LOCKED Out Of My Game! HELP!

Hey there Hoppereenos, back for some more technical stuffs. Of and on for a bit now a few players have experienced LOCK OUT from their games. This means that they only get the spinning donut when they try to log in and the game just kicks them out. Let’s dive into the issue…


I know there is a major Lag Issue going on with the game right now, and EA is well aware of it. I am thinking that the two are quite linked and after going back and forth with EA…it is really starting to show as a great possibility of too many items in towns adding to lock out.

In the past, my 2D and 3D art has caused issues similar to this as I pushed and pushed past that 4500 decoration limit in the game. Wookiee pushed his so far he was completely locked out and no one could visit his town for a while.

The question is how do we get this issue resolved? Well, that is the tricky part. With so many devices and brands out there, it is hard to decipher what is a device issue vs in game issue. Due to this, EA is asking for individuals to contact them to fix it so they can log each specific account and information.

The issue is a possible corrupt file game specific or another issue altogether. This is why they are requesting each individual contact them. To help with the problem, I am also starting another forum feed for this issue to bring even more attention to it. So if you are having an issue being locked out or know of a friend having an issue, please add to the forum feed so more focus will get pushed to the issue at hand.

So to sum up, contact EA if you are locked out to ensure a ticket is open for your specific game and device. Add your name to the list in the forum to see what attention we can focus on the issue.


I will update here with any further information I find on my end. Hang in there. I keep getting told that there are MANY fixes in progress for the game and will be released soon.

Til Next Time…

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48 responses to “LOCKED Out Of My Game! HELP!

  1. I was told that I had to put in the code sent to my email that is shut down by Microsoft and I don’t have enough information to prove that it is my account to change my email so I can get the code . So I guess all the money I spent over the years is down the drain and I am screwed 🀬

  2. Life without TSTO, Day 10: I finally received a reply from the mother ship regarding my inability to access my home in Springfield asking for more info, including a number that I can only get from inside the game! D’OH!!

    Meanwhile, I am attempting for become a more productive member of society once again. I went on a job interview, but when the interviewer said “hmmmmmm…..excellent” while drumming his fingers together, I ran out of there, shouting “AAAHHH!!!” My family also got a kitten, which I wanted to name Snowball II, but Marge…..er…..my wife, said no. And my 2 year old has stopped calling me “Homer” and is using my real name again. So, all in all, I’m getting better! :p

  3. I don’t have an ea account. I’ve been playing anonymously. When I try to start up the game I get a screen tnat says an update is required. When I click it, it takes me to the tapped out screen on the google play store. This screen does not give me an update option. It just says that I’ve already installed the game. Without an ea account, I can’t contact them directly about the problem. Any suggestions?

    • You can still contact them. I just dont know how much of your game they will be able to salvage as all the info is stored within your Origin ID. Google Play, if an update is needed, should actually say “UPDATE” in the app “purchase” area itself. Try just going to Google Play without using the app. Do a search for TSTO. Pull up the app as if you are getting it for the first time. It should say Update in there. Warning though, I don’t know what you may lose with not having an Origin ID. That is why I would suggest to still contact them in case there is some way they can walk you through it with as lil loss as possible. Sorry.

      If you are successful, I would encourage you to set up an Origin Account ASAP to save all your game play and avoid having to start over.

      • Create an account on that device and it will detect that you already have an anonymous game already. It will prompt you if you’d like to merge it to the new account you created – say yes and all will be saved/good.

        • Correct, however….some have ran into issues with this when an Update is forced. The Update caused the town to reset in some cases.That is why I am cautious.

  4. I’ve tried contacting ea multiple times via live chat and email. I’ve had no responses at all. They just keep marking my tickets as resolved. Haven’t been able to get into my game since 5/13.

    • You gotta keep on bugging them. So sorry this is happening to you but there’s not much we can do from our end. Have you tried to call and talk to them in real time? Keep on storming the gate. Squeaky wheels and all.

