Addicts Question Corner: More Act 3 Clarifications

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So it seems that many, many, MANY of you are still freaking out in the comments about Act 3.   I know it can be frustrating, but honestly y’all need to calm down.  It’s just a game and when you stop over thinking things, it all works out.

This is not a game made for Rocket Scientists.  You don’t need a PhD to play it…this is a game for Ralph.  And when you think like Ralph nothing is “unpossable” when it comes to TSTO.  So the biggest thing is R-E-L-A-X.  Take a deep breath.  And bring it back to the simple things.  Remember…it’s a game about tapping.  At it’s very basic level all you do is tap.

Yes, I know it’s extremely frustrating when things don’t work as they should and bugs/glitches happen.  It’s REALLY annoying.  But it’s not worth having a coronary over.  If the game is stressing you out/ticking you off that much…walk away.  Take some time away from the game and come back when you’re destressed.

I’m not trying to fill your head with sugar plums and sweet nothings about the game…I know it flawed.  There are LOADS of glitches/bugs with this Event.  They’ve been happening all event long, I’m just trying to prevent you guys from freaking out over every little thing.  It’s just a game.  So relax please.

That being said…let’s go over some more clarifications to common questions we’re seeing in the comments.  Hopefully this will help destress y’all….

Covered below are your common questions about earning Candy Apples (how to get so many), Nightmares, Skeletons not spawning and more….


Let’s start with Skeletons, since that’s today’s Daily Challenge and the most common question today….

My Skeletons Aren’t Spawning!

I know this doesn’t apply to a large chunk of you with this problem…but bare with me because I know there are a few that don’t know this stuff just yet.  First, make sure you’re doing the Hunt Nightmares task.  Separate your kids that can get skeletons into 1 house.  Clear that house first.  Check to see if the skeletons spawned.  If they didn’t, and something else spawned instead (like bunnies or zombies etc)…you have two options:

You can either wait until tomorrow to see if they spawn tomorrow.  This has happened to me a couple of times during this event.  There were many times where I would only get snakes to spawn out of everything, no matter what I did.  If I waited till the next day it seemed my game would spawn as normal.  So try that.

The second option is to contact EA.  (which I know many of you hate doing)

I can tell you several readers have commented/emailed that they contacted EA and EA said they’re working on a fix for this.  But take that how you want it….

But I Only Have Bart (or Database) To Earn Skeletons I’ll Never Get 30!

Remember…you have ALL week to complete the task.  Will it be slow going?  Yes.  But you can still collect Skeletons for Day 1 tomorrow.  AND….you’ll still unlock (and be able to complete) Day two’s task tomorrow (even without finishing Day 1).

But I’m Tapping Skeletons and they Aren’t Counting! 

Remember…you have to hit Do It in the Shop Keeper’s Challenge Box before they’ll start to count.  Does it stink?  Yes.  It’s really annoying.  This morning I missed out on several skeletons because I forgot to hit Do It.  But, if you hit it they’ll start counting.

2015-11-09 14.35.41Now onto some other stuff….

How Do I Get Nightmares In my Springfield For Act 3?

We’ve covered this EXTENSIVELY in several posts on this site.  You MUST go through the Act 3 questline to unlock the ability to Hunt Nightmares at Brown Houses.

I’m honestly afraid that if you haven’t figured this out yet there’s no way in heck you’re going to get all of the Act 3 prizes.

Here’s the other posts we wrote about Hunting Nightmares and how to get it:

But I Tap On My Brown House And It Says To Hunt Nightmares At Krusty Burger, But There’s Nothing There.

IGNORE IT.  It’s a writing bug.  It’s been going on for the entire event.  This have been written wrong ALL OVER THE PLACE in this event.  So just ignore it…it means nothing.

2015-11-09 22.25.36

But I Go To The Brown House And Don’t See Tasks.

SCROLL DOWN…they’ll show up

2015-11-09 22.25.47

But I Go To The Brown House And Scroll Down And There’s Nothing There!

Did you do the Act 3 questline?  Remember this little icon?  2015-10-20 14.44.24 if you see it in your task book CLICK ON IT.  Do what it says to do.  You need to do the Act 3 questline to unlock the actions for Act 3.

Questline for Act 3 can be found here

I’m Only Getting 20 Nightmares When I Should Be Getting 38 (or something like that)

Yes, we know.  The MAX you can have in your town at once is 20.  Which is why we wrote this whole post on how to maximize your Nightmare spawns in Act 3…

Under the Shopkeeper’s Challenge Box It Says Event Ends In 17 Days, What Does this Mean?  It Doesn’t Match the Others.  

2015-11-09 14.35.41

We’re not sure what’s up with this.  Looks like just another bug in the game writing.  Right now the event is scheduled to end on November 17th…so plan for a November 17th end date and ignore this particular timer.

Now onto those Candy Apples…

The Calendar Says I Need to Average 773 Apples/Day To Get All Of the Prizes, I Don’t See How That’s Possible.

