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You know, I’m always using my Addicts soap box to tell you what I want. Seemed a little unfair so I decided to change up the pace a little. Here at Addicts, we value each and every comment we get. When you’re just a tiny little blog like us, any time someone decides to take the time to write a quick blurb, it’s a real pleasure. This post is dedicated to two Addicts that stated what they wanted in comments.

On 12 Sep, I posted about Jub Jub. Jman27 commented on the post and had some rad ideas about EA making Santa’s Little Helper a better puppy in our game.

On 15 Sep, after posting about how The Simpsons is good even without sound, jamminfrog requested an article on Homer’s Ice Cream Truck.

These requests inspired this post and I’d just like to say thanks to these fans for the inspiration.

Alright. I want to start with good ol’ Homie and his ice cream truck. If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you know that I want EA to give us more cars. (The previous posts can be found here and here.) In these posts, I purposely didn’t discuss Homer’s Ice Cream Truck because I’d seen it mentioned elsewhere. Thanks to jamminfrog, I can say a little now lol.

This vehicle comes from Season 18, Episode 7 (the same one with the Popsicle People btw). In typical Homer fashion, he becomes THE ICE CREAM MAN through some hijinks. After being fired for chasing the ice cream truck in the first place, Homer gets a cold and tasty treat from his buddy Max (who states Homer is his best customer lol).

Of course, Homer pays for his Butter-crusted Choco Rocket with a hundred dollar bill and the resulting change-making gives poor Max a heart attack.

At the funeral, Max’s wife gives Homer her husband’s ice cream truck which he then decks out a la Pimp My Ride. Thus begins a new profession for our favorite TV dad…  The rest of the episode revolves more around Marge’s folk art, but there are some great shots of Homer’s sweet truck.  Homer careening out of control and destroying Marge’s Popsicle stick people exhibition is hilarious.

I agree 100% with jamminfrog that EA should add this vehicle for us but not before EA starts putting vehicles on the streets!

Next up we have Santa’s Little Helper and EA incorporating him more in the game. I agree with Jman27 that it’s silly to have an iguana some people hadn’t even known about with its own task and building when SLH (The Simpson family’s frakking dog!) just wanders aimlessly. Some of his ideas included the following:

Give him a dog house to generate money. This would fit in perfect in the backyard or side yard of the Simpsons house.

Give him a task like digging a hole.

Incorporate other characters with SLH (“Lisa take him for a walk. Homer throw him a bone. Dig a hole for fat tony. Lol”)

Give SLH a task at the dog track.

All these ideas are super. Here are some additional ideas I came up with after watching a bunch of different episodes.

Play tug of war with Maggie

Play catch with Bart and Lisa.  This animation would be hilarious with SLH running around while Bart and Lisa fall asleep.

Be Maggie’s transportation.  Hi yo SLH… away!


This task to me could be awesome. Of course the Addicts team wants Maggie like the rest of you and as much as monkeys want bananas, (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit X) but maybe, just maybe, this task could be added in the same update which would bring us Eleanor Abernathy? Too much? Oh well… moving on…

IMHO, Jman27’s option of SLH racing at the dog track is the best idea! Going way back to Season One, Episode One (you don’t really get any earlier unless you want to talk about Tracey Ullman), SLH was a racing dog and really stunk at it, so much that his owner disowns him and he runs into the waiting arms of a broke Santa Homer.

I love this idea because it goes way back to when I was a 9-year-old Wookiee and nostalgia is fun. Biggest thing to remember about this though is that if EA gives SLH a race, prepare to lose lol. Just for fun, SLH has also known as No. 8, His Majesty King Suds McDuff of Sixpakistan, and Satan’s Little Helper.

I think the no-brainer for including SLH with the dog track is in the upcoming holidays but I’d love to hear if you have any other ideas for this. (NOTE: SLH originally joined TSTO during the Christmas Event in 2012). One thing I do know is that although I was lucky enough to get SLH for 1500 Santa Coins, his current price tag of 150 donuts is very steep for just wandering and some tap induced circling. How about a Christmas present EA of reducing the price and/or making this canine better than an iguana?

Well Addicts… hope you enjoyed seeing what some of your other fellow co-dependents want. Until my next rambling session, you stay classy!

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Maybe ice cream Homer would be a skin – another one! And he’d have a drive van task with the van actually running on the road like for Mr plow. How’s that?

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