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Glitching Goo

A quick note.  If you’re on an Android device an update has been released for the phone in the Play Store.  Make sure you go in and update your Tapped Out game.  No major changes, it looks as though it’s just a big glitch fix.  Not one they could do as an in-game update.  So be sure to update your App if you’re on Android. Nothing for iPhone users at this time, which tells me it’s fixing a system glitch that’s impacting Android phones only.  Anything new happens we’ll definitely let you all know. 

There is a growing issue with the Goo counts being off. I am seeing it effecting more and more users. It is now effecting my game too. I am in contact with EA in regards to the issue and will update you on any information that is provided to me.

In the meantime, here is the glitch I am seeing (as well as others). Once you hit your 10,000 Goo mark, you are put into the Spooktacular Bonus round. For every 2000 Goo beyond the 10,000 you collect, you are able to pick from the 3 prize boxes for a chance at 3 free donuts. This is similar to the XP bonus levels. You will know when you hit this as the lil Halloween Candy icon will pop up in your task book icons.

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