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TGIF – Just Roll With It For a Thrilling Life

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

First of all, I am going to apologize for NOT suffering the same “Lag-Tastic” problems that so many of you are facing with this update.  Unlike so many of you, who are unable to utilize the vast majority of the rides for Itchy and Scratchy Land, I am able to place and run all three of the major animated rides in my ISKLand, with no lag whatsoever.

I’ll wait...while you hate me.

I have no idea why I am not suffering…as I have a huge town…am bumping into the Item Limits, and should probably have a laggy, unfulfilling mess of lagging…But I don’t.

I think it is because, deep down, EA knows how much I love roller coasters. I love them…with all of my core. Coasters, in my estimation, are the greatest way to get a thrill that is needed to scare, exhilarate and forget your worries, like almost no other invention by modern man!

I love all kinds of coasters…including the new ones that use military grade catapults to launch you almost instantly to cruising speeds above 70 MPH. But, for all of the cool technology in modern coasters, I especially love the thrill, excitement and danger of a large, creaky, terrifying wooden roller coaster, like the one that “got my coaster virginity” when I was just 11 years old.
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