That’s because the key is what you’re not seeing.  It’s not written anywhere…it just happens.  The Key is to defeat the M’nthster.  When you defeat the M’nthster at the Sunken Temple AFTER it’s come back from the 12hr “rest” (where it gives you 5 apples each time and the moves to the Campfire) you will earn a 200 Candy Apple bonus for beating him there.  So there’s +200 you’re not accounting for.

Then when you defeat the M’nthster at the Campfire (causing him to move back to the Sunken Temple) you will earn ANOTHER 200 Candy Apple bonus.  So another +200 you’re not accounting for.

That’s 400 Candy Apples/day you should get for defeating it…. (you’re not awarded a bonus when you defeat him for the last time at the sunken temple (just before he disappears again) and you get the 10 Candy Apple each hit pay out).

Which means…as long as you get that 400 bonus/day you only need 373 Candy Apples/day from other methods.  VERY doable.

I Can’t Get the M’nthster Off My Campfire.  I Keep Beating Him But He Never Leaves.  

Remember…you have 16hrs to fully defeat him.  If the timer runs out before you defeat him (10 hits) it’ll reset all the way back to 10 and you have to start over again.

More details can be found here:

My M’nthster Timer Is Off.

Yes, it’s off for everyone.  Which means it’s not quite 12hrs.  Is it fair?  No.  Is there a fix?  No.  Is it annoying?  Yes.  But you just have to deal with it.  If it annoys you that much you can contact EA and wait for a patch.

Ok so I think this about covers all of the main questions we’re seeing over and over and over and over again in the comments.  So hopefully this clarifies things for many of you.  I promise, just stop over thinking it and just play.  It’s a game.  Have fun.  Glitches and bugs will happen.  But as long as you can still play, just play.  And if it’s still annoying you…walk away.

What are your thoughts on the common questions?  Things you’ve gotten already or are you still figuring things out?  Anything you don’t see addressed here (or any of the other posts)?  Ready for Halloween to end?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


278 responses to “Addicts Question Corner: More Act 3 Clarifications

  1. I completed evil challenges but no donuts 🙁

    • It did this to me a few times – I had collected everything and the task showed as completed, but no donuts.
      In the end I got them by tapping on the clock icon thing, either in the corner or floating above the shop, rather than going through the main event icon (trophy with tentacles).

  2. Hi guys quick question how many times do you fight the monster? Thank-you.

  3. Left you a final five terrors, since I know you’ve been short on neighbors during this event. But feel free to tap on them or not, as you wish… at this point, it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other.

    • True good point. Thanks for sending some my way! keep in my neighborhood as you can/want to. where is their blog? Thanks Sandra! Andrew

      • Whose blog?

        • Sorry you mentioned check their “blog” maybe it was my misunderstanding. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for getting into my neighborhood 😉 I am not doing much against the m’nster too. Thanks!!! Keep chattin.

          • I will try to find what I am referring to. Not a big deal though. Yes I am short on neighbors. Haven’t been too active looking for new ones, so I appreciate you!

  4. Hi folks,
    Not areply, sorry but a question that’s puzzled me from previous episodes of TSTO… I’ve just got my Re-Neducation Centre, but the Mnsther is still live, presumably till the end of Act 3. But I’ve got stacks of nightmare resources and am not sure what to do… will they be needed for the end of the Act, will they be converted into something else, like cash or donuts OR should I just get on with using them by crafting stuff. I remember from a previous thing, Christmas maybe, where I had stacks of stuff that just disappeared after the event.

  5. After defeating munsther this morning I finally unlocked the final prize and I’m just waiting for it to finish building. In your opinion, is there reason to keep sending kids to hunt nightmares and to keep fighting munsther? It says he’s still coming back in 12 hours. I didn’t know if there was any benefit in still continuing other than getting crafting currency…in which case I’ll only send kids that spawn zombies and snakes.

    Thank you for all your help!!

    • Only of you want the other creatures to keep spawning for craft items

    • At that point, I’m not sure if there’s any benefit to sending them to fight M’thster versus just sending them to hunt nightmares at the brown house, since you won’t need caramel apples anymore. Can anyone see an advantage I’m overlooking?

  6. I’ve looked a bit, but haven’t seen. Anyone who has reached enough candy apples to get the last prize The Re-Neducation Center? I haven’t seen anyone post much about it except I thought I saw one person say it was VERY large.

    • It’s ridiculously sized, and I’m struggling to come up with a suitable place to stash it…. other than the inventory.

      Actually, if it will go in krustyland, i may end up putting it there as an attraction, cuz that’s really what it looks like more than anything else. Just don’t wanna try placing it there now, in case it disappears on me (i read a comment from someone on here claiming that’s what happened to some other item they unlocked and tried to place in kland).

      • Yes. Building that are TOO tall for the game… half of it seems to disappear as you move around. Like the game struggles to render it properly. So it and the Death Drop in Krustyland are similar

        • I can’t seem to place my re-nedification center anywhere on my Simpsons. It’s all red and if I open up a spot for it, it won’t let me place it anywhere on the map. Any suggestions? I’ve read through all the comments already.

