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Where Did That Come From? – Duff Float, Bathtub Brewery, Howard K Duff and More…

Let’s just start off with the reality that St. Patrick’s Day is pretty much a huge drunk-fest.  The real origins have long been forgotten, and in the hotbed of  American Irish Catholic cities (NYC, Boston, Pittsburgh etc.), it is a weirdly non-Christian/Christian celebration with a history of exclusion that makes one scratch his head…but, mostly because his head is numb from drinking too much green beer. It gets even more convoluted on Columbus Day…but, that is an entirely different kind of alcohol, without the food coloring. But, I digress…

The episode on which most of the St. Patrick’s Day/Homer -vs-The 18th Amendment Green/Beer/Shamrock stuff, is from an episode of the same name. No. Not Shamrock Stuff…but, Homer vs the 18th Amendment (S8E18).  

You wanna have a full-blown…real-deal booze fest?  Then buckle in kids…because this episode is loaded…as in smashedtrashed…and besotted.
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