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Addicts Question Corner: More Act 3 Clarifications

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So it seems that many, many, MANY of you are still freaking out in the comments about Act 3.   I know it can be frustrating, but honestly y’all need to calm down.  It’s just a game and when you stop over thinking things, it all works out.

This is not a game made for Rocket Scientists.  You don’t need a PhD to play it…this is a game for Ralph.  And when you think like Ralph nothing is “unpossable” when it comes to TSTO.  So the biggest thing is R-E-L-A-X.  Take a deep breath.  And bring it back to the simple things.  Remember…it’s a game about tapping.  At it’s very basic level all you do is tap.

Yes, I know it’s extremely frustrating when things don’t work as they should and bugs/glitches happen.  It’s REALLY annoying.  But it’s not worth having a coronary over.  If the game is stressing you out/ticking you off that much…walk away.  Take some time away from the game and come back when you’re destressed.

I’m not trying to fill your head with sugar plums and sweet nothings about the game…I know it flawed.  There are LOADS of glitches/bugs with this Event.  They’ve been happening all event long, I’m just trying to prevent you guys from freaking out over every little thing.  It’s just a game.  So relax please.

That being said…let’s go over some more clarifications to common questions we’re seeing in the comments.  Hopefully this will help destress y’all….

Covered below are your common questions about earning Candy Apples (how to get so many), Nightmares, Skeletons not spawning and more….


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