Guest Post: So You Think You Can Tap: Accumulating D’OH

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To break us away from the Halloween update a little bit we decided to run a guest post from one of our readers Poisonshift.  This has some great advice for you new tappers from a new tapper (note this advice is aside from the Halloween update itself)!  Poisonshift currently runs the Addicts Forums so you can check him out over there!
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Hi Everybody!
“Hi Poisonshift”
As any new player may know it can be quite disheartening when you get a new mission and find out you just don’t have the money to get the ball rolling. It is all part of the game mechanics. If you notice, by the time one construction comes to a finish you’ll have enough money for the next. I understand perfectly well how you feel. It’s never nice living paycheck to paycheck. We don’t like it in life and we sure as heck-diddly don’t like doing it through entertainment. Springfield is supposed to be our escape from this droning reality, right? So why be broke?
The sad fact of the matter is this, it’s not easy to accumulate wealth. Well not from the start anyway.
I started playing at the beginning of September and I haven’t missed a day and I doubt I ever will. So you know I haven’t been playing long, I’m currently hovering over the end of level 17 and like most of you, I’m not rich but I’m not broke either. What I’m going to do is share some insight I’ve learned through game play and tidbits I’ve gleaned from the web.
Let’s do it!

1. Now, I know most of you don’t work from home like I do, and you’re not going to be able to constantly send your people on 30min excursions like I do all day long (sitting at my desktop running Bluestacks). So you’re going to have to compromise.
Make the best of your character’s missions count. If you’re going to bed and you sleep for eight hours, then send all of your characters on missions that take eight hours and set Cletus’ farm to grow Silvertounge.

2. I’ve had so many different variations of my Springfield you’d be amazed.  However, it does eventually get to the point where you find yourself checking the sale prices of your decorations to reach the cost of your next building. Then you realize it’s pointless to sell them for the pennies you’ll get for the return.

 Don’t let the game trick you, control your spending. I know what it’s like to wait impatiently for the next building mission to come. Don’t fall victim to that new shrub that will look great in the Flanders’ yard. I’m not saying don’t decorate, that’s the flesh of the game. But be reasonable. Know your limit.

 3. When I first started playing my only neighbors were OTHER SPRINGFIELD and my girlfriend’s Springfield. Now I’ve got request notifications coming in and I’ve got my max of 100 neighbors.
Add neighboreenos. Figure this, for each neighbor you get three taps, each tap is $25 and 1 exp. So that $75 and 3 exp. Multiply that by the max neighbor count and you’ve got $7,500 and 300 exp every 24hrs. Easy money.

4. In the same vein of #1, don’t let the game bully you. I know its drool time when that ! pops up. NEW MISSION, NEW MISSION! Well…
If construction just finished on a mission building more often than not you’ll get missions for your characters. Some can take 8 or more hours, if it’s the middle of the day and you’ll be playing save these for bed time. Just keep your people doing what they usually do and save that mission task for later so you don’t miss the money you could be making in the meantime. It’s going to be tomorrow before that task is finished anyway, may as well save it for later.

image219~ I stare at the same donut count every day, waiting for it to magically increase. From time to time the game will throw me a donut or two but they are very slow coming.
Save your donuts, don’t waste them rushing missions even though the game told you to in the past.  You’re better off spending donuts on decorations & characters that will earn you bonus percentages.  You can check out the Addicts Ultimate Premium Guide to determine what items give you the best bonus/donut spent.  

#3 says $75 and 3 exp, well with my meager bonuses I get $81 and 6 exp. Not bad eh?

~ There is no guarantee this will work for you but… to be a terrible neighbor can be a great thing. Tapping more than thrice.
Ok, you’re visiting your neighbor, and boy do they have a lot of mops. Well you can take advantage of this! Click your first two non-mop buildings. Now click on a spray can or another mop, for a second all mops will still be on screen while everything else has vanished. CLICK THE MOPS! and reap your rewards. You can turn a 3 tap into a 5 tap or more, depending on the grouping of the mops and how many are on screen.
If you are really greedy and there are no mops, tap the spray cans, don’t go past your two taps, exit and come back. They will now be mops. Bad neighbor, good money.

There you go tappers. Just a little bit of info to help you on your way. You’ll never make it Burns-status, but you’ll be better off.

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  1. I’m not sure if I get it right, You’re saying that You tap mops in your friends towns? I can’t do this, I never ever saw mops in any other towns than mine. I’m just curious…

  2. One thing i would add – it seemed to me – i could be wrong – that the higher your levels, the higher price land is. keep track on how much land costs as your tapping along. before you level up grab the cheapest land and buy it as much as you can. It seemed to me, that once i leveled up – that land that was 50k, went up. so, i find the cheap land and as i’m playing that level, i pick it. up.

  3. Good post. I need more friends on there, ******

  4. I can really connect with this advice. I started tapping in late August, and just yesterday I topped out at Level 35! All my characters do 30-minute or 1-hour tasks from 3pm to 11pm, 8-hour tasks from 11pm to 7am (while I sleep), and 8-hour tasks from 7am to 3pm (school). It also means I can tap 8-hour things like Sideshow You 3 times a day! I run Bluestacks on my laptop from 3pm to 11pm too, and I’ve clicked on the SImpson House, Kwik-E-Mart, and Brown House(s) infinitely many times.
    The only bad thing was, because I progressed through levels so fast, the game couldn’t keep up with quests, and here I am at Level 35 working on the Level 22-28 questlines (and Krustyland too) which all unlocked within hours of each other! My taskbook is always full with 10-11 quests! Before all these questlines unlocked, I was left with tons of sidequests (Monkeys Need Exercise Too showed up the most), so I would use my $100-200K decorating and making what little I had look really nice. I used to have a large residential section of brown houses.
    But now that I’m building 2-3 things every day, suddenly I’m stranded at $500K, every time I earn more a build unlocks that takes all that extra money away. Now I’m short on land too, so my Brown Houses had to be clumped into a sad little house farm.
    About scheduling, I have a 2-page schedule laid out in Microsoft Word, and they all say things like “Level 22: Milhouse 12h x2: 10/22 7pm-7am, 10/23 7am-7pm.” So with those calculations by November all the quests thorugh Level 27 should be done.
    Great post! I appreciate seeing the advice that I’ve subconciously followed over the past 2 months finally spelled out in writing!
    pkkao (origin ID: pkkao)

  5. Can’t believe it’s only been since May I was new. So much has happened since. You realize what mattered and what didn’t. If only you went back. Didn’t spend those donuts…in my case…clean up that garbage. Lol.

    Great work!

  6. Really good advice ..keep calm and carry on tapping

  7. I’m blushing. Thanks guys, its truly an honor. While I’m no new tapper any more I still use these tactics. There’s not much else to it. As long as you stick to the routine your income will be steady and predictable. I can see that the designers made the game the way it is to facilitate freemium players just as well as donut..nuts!

    While I admit I’ve spent some do’h on donuts, I’ll always rely on what I said in this post to get me through the day to day.

    Thank you Alissa!

    See ya around fuzzball!

  8. Really great to see a POV from a newer tapper… Some of us veterans forget what it was like way back when.

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