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TSTO Addicts Downtime Simpsons Trivia: Season 1 and General Simpsons Knowledge

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So, we’re sitting here in a bit of a TSTO holding pattern.  Nothing new has hit so we’re all just kind of waiting to see what happens next.  Not much to do but plan some redesigns and work on older questlines you may have avoided.

For those of us who are, relatively, content with our designs and have finished any and all questlines available in the game, this downtime can be a bit boring.  So I thought I’d bring a little excitement to our community with a bunch of Simpsons Trivia!

Over the next few days (excluding tomorrow, Open Thread Day), I’ll be posting a series of Simpsons Trivia questions where you can test your knowledge of our favorite yellow family! So brush up on your Simpsons skills because the trivia starts now!

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