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Superheroes Sequel Prize Guide: Social Battles, Prizes 7 & 10 (Pie Man Statue and One Week Wonder Films)

Special shout out to Safi for his help with this post. Thanks Safi! 🙂
Safi originally wrote different posts for each of these prizes.  But in the interest of time I’ve combined the last 2 major prizes into 1 post (everything else is pretty self explanatory) – Alissa 

Hey there fellow felons!

It’s good to be bad in our Superheroes Sequel event! Especially when it comes to Social Battles. Once you are able to trigger the social battles, you take on your neighbours’ heroes as felons in a quest to unlock 10 social battle prizes.

Firstly, as you may have noticed, the Social Battle Prize schedule was amended by EA on June 29th. You can read about the changes here. The 10 prizes are now awarded as follows:

Epic Statue 1

Now let’s talk about the Pie Man Statue and One Week Wonder Films…
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