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UPDATE: 12:20pm EST…still nothing in the App Store but I wanted to give you guys a little peek a few things we’re seeing.  However, no images or full details (see my note below as to why)…
There WILL BE prize/social element to this update.  It’s not a collection prize like Halloween/Christmas…BUT it’s also not a Wheel.  It’s something new and different, with various elements to it (different prizes associated with collecting different things).
Many of the items will be FREE and awarded through the prize/social element.  However, I can tell you all…that, like most highly requested characters, the Crazy Cat Lady will be premium, and will be a combo with her house.

Guess what my lil Hoppereenos? EASTER IS COMING!!!!

That’s right. I spy with my lil eye…somebody is gonna pull something out of their hat.

Now just what is gonna be in store for us? Well…lets just say this…we will get a pretty cool character that just so happens to likes furry creatures.


Bunny and Carrot Pandi Homer Bunny

K I am gonna go finish frakkin these files now. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


Note from Alissa: As many of our frequent tappers know…we have a rule around here when it comes to posting spoilers.  While we can see what’s supposed to come in the update, we do not post the details until the update actually hits the games and we’re 100% certain what we’re seeing is what’s going to be in the game.  That and we like to know all of the details and how it plays so we can give you guys the most accurate information possible.
We do this because EA can still change what’s going to hit the games…or how it’s going to hit the games.  So we don’t want to say this will be in the game & then not have it hit.  We firmly believe in verifying ALL of the info with the game itself before we post it.  🙂

Is EA Going To Grant A Bunny’s Wishes??

Hey there hoppereenos. Bunny here with some news I have been trying to verify all day. Slowly but surely there are rumors being leaked that the event I BEGGED them to give me, A Bunny Holiday, at least has an image out there. BRING ME BUNNIES!!!

Bunny and Carrot

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