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TSTO 101: Parking Lots And Driving Cars

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing on by with a lil fun run down of some design ideas that have been in the game a while.

We have been seeing an influx of comments from Players wanting areas to put their Cars. Whether it is finding a way to “Park” them or a way to make the “Drive” around town. We have posted similar ideas in the past, but it seems like the perfect time to put up a new and fresh perspective on them.

bumper cars 2

For more on the “Bumper Cars”, see post HERE. You can also give it and any path or road a “curved” look to it by adding a few small shrubs or other small items to the corners instead. 😉

Shrub (Small)

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New Gil Deal In Town: Ice Cream Homer!! UPDATED

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Sorry for the delay. Gotta love traffic!

There is a New Gil Deal in the game. I Scream! You Scream! We ALL Scream! FOR ICE CREAM! Ice Cream Homer is in our games, WOOHOO!!


Gil Deal Ice Cream Homer

To start, you will need to make sure you are Up To Date on the App from your App Market to ensure you see all the content and have the patches necessary.

Additional warning, some Players reporting the game crashing as well with the Update. Looking into that a bit more. Additional note: It seems this is hitting more iOS6 and iOS devices. Cuavsfan has started a Forum Thread on it. Feel free to light it up with your comments. 


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What a couple Tapperinos want…

You know, I’m always using my Addicts soap box to tell you what I want. Seemed a little unfair so I decided to change up the pace a little. Here at Addicts, we value each and every comment we get. When you’re just a tiny little blog like us, any time someone decides to take the time to write a quick blurb, it’s a real pleasure. This post is dedicated to two Addicts that stated what they wanted in comments.

On 12 Sep, I posted about Jub Jub. Jman27 commented on the post and had some rad ideas about EA making Santa’s Little Helper a better puppy in our game.

On 15 Sep, after posting about how The Simpsons is good even without sound, jamminfrog requested an article on Homer’s Ice Cream Truck.

These requests inspired this post and I’d just like to say thanks to these fans for the inspiration.

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