Is EA Going To Grant A Bunny’s Wishes??

Hey there hoppereenos. Bunny here with some news I have been trying to verify all day. Slowly but surely there are rumors being leaked that the event I BEGGED them to give me, A Bunny Holiday, at least has an image out there. BRING ME BUNNIES!!!

Bunny and Carrot

Well after the HotFix2 update, a glimpse of an image began to circle round. Our friend Em (TOuk/Topix) alerted me when they got the image sent to them of Homer in a Bunny suit within a TSTO opening splash screen.

Very cautious, as people have fabricated these in the past, I went into the files to comb through thousands of images to see if I could find it. No luck yet. So I reached out to our AWESOME community here. I wanted to do what we here at Addicts ALWAYS do with anything the files can’t show…verify sources for accuracy. So emails were sent out all over to see if OTHER Addict Kindle users across our community saw Homer Bunny in their app store too. Here are my findings…

Our own resident Fuzzball’s clan saw nothing on their Kindles. A few family friends in the west and east saw nothing on theirs. Our faithful “troll” and great Addict, freaknstein8, WAS able to confirm the same image in the app market on one of the kindle devices in his home. WOOHOO!!!

It’s there, rolling along like an ad in the app store. Screenshots on the Kindle are a pain so he will try to get us an image. I’ll update if he’s successful (unless EA dumps an event on us with it first. Lol.) If anyone else catches it too, feel free to post it below.

I just want an event full of eggs and bunnies and eggs and bunnies…did I mention bunnies??!!


Bunny Icon 2





UPDATE: From Alissa…..while Bunny was awayΒ one of our readers, EvilKitten812, was able to secure a photo from a friend of the splash screen and posted in the comments for us. Β Here’s what EK had to say:
OMG I got you a photo bunny!! My friend has a kindle but the best I can get for you now is a photo she took with her camera of the kindle app store. She’s technology impaired so I didn’t want to put her through all the screenshot stuff @ 5am LOL here you go!!!!”
And here’s the blurry…but hey it’s still!

If you have a shot of this screen please send it into us as well! Β Whether via the comments below or our email account ( Β Hopefully EA has a little furry mischief up their sleeves for us! Β It’s about time everyone else had to deal with “the Bunny”! πŸ˜‰ Β 


You guys are AWESOME!! Another amazing reader sent in their image from the Kindle App Market. Thanks Pandi! This one is a nice clear image. What are YOUR thoughts on it?

Pandi (@LadyPandi)-Β Aha found it!

Pandi Homer Bunny


I just really love our readers so much. What a great community!! Here is a shot courtesy of another Addict reader that shows a bit more of how the ad in the banner appears to Kindle users. THANKS JOYCE!!Β 

Joyce-Β I totally saw it on my kindle β€˜s app store (which still says 4.7.4 is the most recent update)Just scroll the top images to the left (it’s not immediately visible when I open the app store but totally legit, no Photoshop. (I just hope that there will be fun non premium things)

Super fuzzy dropbox link of an app store screencap (which I didn’t crop or modify)Joyce Homer Bunny







120 responses to “Is EA Going To Grant A Bunny’s Wishes??

  1. Ha, I definitely missed that post. So I’m not the first person to bring that topic up and won’t be the last…until they finally add her to the game. Great 2D design by the way. πŸ™‚

  2. Definitely looking forward to an TSTO Easter event, and hopefully Whacking Day following it. I would also love to hear from bunny, Alissa and Wookie about what kinds of items/decorations you would like to see in an Easter event, using your supreme Simpsons knowledge of what they might take from past episodes. The only thing that would make perfect sense to me is the Land of Chocolate, which would be a fantastic addition to our towns. πŸ™‚

    • Land of chocolate is forefront with me. I would also LOVE to see Bongo make an appearance, but that is Matt’s baby so I don’t know. There is also the chance of Maggie holding a Bunny released in our towns. THAT would be awesome!! Then there is Hugs Bunny. The Mayor’s Egg Hunt. There are so many fun and cool things we could have. THEN BUNNIES!!!

      • Oh ya true, as if I forgot about that episode. Hugs Bunny would make a lot of sense, like the Easter version of Candy Kevin. It would be cool if they added the FabergΓ© egg that Marge hid in her hair from that same episode, set up like the World’s Largest Zirconia. I’m sure this has been said plenty, but I still dont understand why Maggie isn’t in the game as a playable character. I know she’s a baby, but she’s showed that shes more capable than the average baby in more than one episode (and the movie too).

  3. I would love an Easter event! I’m not sure Bunny would be able to handle her happiness over it, though πŸ˜‰

  4. Bunny also I can say simply… Is awesome, just awesomeness. Love it.
    That bunny and carrot looks really good πŸ™‚
    Everything does.
    Pleasant surprise after a long day today.
    Easter event sounds pretty cool. Especially if Homer is in a bunny costume… Yay!

