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WDTCF- The rEAlity Channel, The RC Van, Mrs. Scratchy and the “Marge Squirrel”

I’ve mentioned before about EA/Gracie’s weird penchant for selecting characters that are barely in an episode. This time…they have really “Jumped the Marge” in that both of these characters don’t appear in an episode…but in an episode within an episode…as in episodes of Itchy and Scratchy.

Let’s agree that the Itchy and Scratchy cartoons are very short…so anything that is in them most likely has even shorter screen time. Well…Mrs. Scratchy and the “Disapproving Squirrel” certainly meet that low standard.

Along with the Reality Channel and the RC Van, we have characters from three very different episodes…and none staying on screen for more than a few seconds.

Odd…and yet…somewhat predictable these days. The more obscure, the better chance we have of seeing them in the game. But, I digress…
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