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TSTO Anonymous: Completionist Anonymous Edition

Hey hey hey.  Welcome to another meeting of TSTO Anon.  So… a lot of TSTO has happened to most of us in the last few months, right?  Stonecutters, Level 42, 4th of July, a Yard Sale and Level 43.  Lots of new stuff, both premium and freemium, with a lot of different designs, quests, buying decisions, etc.  Our last TSTO Anon meeting was way back in May 9th as the Easter Event frustration was nearing its zenith.  Seems like years since then, eh?

Of course, Stonecutters came and despite a few glitches, tappers were happier than I’ve seen them in a long time.  Despite this, all the required tapping would have been the perfect time for another meeting but who had time for that?  Admittedly that meeting would’ve been “Hey guys!  Having a blast!  You too?  Great!  Back to spying…”

Stonecutters ended and I had every intention of throwing a group gathering to discuss TSTO and addiction (even saw some comments in that vein) but life and tapping and blogging have a way of just keeping you busy as time and events pass on by.  Before you know it, it’s the beginning of August and it truly is time for a meeting of the Addicts.  Apologies for the delay but without further words, let’s get started with this one.

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