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Jeb Ran Away! How Do I Get My Jebediah Springfield Statue Back?

When it comes to selling things in Tapped Out you get a chance to change your mind, but when it comes to the free Jebediah Springfield Statue you don’t, it’s just not possible to sell it. This is what happens when you try to:
2013-09-05 16.05.36
However, I have heard of instances where fellow Tappers have had their Jebediah Statue disappear for some reason. No one really knows where he disappears too…perhaps he went for a walk, or is off whacking snakes…but if he does mysteriously disappear from your Springfield you can still get him back!

If you need to get Jeb back in your town you simply do the same thing you did to get him in the first place, just tap Homer 10 times while he’s doing an outdoor task. Although this time, the donuts stay with Homer! Keep in mind not everything you lose is so easy to get back. That’s why it’s always important to be really careful about selling things. Don’t ever see limited-time or special items without careful consideration because there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever be able to buy them again. If you’re running out of space for your items, you can always tuck unused decorations and buildings into your inventory. This way you’ll be able to quickly get them back when you have room and are ready for them!

For those wondering…here’s what Ole’ Jeb looks like in my Springfield.  Oh don’t mind Mr. Burns.  He’s just hiding some nuclear waste while the red Funzo looks on!
2013-09-05 16.06.08

Don’t remember how to get the Jeb Statue and free donuts?  Check out this post.


How Do I Get the Jebediah Springfield Statue?

So you’re new to TSTO and you’re finally getting the hang out how things work. Now that you’re in full swing of the game you’ve been spending more time exploring other Springfields. Then you see it…right there is your Neighorino’s town is a Jebediah Springfield Statue, and you want it. You start frantically searching the available decorations only to come up empty! And you start to wonder ‘How the heck did they get that statue if it’s not for sale, using cash or donuts?!’ Maybe you think you missed out on a limited-time event and think you’re out of luck. Well have no fear you haven’t missed out on anything, you too can own the coveted Jebediah Springfield Statue, and surprisingly it’s really easy to get!

You need to make sure good ole’ Homer J Simpson is available for this:
1) Start Homer on an easy outdoor task, playing with his My Pad is usually best for this.
2) While Homer is busy tapping away on his My Pad, you need to get your tapping finger busy and tap Homer 10 times, quickly.
Homer should laugh (a lot) and tell you to stop, but don’t listen to him! If his task screen comes up- ignore it and keep tapping.
Tap until you see the Jebediah Statue icon pop up:
TSTOjeb statue box
As an added bonus you’ll also get 10 FREE donuts! A nice little hidden bonus from the master minds at EA!

PS Once you’ve tapped OK on the Statue box you can find Jeb in your inventory.