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Addicts Questions Corner: THOH 2015 Act 1

UPDATE 830PM EST: A simple & quick update hit. Hoping it helps those locked out from Daily Reward issue. Let me know.

Hey there Screamereenos!

Bouncing by with some Clarification and help to all the Q&A that keeps repeating in the Comments. Most was already answered in the Main Posts, but I will place them here too to have one point of information.

So take a peek at ALL the info below before asking, and see if it is already answered. 🙂

store panel

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LOCKED Out Of My Game! HELP!

Hey there Hoppereenos, back for some more technical stuffs. Of and on for a bit now a few players have experienced LOCK OUT from their games. This means that they only get the spinning donut when they try to log in and the game just kicks them out. Let’s dive into the issue…


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