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WDTCF- June Bellamy

Ah….it’s time again for another episode of WDTCF (Where Did That Come From?) or as I like to call it, Hey…I Don’t Remember That! or HIDRT!

It’s pretty easy to not remember something or someone with more than 600 episodes to choose from.  And although, EA can’t seem to find it in their hearts to give us characters we actually remember, (Like Sarah Wiggum), they seem to have no issue whatsoever giving us obscure, one-offs.

But, this time…I have a sense that the writers and maybe even the “Voice Actors” had something to do with this choice. Because the character in play, is the one, and only (as in, she was only in one episode) June Bellamy!

Don’t remember June?  Well like most voice actors, you may not know them by their faces (I mean can anyone tell me what Tress McNeal looks like??)

No? Well Tress is a real person, and is on more Simpsons episodes than almost any of the “star actors”…and so if you don’t remember what Tress looks like,  it may be even harder to remember who June is, because she is only BASED on a real person. Kinda.
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