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I Got Booty, Yes I Do…I Got Booty, HOW ‘BOUT YOU??!!

Bunny here hopping in while I am giggling uncontrollably. This is just, yet again, another sign that EA creators of this game are dominantly MALE. YES EA, I AM TALKING TO YOU! 😛

I appreciate Maude brought in. Booberella was more a “girl for the guys”, but I would appreciate even more females (lil Maggie too). I still want more. Anywho…my point. As I am tappin and squishing and haunting and SQUIRREL all throughout this game, I am picking up on the “subtle” lil things EA drops in the game. They do like to continually add in those lil jabs and one-liners that keep me giggling as I play. My latest lil giggle…Gremlins Booty. Now they could’ve named it anything…anything at all…but they chose Booty. Why? Well in my own lil head, I see a bunch of guys sitting round the conference room giggling at the thought of making the Gremlins “grab some Booty”. I also hear them saying things like, “How much Booty did you get last night…I grabbed myself so much Booty from my neighbor…I need more Booty…” and on and on and on. Now maybe it is just the fact I hung around boys my entire life (loved being a tomboy), or the fact I have them around me all the time now…but for some reason I am just giggling as my mind wanders on this one.

Now for some fun. So far the highest amount of Booty I have grabbed **snicker** is 352 at one time. How much is your highest? Feel free to add a few pics. I would like to see how much Booty everyone is getting. 😛

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