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Gil’s Snowglobe Deal…and MAGGIE!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A couple of things triggered for us this morning as part of the 2015 Christmas Event.

First up, Gil is back in Springfield and this time he’s pushing a giant Snow globe! This is something everyone should see in their town, regardless of where they are in the event.

Second, MAGGIE has arrived!  However, you won’t get her until you finish the upgrade on the Moonshine Shack and complete the Oh Come All Ye Vengeful questline.  So it will give you something to look forward too, and incentive to keep on tapping!

So let’s get to the basics of both shall we?  (don’t worry I won’t put up Maggie spoilers since it’ll be a bit before many of you get there…but know that Marge is the one who will kick off Maggie)

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