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Hey there Addicts,

Bouncing on by with some fun things coming up on the Horizon. There is something we have been talking about doing since before the Addicts sites were formed. Meeting up with a community of players, people like us. Just hanging out, chatting, playing the game, and having a blast. Well, we want to keep that idea rolling along.

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In continuing our efforts to bring together this Community of Amazing Gamers and Players, we have set our sites on the Next Meet and Greet opportunity. As you know we love involving YOU in all that we do, we are putting this out there to get feedback on your thoughts.

This is what we have so far…

The Addicts Meet & Greet will take place on the East Coast. Most likely the New Brunswick area of New Jersey.

The Date will be a Saturday Evening around the end of March

We “might” have some cool treats and beverages on hand for you as well as “possibly” some sweet Swag. 😉

So we are now leaving it to YOU. We want to get a place reserved an ensure we have ample room for us all. Are YOU interested in coming? If so, does this location work for YOU? The rough date? Time? Let us know, we really would love to hear from you as well as get a chance to MEET you too. 😉

95 responses to “ADDICTS Meet & Greet

  1. super excited to see how it goes for you guys .Canada is very far for you guys but you defiantly got me thinking of something for up here. With an events planning background it would be cool to set up something cool. Cheers

  2. Can there be some kind of video perhaps utube or such so those of us who can’t be there can check it out later??

  3. For sure!

  4. Wish I could but cannot travel that far this year..I was wondering about one of my friends… Name is David Taylor, He has not been on for three weeks and his photo is of a solder… I worry about him!!!

  5. Awww, I’m a few time zones away so I’ll have to pass on this one…..

    Looking forward to something out west later, though….

  6. craig (ibuylow2014)

    How does that work? With all the people there, you must have a great place with an outstanding internet connection. Many on their data plans, but many use an internet connection, yes?

  7. Fun idea! Let me know when you put something together for Phoenix!

  8. I’m in!

  9. unfortunately, I live in Chicago.

  10. I’m from New York and I can definitely see myself there with you guys. I usually work on Saturdays but I’ll
    Make sure to be free on that day. Looking forward to the updates.

  11. Hey fellow tappers, this sounds great. I’m in Passaic county nj(about 30-45 minutes from New Brunswick), so I will be there. About how many people do you expect so I know what size of places I could recommend. Also, I was wondering, have you had meet and greets before because I was wondering what goes on at one. How much will it cost to get in and will we need to buy tickets? Anyway, you can count on me to be there. I can’t wait. Keep up informed of all the details. Thanx and have fun.

  12. This is awesome! It’s really cool that you guys are putting this together, thanks!! My husband, son and I can drive up from Baltimore and their b-days are March 27th and 29th so if you hold it at the end of march it’s like a great big birthday present! Can’t wait, keep us updated and keep up the great work!!!!!

  13. WOW!!! SO COOL!!! I really wish I could make it 🙁 I’m all the way up here in northern Maine (snowed in at the moment from last night and today’s blizzard) and its a little to far for me to drive…..sounds like sooooooo much fun tho and I would LOVE to meet you guys and other fellow tsto players 🙂 Have you ever considered coming to Maine? Its really beautiful up here and if you guys were ever seriously considering it (which I really really hope you do lol) I could definitely help out with all the info on some good places and would be available to help you guys out with anything else you needed 🙂 🙂

  14. Come to the central coast for a west coast shindig after this, and I’m there!

  15. New Brunswick is drivable for me and I’d love to participate. Are you going to get a block of rooms for those of us who might have to stay overnight to do this?

    • Funny you ask…I was JUST talking to Bunny about that exact thing. So yes, we’re going to talk to some of the local hotels to see what they can do. 🙂

  16. It would be great fun, and it ‘a a brilliant idea. But sadly I just can’t afford to travel from New England for this.

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