Gil’s Snowglobe Deal…and MAGGIE!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A couple of things triggered for us this morning as part of the 2015 Christmas Event.

First up, Gil is back in Springfield and this time he’s pushing a giant Snow globe! This is something everyone should see in their town, regardless of where they are in the event.

Second, MAGGIE has arrived!  However, you won’t get her until you finish the upgrade on the Moonshine Shack and complete the Oh Come All Ye Vengeful questline.  So it will give you something to look forward too, and incentive to keep on tapping!

So let’s get to the basics of both shall we?  (don’t worry I won’t put up Maggie spoilers since it’ll be a bit before many of you get there…but know that Marge is the one who will kick off Maggie)


First up the Gil deal….

You’ll see Ol’ Gil roaming the streets of Springfield trying to sell you something….a Giant Snow globe!

Gil: Giant snow globe!  Giant snow globe!  Step right up and gaze upon the big and awesome, super-stunning giant snow globe!  Trust Ol’ Gil.  I’m not overselling this like the many loads of bunk I’ve oversold you in the past.  It’s an amazing item, as long as you’re not claustrophobic, scared of heights (like me) and have a backyard as big as the gardens of Versailles.  It says here that the base is solid gold and handcrafted…and oh, wow.  You’re not going to believe what’s inside.  A three-story historical 5-bedroom house perched on top of a fancy glacier!  Seems shakier than this sales pitch.  You’ll have your own private little Ice mountain!  Careful when you’re exploring.  Polar bears love to play soccer with the round heads like you.  But don’t worry.  Just hold off a couple of weeks ’til global warming puts a crimp in those critters’ lives.  Oh and since the house is teetering right on the edge of a cliff, I’d invest in a good home protection plan…and a parachute.  That snow globe can house five generations of people and pets.  That makes quite a Christmas scene.  Don’t do it for me.  Do it for the poor little orphans, and the obese, bearded guy up North, and for undernourished elves that can’t afford vitamins to grow.

At this point you’ll be offered the Snow Globe…

2015-12-23 10.40.21

If you decline you’ll see…

Gil: I can’t blame you for not buying.  You’re one of those odd-jobs that can’t stand having something wonderful in their life.

You’ll be able to access the Snow Globe deal then through the store…just tap on the Snow Globe icon in the store…

2015-12-23 10.57.17

Gil’s Offer ends January 6th, 2016. 

If you accept you’ll see..

Gil: Good doing business with you, friend.  You won’t regret buying from Gil.  And if you do, how ’bout buying some “regret” insurance to go along with your purchase?

Here are some quick facts about the Snow Globe…

Giant_Snow_Globe 8×8 in size.  Comes with a short questline.  9 characters can have a task there (2hrs).  Boosts vanity by 100 points.  And comes with a 2.25% bonus on all cash and XP. (can be placed in Springfield, the boardwalk or the Pier)

With Christmas only 2 days away, and plans for the next couple of days…I’m still debating on doing a Should I Buy for the Snow Globe…as most of the info is on this post.  If I do one for it, it won’t be until after Christmas. (The day not the event)


Here’s a look at the questline that comes with it…

Snow Global Warming
Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: Smithers, what is this?
Smithers: It’s a giant snow globe, sir.
Mr. Burns: Snow globes bring back terrible memories Smithers.  Childhood, family…eugh!  That’s what I use them to trap my enemies.  I want them to feel my dread.
Smithers: It’s festive.  People normally love them.
Mr. Burns: Until they’re trapped inside one and the water starts rising!
Send Springfielders to the Snow Globe- x5.  2hr task.  (White Witch Burns can go and will earn Mistletoe)
Here’s a list of who can go:
Santa’s Little Helper
Ebeneezer Burns
White Witch Burns

2015-12-23 11.07.47


Now let’s talk about the little girl of the hour baby Riley Maggie!

As mentioned above you WILL NOT see the questline to get Maggie until you’ve fully upgraded the Moonshine Shack AND completed Oh Come All Ye Vengeful.  So if you haven’t done both of those things, please don’t ask why you can’t see Maggie in your game…

Marge starts the questline to get Maggie..and there’s a little surprise when you tap on her (Marge)…that I won’t ruin for y’all now.  But it’s cute 🙂

Anywho…just by tapping on Marge and running through the dialogue you’ll unlock Maggie..

2015-12-23 11.12.05 2015-12-23 11.12.08

And start the You Better Not Cry questline..

Maggie does come with a full set of tasks and will crawl around Springfield (no more walking around with Marge for her!).  I won’t post the tasks or many more details about Maggie now, as I know many of you are no where near ready to unlock her…and there are some things that are better left as a surprise 🙂

The You Better Not Cry questline is 5 total parts, and I’ll post a separate Turbo Tappin’ for that a little later today…

And that’s it for today’s little additions my friends!

Are you excited for Maggie?  At the point where you unlocked her, or close to it?  How about seeing Gil in Springfield?  Think you’ll be taking his deal?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. The abominable snow monster (or whatever his name is) has a task in the globe as well

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