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Yearbook Mystery Box

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Wowsers the latest mini-event to hit Springfield brought us the ultimate Mystery Box!  With over 700 items (737 at my count), the Yearbook Mystery Box is the largest single Mystery Box to ever hit our pocket-sized towns.

This isn’t your ordinary Mystery Box.  No, this is a premium box full of almost every limited-time (and not so limited-time) premium item and prize to ever hit Springfield.  It’s pretty insane.

Because this box is different than a standard Mystery Box I’m going to treat this post different than the standard Mystery Box post.  For starters, this is going up shortly after the event hit our games because I know this is the info you’re all really wanted to know.  And I’m going to breakdown what’s inside, as well as give you some tips to get what you really want in Springfield.  So let’s take a look…

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