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Advanced KEM Farming – Should I always go for 3 donuts?

Salutations Stats & Strategy Specialists

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A couple years ago, I wrote a post about KEM farming (which can be found here) and how it yields donuts. Since that time, many of you like myself have gone on to grow your KEM farms to over 100 KEMs, earning over 100 donuts every 4 hours, as you have raised your XP bonus percentage into the thousands.

At this point, some of you may wonder is it worth always going for 3 donuts when you fill an XP bar? Or are you better spending that money on additional KEMs?

Let’s take a look and see…

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Guest Post: So You Think You Can Tap: Accumulating D’OH

Hey Howdy Hey Addicts!
To break us away from the Halloween update a little bit we decided to run a guest post from one of our readers Poisonshift.  This has some great advice for you new tappers from a new tapper (note this advice is aside from the Halloween update itself)!  Poisonshift currently runs the Addicts Forums so you can check him out over there!
PS: If you have an idea for a guest post feel free to submit it to us at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com.  While we can’t promise we’ll run everything, we’ll certainly give every submission full consideration!

Hi Everybody!
“Hi Poisonshift”
As any new player may know it can be quite disheartening when you get a new mission and find out you just don’t have the money to get the ball rolling. It is all part of the game mechanics. If you notice, by the time one construction comes to a finish you’ll have enough money for the next. I understand perfectly well how you feel. It’s never nice living paycheck to paycheck. We don’t like it in life and we sure as heck-diddly don’t like doing it through entertainment. Springfield is supposed to be our escape from this droning reality, right? So why be broke?
The sad fact of the matter is this, it’s not easy to accumulate wealth. Well not from the start anyway.
I started playing at the beginning of September and I haven’t missed a day and I doubt I ever will. So you know I haven’t been playing long, I’m currently hovering over the end of level 17 and like most of you, I’m not rich but I’m not broke either. What I’m going to do is share some insight I’ve learned through game play and tidbits I’ve gleaned from the web.
Let’s do it!

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