  5. Where do you look to find out what your item count is? My town is fine until I touch something, then it bogs down to almost a standstill.

    • There sadly is not “tally” box anywhere, so unless you want to spend the day counting…you won’t know until you get the 4500 “too many decorations” pop up or a higher number.

      Characters are limiting mine right now. I put most NPC in storage…the rest in Krustyland or indoor tasks.

  6. So I tried logging into my iPad today since it worked this morning but it doesn’t work now. All I can assume is EA changed something again server side and broke it. Very frustrating.

  7. What is a safe number you suggest going up to? I am just a little over the 4500 mark right now, but I still need to keep adding more.

  8. I know that when I first logon for the day it take me 5-10 minutes to get in. Then after that it is fine.

  9. I am locked out completely for the first time ever! It started around noon today. Is everyone having this issue? Should I contact EA? HELP!

    • If you can’t get into your game, and basic troubleshooting has not resolved it, then yes…contact EA and get a help ticket started. Also, if you would, add your name to the forum post too. More attention brought to issue the better.

  10. So how do you know if your friend is having this issue? Would it crash when you try to visit them? I have that happening with one of my friends and they have a lot of cool stuff and seem to have been playing for a while.

    • Yes. A lot of those locked out, their neighbors can’t visit them at all. You just get booted out. It is sad. People are getting deleted for non play when in reality they WISH they could play.

      • Susan C. (suski33)

        I have a few neighbors that “crash” when I visit. I’m holding onto them, and just “hiding” their accounts/towns to avoid the crash. I’d hate for them to lose a lot of their friends through no fault of their own, and hope they will come back to the game when this is resolved. 😻

        P.S. hating the extra lagging/tagging, but grateful for the access in any form! Argggggh…tappity-tap-tap.

        • Not a fan of the lag, but at least we can still access our games right?! πŸ™‚
          Glad to see you’re still waiting for those friends to see if their towns get resolved πŸ™‚

  11. Quick question addicts:
    Are the Krustyland decorations included in the 4500 tally or are they listed under a separate 4500 limit?
    I’d rather bare bones my Krustyland so I can continue my 3D explorations in my Springfield….
    Thanks for adding me back Runicgem! Hopefully soon I can access my neighbours towns and come a-visiting! To the rest of my neighbours: please don’t drop me! I’ll be back πŸ™‚

  12. Hey now those MiniFigs are for 5 and up! I will not be intimidated by those without imagination as i open the bags and yell ” Wooooo Hoooo! You have to understand that i am that fellow who pushes ALL the ” try me” buttons! πŸ˜‰


      I am the annoying one that goes down the aisle and activates all the noisy toys, just to set people off. πŸ˜‰

      • Bahahahaha! You and i would have a grand ole time driving everybody batty!! There’ll be pics of us and underneath would read “BANNED FROM ALL TOY DEPARTMENTS!”

        • I am sure my pic is already there. In every store. Lol. It is why conveniently as soon as I make my way to the toy aisle…someone isn’t far behind… “Can I help you?” πŸ˜‰

    • Me too! I’ll join in on the button pushing/annoying everyone in the store fun. I love it!

  13. I finally had to break down and contact EA this morning. After all the hoopla with the Easter glitches I finally reached my limit and created a ticket. I had some serious lag issues that got slightly better after they reduced the frame rate. The problem I have now is that I can get into my game but when I do any action, the game freezes and is therefore unplayable. So, no lag, it just stops all together and freezes up. So. Frus. trating.

  14. I finally got mine back last night although it would have been nice to get the stuff from the tie in and there is a bit of a lag stil,l but I don’t care I have my Springfield back thats what matters.

    • Contact EA. Do a live chat, and let them know that you were locked out because of the issues. If you started a ticket already give them that ticket number (or if you reported it on a thread give them that info) and ask if there’s anyway you can get the stuff you missed out on because you were locked out. They should be able to get it for you.