          • Check the base of the places you are trying to put it. If there is even the smallest item, like a flower or bush in the way, you can’t place it there. So ensure the entire base layout has a completely cleared spot. Also… don’t try to place it on the Beach or Water areas where it won’t go.

    • Yeah, got it on Tuesday, comes with a fun quest line. Of course my luck, the other night I spent 4 1/2 hours designing a country club area and a technology area. It would look so good in my tech area but it really is huge. No idea how to rearrange without also having to redo my industrial zone as well and thanks to Monorail there’s a lot of industry/garbage.
      It looks cool and the quest is fun but good luck finding it a home. It’s not just tall but very wide. It can block a lot of stuff. For anyone hoarding wailing walls, it might be good for hiding some.

    • I saw it in one of my neighbor’s towns, and it is really huge-looking.

    • With the boost in apples I’ve seen over the past several days (first 3k took a bunch of days, I’ve burnt through 4k in ~3 days with no change in play) I should in theory get mine day after tomorrow but judging by the size of the growing items (pumpkin flier) I would imagine it’s enormous.

  7. ok, I’ve been scanning and I don’t think this has been asked yet. But is there a limit to fighting M’nthster? For instance if you play a video game and you make it to the boss, you may have to defeat them 5 times before you win.
    So what I’m wondering is that similar here, or do you just keep fighting him back and forth until the end of the event?
    Just asking to make sure I’m not missing something as we fight, he rests, we fight, he rests, etc.

  8. Hi, I’m sorry if you’ve broken this down already but I had a question about defeating the guy at the campfire. So I only have Bart in costume, so that means he does more damage right? I’ve noticed that I send all four kids twice, but the second time, I only need to click on 2 of the thumbs up before he jumps up because they defeated him. So should I risk only sending Bart and someone else to try and defeat him? That way I can send the other two to brown houses, cause they end up just getting wasted at the campfire. If anyone else has figured this out, I’d love to hear!

  9. The thing I hate most about this event are the Formless Terrors. I hate not knowing how many times they are going to regenerate, and I hate that when I tap one 90% of the time a window will pop-up telling me the Blue House (or whatever building I’m near) will be ready to collect in X amount of time. Meanwhile, the FT I’m chasing for the 8th or 9th tap has run off. EA should have disabled the pop-up feature for the event (I’ve seen many other complaints about this), as it’s really annoying. That said, I’m on track to win everything with normal gameplay, I’ve crafted a bunch of wailing walls so my multiplier is now 160 (from 34), and I’ve quit chasing FTs. I wish there had been more things (anything) to buy with in game cash, but I did buy the Bad Dream House with my bonuts. I liked last year’s event better, but I didn’t really mind this. It was pretty easy and relaxed, and EA has given us some other great events this year. I’m ready for this to end, and for Christmas to be upon us.

    • I’ve gotten tired of chasing those too! haha. Everytime you hit one it just pops up whatever was near it. Or else, make them run slower, lol. I haven’t stressed too much over catching them like I did earlier in the event.

      • Jen and Miranda – I hike your neighbors hang out here and can seed 6-hour posts, so they know not to waste their terrors on you. Keep in mind that, by not tapping them, the neighbor who left them didn’t get the bonus amount of crafting materials. That’s why, even when I really don’t feel like chasing and tapping them, I pretty much always do. Can’t bear to think I’m cheating my neighbors out of their return on their “investment” in me!

  10. Not sure if this was mentioned, as I didn’t go through all the comments, but I started noticing yesterday that skeletons are spawning… and I’m getting a few more than I should be. Maybe EA is making up for the glitch. My only note is that they aren’t showing up by the brown house, I’ll find them as I move throughout the rest of my Springfield to check on everything else. I was so worried I wouldn’t get my 20 donuts but it looks like I will be able to get this one down. Yesterday I had 0 skeletons, today I have 23 of the 30 needed. There’s hope!

    • Me too Brittany, same thing was happening yesterday and today. There is hope and the universe can be made whole again. I hope. 😉 I just got to 30 this morning.. phew..

  11. For those who still can’t spawn skeletons even from different brown houses, wait. That’s my trick. When ready, tap on the brown house to harvest nightmares, go to where they spawn but don’t tap on the nightmares yet. Let them wonder around. I never get skeletons or bunnies right away but if left alone, they evolve in a few minutes and then suddenly i have 4 skeletons (only have bart and database) and bunnies. I find my skeletons appear in random places so hit the shopkeepers icon and ” do it” to be brought to your skeletons. Won’t happen instantly. Takes a few min and several tries of the “do it” button but they’ll appear. Just wait.

  12. So after almost 2 weeks of my game having a bug issue where it kept crashing and waiting for EA to finally fix it through numerous conversations with agents and back and forth emails with the specialist I finally get to start with act 3 prizes. I know for a fact I won’t have enough time to get all the prizes in this act and I tell this to the EA specialist after all I’ve been through and they just compensate me with 20 Donuts… Are you kidding me??? Do any of you think that’s fair for the time I’ve lost and how late I’m starting in act 3?

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