    I want an Easter egg, I want an Easter egg, I want an Easter egg! πŸ˜€
    I had to watch this earlier.

  5. Well don’t know if this is important or not but look like the picture has been remove from the app store [I own a kindle fire hd] Saw the picture this morning but look like Fox or EA might have told Amazon to remove it.

  6. I wanna easter basket fountain with pastel purple water and cute little easter eggs and fluffy bunnies running all over Springfield and and and…

    • AND THEN??!! πŸ˜›

      • Obviously a bunny costume for someone (doesn’t have to be home though it’d be great)
        I haven’t lost hope even with the banner being removed- they did an early banner release for Christmas if I remember right.

        • Uh huh. Another “oops” banner early release. Lol. My thoughts is it WAS set to go this week and something stopped it. So the coding was there to initiate the Ads for the day. πŸ˜›

      • Homer* wow auto correct lol

      • Ooo what if there’s a tree decorated with easter eggs? Or a baby chic farm? Or a towering chocolate bunny? Lol

        • EEEEEEEEEEEE lil chickies goin “peep peep” all over? SO FRAKKIN CUTE.

          ***this girly moment brought to you by lack of sleep***

      • Oh Bunny! With so many games & blogs now I don’t imagine you have time to even blink πŸ™ But we love all of you guys for all the sacrifices you make for us less nerdy folks πŸ™‚

  7. Excited for bunny to finally get her wish! Hopefully at least. But im really looking forward to Whacking day, if it ever comes around. Wasnt playing at that point last year, and since its pretty crucial in the actual founding of Springfield im still hopeful.

  8. Saw over on tstotopix that someone chatted with an ea rep and they confirmed Wednesday for a Easter update and whacking day at a later date and also a fix for the wrong town issue. I guess only time will tell.
    I wanted to endure whacking day because I wasn’t playing then and it sounds fun! But I won’t be greedy and I’ll take whatever they give us πŸ™‚

    • Hard to say based on what someone said from an EA rep. We’ve all heard that speculation before from someone saying someone at EA said something and it hasn’t happened. I certainly hope it does happen (mostly for Bunny’s sake…I think she’s about ready to burst with excitement over this and if it doesn’t happen I think she might break the lock on the basement door!) but we won’t know until the programmers at EA decide to release it πŸ™‚

  9. Gossip Seems to suggest next Wednesday for Easter update and whacking day to follow.

    I think Monday after the zshow tie in

    Hope I get all the graves before then

    • It is just that for now…gossip. As we have grown and learned with this game, EA has become VERY sneaky. I can talk to my contacts there too. I can sit here and tell you of all the icons, pics, and information I see in the files as of today. All the changes to key ones I see happening, but that won’t do anyone any good at all. It just ends up as speculation.

      I prefer to wait to see the good solid evidence. That is why with the Easter Bunny Homer picture, I wanted to check MANY sources to ensure it was valid.

      EA can say an update is hitting tomorrow, but then hold it back til next Friday. It is not until I see the ACTUAL game files for an event put into the server with all the characters and coding set with dates and release times that I truly know the items are about to launch. SOOOOO many cool things are still just sitting in the files that I wish were put into the game, but alas…EA didn’t put them in at all. So I will just wait.


  10. I just got hit with the Bart screen! Maybe it’s an update in works…

    • I’ve been getting them all day. If something hit today…it would be WAY out of norm for EA…they haven’t released an Update/Event after 11 AM PST since the game launched. I am thinking next week by Thursday we will see the new Event, no matter what it is. (Hoping for Tuesday when the other rolls off)

      • Good know time wise when updates usually launch….I’m one of those crazy ppl peeing at 3am (sorry TMI) checking her game putting them back to work. Ohhhh my the anticipation is killing me😁!!

  11. Alissa what the hell is that noise????

  12. I think all episode tie-ins and update should come with a video like they did I the beginning like when Bart fell out the tree or marge giving homer the beer wait a min why the hell was Margie in the bar with moe anyway hmmmm there’s something fishy going on here

  13. Will EA skip wacking day???
    Will Homer hop around in bunny suit???
    Will EA grant us a new skin???
    Will Lakes & rivers turn to chocolate???
    Will Bunny get her wish of animated bunnies?????????

    Stay Tuned TSTO Fans
    Bunny’s wheels turning and chocolate waterfalls are churning

    • And a fluffy Bunny is driving poor Alissa to the mad house…

      “Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet? …Is it here yet?” πŸ˜›

    • Oooohhh… the land of chocolate. Not sure the water will look so great rendered brown though. Might make me yearn for the toxic green stuff and that’s saying a lot. WD is May 10th so it’s still possible but who knows now.