  15. I got in on Bluestacks last night and my iPad this morning! iPhone didn’t work this morning but am in the process of re-installing the game as it might have been corrupted.

    I took Bunny’s advice and had posted I had an issue being booted out trying to login (spinning donut) to http://help.ea.com right after Easter ended before the weekend tie-in. Anyways, I have been trying to login on my iPhone 4s, iPad and Bluestacks with no avail this whole time just like everyone else. Yesterday I tried on Bluestacks and it worked! So I contacted EA and did a Live chat. The person on the other end “Meetu” ended up assisting me. When I explained that I got in on Bluestacks but not my iOS devices, they let me know they were happy I am at least able to play in some fashion. I asked about the tie-in items and availability to still get them. They told me to logout of Bluestacks, which I did and a few seconds later told me to log back in and check my storage box. When I checked, I had the Millhouse Fit Costume and Macaroni’s Shed sitting in there!

    EA seems to be on the ball and fixing this everyone. Thought I would share so that you know there is light at the end of the tunnel. So warm up your tapping fingers.

    • This is great to hear! And really glad EA gave you the items you missed! (I figured they’d make good on it. They make a lot of mistakes, but they’re always good about fixing problems when it’s their fault) πŸ™‚

    • I can’t get on my town, I have an iPhone 4s, and a retina iPad, I’ve also tried my brothers nexus to no avail. How do you get Bluestacks on Mac? I’m so sad, I’ve been working on my town for almost 2 years.

    • Glad you are able to play again! I’m still locked out, and so I just downloaded Bluestacks for Mac, but I’m too much of a Luddite to figure out how to access TSTO thru it. When I search for the app, bluestacks can’t find it. I looked for TSTO in the Mac App Store and couldn’t find it there either. Help!

      • Pickles – Mac one does not work. To get the .apk into it you literally have to go to a terminal and do some commands. PITA. Trust me I have tried. Bluestacks even says they are not supporting the Mac version at this time.

        Bunny – make sure you download the latest drivers for your video card. Even if you think you have the latest do a search and download whatever they have for it (Radeon, Nvidia, etc). It should work once you install them. Blues racks on PC is easy, click on the .apk and tell it to open with bluestacks. Done.

        • Trust me, I tried it all. My laptop doesn’t like a lot of programs. Blue Stacks is one of them. Lol. Meh. It’s ok. Download is fine…it’s the actual running of games. Black screen of death or worse. Lol.

      • Oh, okay Scott. Thanks for the info. That’s def way beyond anything I can handle!

  16. I think I’d happily forego any new content updates for a month if it gave the developers the breathing space they need to finally resolve all these issues and make the game enjoyable again for everyone.

    • I agree…I just don’t think the majority of players on on that same page. They’re very much a “what’s next” crowd when the previous update was just released.

      • I do appreciate it can’t be easy for EA to constantly keep up with supporting 3 platforms and numerous devices, especially when Android changes version so often, but I’m also aware how much money EA makes from Tapped Out; a few more staff working on testing and bug fixes would probably enable them to deliver timely new content and maintain stability.

        On a lighter note, I had a thoroughly enjoyable lunch break fingering Lego miniatures packets in a department store lol. Fairly sure I’ve got a Marge (can’t mistake that hair) and a Nelson (could feel the bat). The other 3 will be a surprise. Now I just need my colleagues to go away so I can open them without embarrassment!

        • Bwahahahahaha! You should have seen all the looks I got while I was feeling them out at the stores here!
          We’ll have to have people send us in photos of their minifigs in various places lol

      • I LOVE that idea! A gallery of the figures on their travels in various places.

    • Same here, upates get out a little too fast, it’s hard to follow. And there are more and more issues with the game (lag, server crash, slow to connect etc…). So I would be totally ok with a major game fix even if it means no updates for a moth or more.

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