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TSTO Emblem Prizes: The Ninth Prize Stonecutter Table

Hey Howdy Hey Stonecutters!

If you’re following along with Bunny’s Emblem Calendar, by now you’re all in the thick of emblem collecting and you should be nearing enough emblems to collect the 9th Emblem Prize!  You can find posts about the other prizes here the Sacred Parchment, #36Chest of Sacred Artifacts#85 & 600Money Pool & #29#50 &#79,  The Stone of Triumph & #5, #12 & #14.

Once you reach 31,000 Emblems collected you’ll unlock the 9th free personal prize in the Stonecutters Event…The Stonecutter Table!  The Stonecutter table is an all new decoration for your Springfield that will unlock a new task for Stonecutter Homer, Stonecutter Krusty & Stonecutter Wiggum (and if you’ve purchased him #51 too!)!

Photo Jun 16, 12 27 51 PM

Let’s take a closer look at this feast table and just what happens when you place it in YOUR Springfield…

WARNING…Dialogue spoilers below

Stonecutter table

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