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Addicts Shop Black Friday SALE!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy (almost) Black Friday!  To celebrate the crazy sales of Black Friday we’re offering a special Black Friday sale in the Addicts Shop!

All items are 10% off (the biggest discount they’ll let me give)!  Now is a great time to add some Addicts Swag to your wardrobe, or to get that special gift for the Addict in your life!

The Black Friday Sale is available in BOTH the Addicts Shop and the Laugh it Up Shop, and the sale ends December 2nd! So grab those items while you can!

The way the store works is, I needed to set up two different codes for the Addicts Shop and the Laugh it Up Shop.  So for the Addicts Shop the code is BLACKFRIDAY2019 and for the Laugh It Up Shop the code is BLACKFRIDAY19.

Happy Shopping!

Addicts Shop

If you click the design you like for pricing, color, size options, and to purchase.

Discount Code for the Addicts Shop BLACKFRIDAY2019

For those of you that just like funny shirts, not necessarily TSTO related, I’ve also created the Laugh It Up Shop. The Laugh It Up Shop is full of stuff designed to make you laugh.  (Laugh It Up Media is the parent company of  TSTO Addicts) 

These are more seasonal designs, and stuff that’s just meant to make you chuckle.  If you click the design you like for pricing, color, size options, and to purchase.  Laugh it Up Shirts are available in Men’s and Women’s designs.

Discount Code for the Laugh It Up Shop BLACKFRIDAY19

Remember, the sale ends December 2nd! 

Happy Shopping!

Introducing…The Addicts Shop!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Super excited to announce something long time Addicts readers have been asking for, and something I’ve been working on for a while…The Addicts Shop!

It took a while to find the right shop to work with, and some of you may argue it took me too long, but we’ve finally launched an Addicts line of T-Shirts and Hoodies…including the Addicts Logo with our cartoons on it!   (which is the one y’all have been asking for the most)

You can shop our store, TSTOAddicts.com/shop, for a ton of fun shirts and hoodies…and I plan to constantly add more designs to the store.  Things that fit in with current events in the game, funny sayings from the community, and more…so be sure to check it out often!  Here are the current designs we’re offering…

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