Silly Simpsons News: Everything is Awesome!

So how are my favorite Addicts doing?

Wookiee chiming in with a little bit of silly news about The Simpsons.  I’m sure by now a lot of you have heard about The LEGO Movie, right?  Well, me and my little Ewok went to see it last week for a little Daddy-Daughter time and I have to say it was quite awesome.  For anyone who has seen it, is that “Everything is Awesome” song still stuck in your head?

Push For Awesome

Well, I believe in sharing the madness with people I like so here’s a youtube video of the song for anyone so inclined to have an uber catchy song stuck in their noggin.  I think I love this so much because Lonely Island was involved in the song.  Those guys are hilarious.

If you skipped it, I understand.  Fair warning though, if you watch the movie, you won’t be as successful keeping the tune out of your head.  I’ve been recycling it for days now lol and must admit the song is downloaded in my iTunes.

So…… you may wonder why I even bring up this movie in a post on a site about TSTO.  Well, it’s really quite simple…. Milhouse is in the movie!  There’s a scene in it where the main character, Emmett, goes to Cloud Cuckoo Land to meet the LEGO master builders.  Among a ton of superheroes, Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare and others is the one and only Milhouse!  You can see a blurry version of our favorite friend of Bart here.

Milhouse Lego Movie

There are even more images over at brickipedia (the dedicated wiki to LEGO). Click here to see more of Milhouse in the movie.

How cool is that?  Of all the characters from The Simpsons to include in the movie, it may seem strange to put Thrillhouse in it but I loved seeing him show up.  Every once in a while things need to come up Milhouse, right?  Strangely, it seems the more time I spend immersed in the world of The Simpsons, the more I notice them everywhere.

For anyone not living under a rock, you may have also heard that LEGO is releasing building sets based on the Best. Show. Ever.


The first offering is the Simpson family’s house including the family and Ned Flanders.  The price tag is hefty ($199.99 US) but I so want it!  I’ve seriously considered splurging with taxes this year but haven’t completely made up my mind.  As a young Wookiee, LEGO was one of my great joys and there still is a giant bucket of blocks in storage I’m sure.  My favorites were the castle and pirates sets.  I always ended up building my own thing.  As an adult, I love seeing kids still playing with them even if I cringe at the price tags.  Star Wars showed up in LEGO form so it’s only natural for my other love to make it’s appearance and taunt my wallet.


Just for fun, I found another great LEGO representation of Milhouse.  It looks like this fan made these in his bedroom.  So incredibly rad IMHO.

images download (1)

And there you have it.  A catchy tune in a movie including Milhouse, a bit about a new “toy” I’m sure a lot of grownups will be owning AND some LEGO fan art.

If you’re seriously a LEGO buff, there’s also word of an upcoming episode in May that will be animated LEGO style.  Check out this link for more info.  It will coincide with the 550th episode.  Take that everything else!

I personally think the movie and the song have a great message for kids and grown-ups alike.  Everything is truly better when we stick together.  Everything IS awesome when your part of a team.  I think we get that here in our community of addicts.

LET’S PARTY 4EVA!  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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24 responses to “Silly Simpsons News: Everything is Awesome!

  1. You don’t have to buy the house to get Simpsons Lego minifigures. In May Lego will release Simpsons mini figures in the collectible mini figures set. They are 16 figures randomly inserted into $3-4 packs you can buy in stores. That is most likely where the Milhouse Lego figure will come from. They currently have Lego figures from the movie in these packs, but no Milhouse. Here is a link to some pictures from the NY toy show that show the house and then the proto box for those Simpsons Minifigures

  2. Just a note on Lego Simpsons house the outside is fine the inside is very wrong so wrong I wouldn’t recommend the set to people

  3. Lego is most excellent it has turned into a merchandising machine with tie ins to DC Star Wars Marvel etc and now Simpsons but where is the imagination of creating your own stuff. I mean for children not me obviously I only play with it to keep the grandson happy……

  4. Brought my granddaughter to see The Lego Movie this afternoon. It was awesome! I laughed out loud when they gave a shout-out to Milhouse.

  5. I am sooo shoplifting some legos…

  6. Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh – it’s in my head!!!! Ok, so Wookiee did issue a warning but… the promise of new material from The Lonely Island was too tempting. I have all their videos from The Creep to YOLO so the pull was too irresistible… Now it’s stuck in my brain. You’ll pay Wookiee, Bwahahahaha…. (Whining now) Make it stop Alissa…. 😉

    • This is the song that doesn’t end…yes it goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it not knowing what it was and they’ll continue singing it forever just because…this is the song that doesn’t end…

      Did it work? 😉

      • Why did I read this one in particular, made sure not to click until I get to see the movie, and now it is the song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friend….AAAHHH! :()

    • Lonely Island is amayzazing. I dig this song.

  7. I was already pretty sure I was going to see The Lego Movie this week, but if Milhouse is in it I’m definitely going!

  8. I TOTALLY AGREE!! With everything in this post! Love the LEGO Movie(Saw it twice with the kids) Song is stuck in my head. Purchased it from iTunes and made it ringtones. Of course, after the movie we went to the nearest LEGO store and saw the holy Simpsons House. Love every bit of it. Also i read online that Milhouse will be appearing in later releases which means more LEGO Simpsons to come. WOOHOO! Currently don’t have the funds to get it, but I want it soooo bad. Now I have the 1st world problem on what to spend my money on, Simpsons LEGO or TSTO Donuts..hmmmmmm Donuts.

  9. You warned me it was catchy so what did I do? I listened to it right before going to bed when there’s nothing to drive it out my head.. *mentally slaps self* haha it is a great song though

  10. Ha ha ha. Lego Simpsons. Thats so cool! Loving the lifesize bart and milhouse too

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