UPDATE: 12:20pm EST…still nothing in the App Store but I wanted to give you guys a little peek a few things we’re seeing.  However, no images or full details (see my note below as to why)…
There WILL BE prize/social element to this update.  It’s not a collection prize like Halloween/Christmas…BUT it’s also not a Wheel.  It’s something new and different, with various elements to it (different prizes associated with collecting different things).
Many of the items will be FREE and awarded through the prize/social element.  However, I can tell you all…that, like most highly requested characters, the Crazy Cat Lady will be premium, and will be a combo with her house.

Guess what my lil Hoppereenos? EASTER IS COMING!!!!

That’s right. I spy with my lil eye…somebody is gonna pull something out of their hat.

Now just what is gonna be in store for us? Well…lets just say this…we will get a pretty cool character that just so happens to likes furry creatures.


Bunny and Carrot Pandi Homer Bunny

K I am gonna go finish frakkin these files now. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


Note from Alissa: As many of our frequent tappers know…we have a rule around here when it comes to posting spoilers.  While we can see what’s supposed to come in the update, we do not post the details until the update actually hits the games and we’re 100% certain what we’re seeing is what’s going to be in the game.  That and we like to know all of the details and how it plays so we can give you guys the most accurate information possible.
We do this because EA can still change what’s going to hit the games…or how it’s going to hit the games.  So we don’t want to say this will be in the game & then not have it hit.  We firmly believe in verifying ALL of the info with the game itself before we post it.  🙂


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  2. Alissa, Bunny….???? Sorry for posting here, still not sure where to put random questions….. I can’t unfriend people…. I only need to unfriend two people but just keeps saying ‘sorry can’t unfriend right now, try again later’and after many, many, many Scrolls down through my 100 friends I still can’t unfriend anybody??? Any ideas why? I know it’s only two friends but I really wanted to have 100 daily players as this will be the only way I can gain prizes as I’m donut poor…. much love xx

  3. I may be getting ahead of things a bit here but while you are fraking all those files did you see anything about wacking day?

  4. The update has dropped!

  5. Any hints on who we should leave free to kick it off? 😉 or should I be on the safe side and leave everyone free?

    • Check main update post…we will update it by the hour

    • Nevermind! As I sent that I saw those glorious words “The Update is Live” ahhhh yesssss. Everyone was free, except Homer has 3 hours left on the fixie.

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. I’ve got my Easter area all ready to go, I’m busy wrestling my phone off the kids so I can check for the update every 2 minutes. I think we in the uk get the eclipse tonight! update and eclipse, fantastic!

  7. Bunny your post made my day, I am subscribed to the blog so I get updates in the mail. So I check the mail and see you babbling and squealing. lol
    Get the 411 and dish girl!

  8. Crazy Cat Lady?????????? meow meow meow I want her right meow! OMG! I’m off today, I can tap ALL. DAY. So excited.

  9. The only question I have is where I should place my new Fabergé egg? Hope the egg council approves..lol😉


    How was the eclipse??? 😉 …Bunny will NOT sleep tonight !!! 🙂

  11. Hey bunny, why does the other site post the stuff before you guys do? Do they verify the info before they post? I don’t normally go there but I checked it out of curiosity….do they have the same info as you guys? I’m loyal to addicts but I had to ask!
    So excited for the update! Whoo Hoo!!

    • If they are in the game files…they see what we see. Reason we do NOT post it all is they have not yet launched the update. That being said…they could stil “kill” some of the items in here before launch. We don’t want to tell you X Y and Z is coming…then have them pull Y and you be disappointed because we told you it is coming. I want it THERE…STUCK…IN OUR GAMES. THEN I will release all the goodies. Make sense? 😉

      There are soooooooooo many items in here they killed before release that I wanted, so we always play the cautious side.

    • On a side note: we also want to test the content in the game and SEE how it functions for us, not just how it looks in the files. We want to be able to tell you…”this is how you activate this item”…not just guess. I am a nut for being thorough. Lol

  12. Sounds like it’s going to be a blast.
    I’m hoping that there won’t be a torture wheel this time around.

    • So much stuff…I am bout to burst.