    • Snozzberry?! Who ever heard of a snozzberry? Haha, that reminded me of my all time favorite movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

  14. Yep! I saw the splash screen in the Kindle App Store with my own two eyes. *fingers are crossed*. I have a feeling we’ll get the update after this eppy tie in.

  15. I totally saw it on my kindle ‘s app store (which still says 4.7.4 is the most recent update)Just scroll the top images to the left (it’s not immediately visible when I open the app store but totally legit, no Photoshop. (I just hope that there will be fun non premium things)

  16. Well Homer does keep getting resurrected in this last update πŸ˜‰

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  18. Please oh please oh please oh please!!!! BTW super cute bunny pic!!!

  19. SEE Bunny???…if I lie to you it’s only part of a joke…I wouldn’t joke about this, sweetheart!!! πŸ™‚

  20. If it is a fake it is a good one.

    Bunnies, chocolate eggs, egg hunts and Homer as the Easter bunny. Who could want more…..maybe bunny shaped crumpets and a monorail.

  21. Bunny
    Are you going to be as enthusiastic if we have to whack the bunnies to get eggs??????

  22. Hey…I just want some kind of event vs an episode tie in…
    BTW, is it just my friends, or are ppl noticing that their friends haven’t been in in multiple days? I’m going on a friend shortage now! 4 days, 6 days…even one was three weeks! I’m running out of dedicated players! Arrgh!

    • Close to the weekend. People are starting to go stir crazy not to mention spring break is close. Lol

    • I visit you three times a day…okay…even to me, that sounded creepy… πŸ™‚

      • 3x a day? Your such a Freak! LOL

      • πŸ™‚ …mostly just the chicks…or ones I perceive to be chicks… πŸ˜‰ …and a bunny or two…but still an equal opportunity tapper, Runi… πŸ™‚ …still the freaky part isn’t the visiting…it’s when I tap dat town, baby!!!
        *does the Incredible Hulk roar*

    • Hi neighbor! I’ve got a few friends who haven’t been playing either. Some are at 6 days and some are at 3 weeks! I hid them all and deleted one who was inactive 6 weeks. Thanks for always visiting! I love your party tail gate area by the beach, looks like a fun time. πŸ™‚

      • I delete them one by one…and I’ve also started deleting ones that still play but never visit…I figure they don’t even know they were deleted!!! While I hate deleting people, I hate to keep seeing these others that have requested me, sit and wait…they might be really cool…and most importantly, they might really wanna play!!!
        Did you see my “Deleting Non-Painters” sign awhile back??? People still tapped the building right next to the sign instead of the spraycan…deleted…

      • I didn’t see your sign! Did you take it down? Boy am I glad I tagged you today!

      • 1 wk and outsy, thats all i give em cause for me i can do 2 days or even 3 but 7, nope no can do! I also hate deleting them since they want to be my neighbor but i need a bit more dedication than once a week.

  23. I can see bunnies everywhere…lol
    Hopefully the Easter event will hit during the weekend *just cross your finger and keep tappin for the goofball and Homer’s grave

  24. Woo hoo!! Please!! Let there be a delicious update!! Everyone’s waiting…… come on EA!! The episode tie-in doesn’t finish till Saturday, I feel like that’s too long to wait…. much love x

  25. Nice — I too suspected photoshop at first — EA has been so secretive since Lamezino…

    • Well I have seen MANY photoshopped splash screens. Some quite hilarious. I am always cautious of it. Still looking to see if I can see a clean image though. Lol.

  26. I have a kindle fire HDX which has its own screenshot ability, I see nothing in the app store atm but when I do I’ll post it, if someone hasn’t yet.
    New event woohoO!
    But… I wanted to whack snakes… /sniffle

  27. Hey! I would like to point out that The Simpsons is a LOT more Jewish than Christian. Where’s MY holiday.

    I can see it now, 2 days in a row of sending all characters on “Attend Passover Seder – 12 hours” – well, at least the Seders that I go to.

    Oooh, then a 6 days of “Have Homer go through Donut withdrawal!!!”

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA! I just want BUNNIES!!! Actual Bunnies. Not just a hedge. Come on, admit it…you KNOW you want a cute lil fluffy Bunny in your game that you can tap on. πŸ˜›

    • Oh wow a new building Temple Beth Springfield with Krusty’s dad? I would spend donuts on that….

      • Now I want that to be the Level 40 update so badly! It should be non-premium. I’ve been imagining the quest line for it and it could involve a lot of characters. Plus we have Shiva, the Buddhist temple, the Christian Church…. it’s time, EA, it’s time….

      • Me too. There are just SO many cool ways EA could go with it.

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