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Simpsons Predictions of the Future…Cause for Alarm? You Tell Us!

I have to admit that in the parlance of the phrase, “Truth is Stranger Than Fiction,” this past week has been a real wake-up call.  Like it or not, it’s time to start watching “The Simpsons” FAR more carefully!!

Yes, as has been reported by loads of sources, we are reminded that it was the Simpsons that predicted a “President Trump.”  And this wasn’t a “jump on the Trump-wagon” prediction, but one that came in an episode from the year 2000…SIXTEEN YEARS AGO.  Yikes. Now THAT is a true case of “Homer-Damus” that really makes you want to stop and take a closer look at some of the other things that the Simpsons have predicted accurately.

So…let’s do it.

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