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30 Billion GOO & King Homer’s Skyscraper

Hey Howdy Hey Ghost Busters!

Feels like it’s been a while since we’ve been here huh? We unlocked the Frog Prince back on October 22nd and now here we are almost 2 weeks later at our 5th and FINAL Community GOO prize King Homer’s Skyscraper! Congratulations Tappers!

Looks like EA has saved the best for last. The Skyscraper is one of the coolest building additions (at least in this Addict’s opinion) in the game.

king homer skyscraper

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13 Billion Goo & the Third Community Prize

We now have the new item for the Community Prize. A Ghost Bomb. 1 Continue reading

Addicts Question Corner: Possessed Characters, Witch Marge, Strongman Homer, Spooktacular Bonus and more!

Hey howdy hey Tappers!

We’ve been noticing a few questions popping up in the comments of some posts and, while we try to answer each one individually, we thought everyone could benefit from the answers to these questions. So it’s time for another addition of Addicts Question Corner….

First, just a quick recap of where you should, at least, be at this point in the game in order to stay on track to earn all 10 personal GOO prizes by November 7th. According to Bunny’s GOO Calender you should be averaging about 300 GOO per day and by the end of the day today (October 9th) you should have approx 2,440 GOO canisters (or more) to stay on track for 10,000 GOO by November 7th!

Also, as a community we’re currently sitting at nearly 5,800,000,000…at this rate we should be collecting the next community GOO prize next week about this time! First Church of Lard Lad was dropped into towns yesterday morning, you can find more info on that here.

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I Got Booty, Yes I Do…I Got Booty, HOW ‘BOUT YOU??!!

Bunny here hopping in while I am giggling uncontrollably. This is just, yet again, another sign that EA creators of this game are dominantly MALE. YES EA, I AM TALKING TO YOU! 😛

I appreciate Maude brought in. Booberella was more a “girl for the guys”, but I would appreciate even more females (lil Maggie too). I still want more. Anywho…my point. As I am tappin and squishing and haunting and SQUIRREL all throughout this game, I am picking up on the “subtle” lil things EA drops in the game. They do like to continually add in those lil jabs and one-liners that keep me giggling as I play. My latest lil giggle…Gremlins Booty. Now they could’ve named it anything…anything at all…but they chose Booty. Why? Well in my own lil head, I see a bunch of guys sitting round the conference room giggling at the thought of making the Gremlins “grab some Booty”. I also hear them saying things like, “How much Booty did you get last night…I grabbed myself so much Booty from my neighbor…I need more Booty…” and on and on and on. Now maybe it is just the fact I hung around boys my entire life (loved being a tomboy), or the fact I have them around me all the time now…but for some reason I am just giggling as my mind wanders on this one.

Now for some fun. So far the highest amount of Booty I have grabbed **snicker** is 352 at one time. How much is your highest? Feel free to add a few pics. I would like to see how much Booty everyone is getting. 😛

Gremlin booty2013-10-05 22.23.20 4 3 2 1


Hey Addicts… Caption This! Halloween Edition

Sometimes TSTO gives us humorous little moments when we capture our characters doing rather strange things.  These posts are all about those strange and funny moments!  Once a week we’ll be posting a Caption This! moment where we want you, the Addicts readers, to put on your writing caps and come up with what you think is happening in the screenshot. Post your captions in the comments below. We can’t wait to see how creative and funny you guys can be!

Hey Addicts… Caption This!


If you’ve got an image you’d like to submit for a “Caption this!” post, email it to us at TSTOAddicts@gmail.com!

Well… you asked for it….

Hey Addicterinos…

In one of my last posts, Barbsinbox asked for pics of the tombstones from the opening screen.  Although I am nowhere near as savvy with pics like the other amazing authors on Team Awesome Sauce aka TSTO Addicts, I figured I’d try.

So here’s the tombstones you see on the opening screen a la older Treehouse of Horror Specials…

Halloween opening screen jokes

I tried to zoom in on each tombstone to make them easier to read.  If you click on the next picture, it’ll open bigger on your browser.


If you still can’t read them, here’s what they say in no particular order:


Some of you may know that this is one of the segments from the TOH Episode premiering tonight.  Obviously EA floated the idea of doing these and then shot them down.


