. I’ve managed to win all the prizes without spending too many donuts although I’ll admit I became addicted to spinning the prize wheel. As. Result I’ll admit I don’t visit my friends towns as often and when I do it’s mostly just to drop gift bags since I don’t need any more gift cards. I’m. Sure there are players who just stopped collecting gift cards from their friends towns and thus stopped dropping gift bags. Could this be slowing down the count?

    • It’s entirely possible. I remember with Halloween, once a lot of goals were met it seemed to take forever to get the last 2 Community Prizes. This could be why EA lowered the goals. Plus most people are pretty busy right now with the holidays getting closer, so that could have a factor in it as well. 🙂

    • Being addicted to spinning the prize wheel as you are Ernie I continue to visit all my neighbors everyday (although probably less so during the next 2 or 3 days) so that I can spin more and more. Let’s not forget that every 1,000 Gift Cards = 1 spin. 1,000 cards are easy to get at least once a day.

      Merry Christmas everyone!

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