      Me n Alissa want to just yell it ALL out. She is going a million miles an hour too.

      • Been on here awhile, and I just wanted to finally take the time and thank, not just you bunny, but the whole staff for all the updates and articles you have on the game. Been playing TSTO for over a year now (all legit, no hacks) and I’m so glad I found this site. Was on EA forum for a bit and don’t know how I found you guys but so glad I did. The info is always the latest and greatest, even more current than the EA forum. Thank you again for all that you guys do. Keep the info coming!!

        • You are most certainly welcome 🙂
          Bunny is the “face” of the comments…mostly because she doesn’t sleep lol

          • What is this “sleep” of which you speak?

            Lol, it is true. Insomnia comes n handy at times. Alissa is AWESOME at frakkin the files too. She is the one of the first ones that learnt me. 😛

  13. Yeah, I’m interested to know what you mean by Frak…..is it something only you main bloggers do? Do you have acesss to files or something?? Always the ignorant one, me haha

    • Lol. It is a slang term. Essentially we poke around in the game files and read the “codes” in there. Have to convert the code to readable info for you as well as convert everything so you can visually see it. Like images. There are key pieces of info we seek out. Sometimes it takes a few seconds. Sometimes longer to find it or see a change. A LOT of info. We also see what they DIDNT put in the game. Ideas that never came to be. It is fun to look at. 😉

  14. Eeee I think I’m nearly as excited as you bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m gonna resist looking until my kids are in their pjs tonight and when they’re in bed, and I’m all updated, hee hee hee I’m gonna tap tap tap away all night!!!

    A very excited tapper !!!!

  15. Out of interest what files are the ones that you “frack”?

    • Not sure what you are asking?

      I am in the game files. I frak a LOT of areas. Looking for quests, images, payouts, on n on n on n on n on. Usually pull something over 400 files and start looking for changes as well as all the new stuff.

      That answer it? 😉

      (p.s. Alissa too. Us girls kick…we ROCK!!!)

      • Ish, I’ve occasionally tried to have a look in the files mostly in the /dlc folder. Never found anything of interest. Didn’t realise that there were so many that needed looking through!

        • It is a step by step process. You have to seek out specific code that contains the files you are looking for…break those down more and more and more…until you get to the “meat” of the information you REALLY need.

      • Also keep up the good work!

      • Guessing you run a automation script to find differences then figure them out. Still sounds like a lot of effort, I think I’ll leave it to you girls.

        • Nope…all done by eye. I can pick it out faster now that I know where to look. Some changes are just generic ones. Too many to go through.

  16. Today or tom? I have things to do around my house, groceries need to be bought, water bill has to be dropped off, broken but now fixed iPhone needs picked up, my perm-resident visa needs picked up….OH MY….Do I leave my house or don’t I?!? I hate secrets!! Ahhhhh I need to knowwww!!!!

    • SO MUCH STUFF!!! Go do what you need. It is gonna be a little while to go through all this. Lol. It will still be here when you get back. TRUST ME!

  17. I could be wrong here, but I get the feeling that you are excited, also, is the update hitting today? Any idea what time gmt?

  18. Bunny, you crack me up.

  19. I could be wrong here bunny, but I get the feeling you are excited…

  20. I just saw it, massive content, damn should i take a nap now or wait a lil bit longer too see them all?im just too excited right now

    Hope the update will hit us in a matter of minutes

  21. When is it going to hit?

  22. One place says it is a Hotfix that goes live today with the next store update being for whacking day and another place says it is a store update on Wed. Do you guys know?

  23. When is it coming?! Too excited!

  24. What i heard is crazy cat lady, is it true bunny? Let us know and hear the good news

  25. —-

    • Thanks so much for the info, we have a MASSIVE list already set to go. I want to save it all though for when the update actually hits. There is soooo much MORE than what you had listed. SO MUCH MORE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 😉

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