With the success of freemium gaming on “smart” phones and tablets added to the profit margin for EA, it may be very true that console gaming may start playing canasta with Atari and the NES.


A poke at the game currency from Halloween 2012.  Seems EA thought they had a MORE GOO idea.


Matt Groening’s original comic strip pre-Simpsons.  If you’ve never seen it, check it out.  Very cool stuff and who doesn’t love a one eared Bunny?


Gotta love any political satire from the Simpsons writers.  To keep from upsetting any one over politics, I suggest searching this term on your engine of choice and hopefully laughing at the appropriateness of this statement considering when the update was released.

Well, hope everyone is enjoying the heck out of the event.  Y’all stay classy, ghostbust the Jeebus out of all the towns and keep tapa-tapa-tapping away.  Wookiee out!


Shhhh…come a lil closer…closer…TOO CLOSE!!! BACK UP A LIL! Sheesh. So, I have a lil secret I wanna share. Did you know as you are tapping your 5 ghosts in your neighbors town that you can get MORE than five. You did??!! Who told you??! WHO?! That lil…fine then. So much for my lil secret. Now what am I supposed to write about?

I guess I will just show you MY pics of me getting 7 & 8 (YES 8! I thought you said you knew…liars.) It takes a lil patience to wait til you get three or more all in REALLY close proximity. Get your itchy tappin finger ready…AND TAP LIKE A MAD WOMAN…or man. WOOHOO!!! Extra Goo! Let me know if any of you were successful in this too.



Looks like EA has disabled this ability with the new updates they sent out the last few days. Some are still able to, for the moment. Mine just changed now, even though I was one of first to get update. So…no more double tapping ghosts. Well, at least it was a fun treat while it lasted.

2 1

5 3

You Put the Pumpkin House Where?!?!

Hey Howdy Hey Addicts!

The very first GOO Item you earn in the Halloween Event is the Pumpkin House.  At 100 GOO just about everyone should have the item by now.  What I want to know is where you put it and what you’ve done with it?

Here’s a few that we saw:

Here’s mine from my “B” game
2013-10-06 01.08.28
As you can see I basically just put it down while I work through the update.  Eventually it’ll look a little nicer 🙂

Here’s Bunny’s:
Looking decorated as always!

And here’s one from one of my neighbors I thought looked cool:
2013-10-06 01.10.50
That’s a lotta pumpkins!

So, show us yours!  Leave the link for your Pumpkin House screen shot in the comments below.  If you need help with screenshots you can check our our How-To post here and if you need help with Dropbox Links you can check out our How-To Post here.

Look forward to seeing just where you put that Pumpkin House!

What’s Up with the Premium Gremlins?

ico_thoh_stor_gremlins_03 (1)   ico_thoh_stor_gremlins_20
So if you’ve explored your new premium options in the game you’ll see two Gremlin options you can purchase for donuts. For two donuts you can purchase a trio of Gremlins and for 10 donuts you can buy 20 Gremlins.

Curious about these? Well it’s pretty simple really. They’re just extra Gremlins you can purchase to drop in your friend’s towns. Yes, that’s right you can purchase Gremlins for donuts to drop them in your friend’s towns to earn GOO…the same Gremlins you can get for free just for tapping Ghosts & haunting buildings (haunted buildings too).

There is absolutely no added bonus to using these Gremlins vs. the free ones.

My opinion?
Save your donuts for something that can/will provide you with bonuses and/or conform-o-meter points. In the long run that’s the better investment! 


Tapped Out Halloween Walkthroughs: The 7th and 8th GOO Prizes, Snorky and Twirl n’ Hurl

Hey howdy hey GOO Collectors!

Back with the next two prizes in the Personal Prize collection, you can read about the Ancient Burial Ground & Pumpkin house herethe Vac-U-Bot here, Zombie here & Ultrahouse & Victorian UFO here. The next two prizes are achieved at the 5,200 GOO (Snorky) collection mark and the 6,500 GOO (Twirl ‘n’ Hurl) collection mark.
king snorky 5200goo             twirl n hurl 6500 goo Continue reading