Superheroes Sequel Prize Guide: Social Battles, Prizes 7 & 10 (Pie Man Statue and One Week Wonder Films)

Special shout out to Safi for his help with this post. Thanks Safi! 🙂
Safi originally wrote different posts for each of these prizes.  But in the interest of time I’ve combined the last 2 major prizes into 1 post (everything else is pretty self explanatory) – Alissa 

Hey there fellow felons!

It’s good to be bad in our Superheroes Sequel event! Especially when it comes to Social Battles. Once you are able to trigger the social battles, you take on your neighbours’ heroes as felons in a quest to unlock 10 social battle prizes.

Firstly, as you may have noticed, the Social Battle Prize schedule was amended by EA on June 29th. You can read about the changes here. The 10 prizes are now awarded as follows:

Epic Statue 1

Now let’s talk about the Pie Man Statue and One Week Wonder Films…

First up, the Pie Man Statue…

Once you’ve participated in 44 social battles, you’ll automatically be awarded the Pie Man Epic Statue and you’ll see this message popup:

Epic Statue 2

And you’ll have the option to store or place it in your Springfield immediately. Remember if you store it, you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it later.

And that’s about it. The Pie Man Epic Statue is simply a decoration. No questline, does not generate any event currency, or provide an XP bonus. Just win the prize and that’s it.

Here are some quick facts about the Pie Man Epic Statue:


Size: 3×3
Conform-O-Meter: Obedience +5
Where Can it Go?: It can be placed on land, sand, or boardwalk.
What Does it Do?: “A statue of the chubbiest hero of all time!”; the flag on this decoration continuously waves.

And there you have it, the details behind the Pie Man Epic Statue. Not much too it, but now your Springfield can commemorate Pie Man everyday…

And now let’s talk about One Week Wonder Films…the Film set no one thought they would get…

Once you’ve participated in 77 social battles, you’ll automatically be awarded One Week Wonder Films and you’ll see this message popup:

One Week Wonder Films 1

Once you’ve place it in your Springfield, it will trigger a short, one-part questline.

One Week Wonder Films Walkthrough:

Mr. Burns: Smithers, let’s make another movie. It’ll have to be a blockbuster though. So pitch me a blockbuster! And don’t tell me it’s hard.
Smithers: You could decide on a subject matter by looking at popular Google searches, sir.
Build One Week Wonder Films – 4 hours
Make Smithers Research Google Searches – x1. Requires Smithers. 8 hours, earns $275,70xp.
Smithers: It seems like the popular searches are for cute kittens and free porn.
Mr. Burns: Perfect! We have our movie Smithers!
Smithers: I’m not sure audiences or P.E.T.A. would find that an acceptable story, sir.

Completing this quest only awards cash and XP, no extra event currency here.

Here are some quick facts about One Week Wonder Films:


Size: 13×17
Conform-O-Meter: Consumerism +10
Build Time: 4 hours
Earns: $300, 30xp/24hrs
What Does it Do?: It’s a building in Springfield with an 8-hour permanent task (Research Google Searches) for Smithers.

And there you have it, the details behind One Week Wonder Films.

What’s Next?

Congratulations, you’ve finished all the Superheroes Sequel Social Battle Prizes. You can continue to fight 3 social battles each day, as they will continue to generate event currency.

So that, my friends, is the full breakdown of the remaining social prizes! 

What do you think of the Pie Man Statue or One Week Wonder Films? Were you able to get them with the revised prize schedule? Would you have gotten it with the original 115 battle requirement schedule? Have you found a place to display your social prizes in your Springfield? Thoughts on social battle prizes?  Thinking the sequel is better than the original?  Or still like the original better?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!



24 responses to “Superheroes Sequel Prize Guide: Social Battles, Prizes 7 & 10 (Pie Man Statue and One Week Wonder Films)

  1. I want the film studio but didn’t get enough battles hoping they offer it for donuts

  2. I wish you could speed this up with donuts, I have not even got Meg-ahertz so no way I’ll be getting One Week Wonder Films. I wish they would stop this limited time nonsense. You’d think that they’d want to make money by people purchasing donuts to get things they want. I wanted the Solid Gold House a year or so ago for 250 donuts but my game wouldn’t load and then the event was over. EA said that if I wait “it may be released again” Why not let me spend the $19.99 or $9.99 to buy the donuts? I don’t get it. Wish there was a hack to be able to buy all the items, I know there is but I haven’t found one that works….:(

    • You won’t find any hacks here as they violate the terms of use for the game. Hopefully EA will make the items available for donuts but we don’t know if they will until they do it. I understand the frustration.

  3. David Dishmon

    1 day of battles left to get 9 points. I will not be getting the last prize. This is sad but expected as I had no idea what the timer was on and likely missed several days.

  4. moecyslack905

    I don’t know if I will be able to get the last social prize now as I have 9 fights to go. I have switched auto updates off so hopefully I can hang on a tiny bit longer when the event ends. Fingers crossed 😃

  5. I wish now that we are close to the end of this event they allowed us to do more than 3 a day. I had been crashing when trying to go to friends’ towns pretty often and there were a few days I forgot to try so even with the change in required battles, I still won’t make it. Bummer.

  6. Shadowstar Steampunk

    If EA does let us keep our hard earned Felons, I hope that they are not going to be NPCs, it would be awesome in they were, at the very least, limited Playable Characters that could fight the Heroes we already have. I would love to watch them all fight it out on the mean streets of Springfield! Actually being able to see Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy fighting the crooks would be super cool!

    • i highly doubt we’ll get any playable characters… im hoping for npcs at the very least, and again i highly doubt that theyll be free… it sucks but sadly, it’s the truth

  7. For me the One Week Wonder Films has been THE prize of this event. When I saw it I got excited. It’s a great edition to a ‘Hollywood’ area to sit with Krustyloo Studios.

  8. It’s a nice little freemium building, but, even with the task for Smithers, didn’t seem like a big enough payoff for getting those social battles done. (Well, maybe it would have if there had been a timer for the social battles…I think it was the lack of visible timer (plus the not seeming very clear as to how the timer was really working) that made them seem so difficult.

  9. This seems like a good spot for this observation – it seems to me that the “social” battles are less “social” than neighbor actions in events past. There seems to be absolutely NO benefit (or harm) I can bestow on my neighbors. And unless there’s a daily “win social battle” task, neither benefit, nor risk, in winning or losing.

    Just my $.02…d

  10. Man, even by lowering the battles, it just seems impossible to get there…I just feel that these social battles are more of a drag than enjoyment; especially when you have to wait 24 very long hours. Just sucks that I might miss the OWW items 🙁

  11. Did anyone even try for any of these friend prizes? Total crap.

  12. jordan0123450

    I just crossed the 100 battle mark so I might have barely made 115 but it would be close. No motivation to battle every day since I got OWW over a week ago! I had a few times where I was out or I forgot about the battles. And it didn’t help that it was never 24 hours. The “timer” was terrible. One time I had to wait 24 and a half hours before it let me battle again. I think that was part of the reason they lowered the number of battles.

  13. I have stored most decorations from this event and past if they do not come with a percentage and also do not earn cash or XP. I am very tight on land spaces.

  14. hopefully EA will add any felons we get from social battles in as npcs after the event… it would be nice to see them walking around my springfield even after the event

  15. Yes! A new task for him! It is a shame about those crystals. I have over 12K! Wish those could’ve been used to craft items as well. Oh well four days left 🙂

  16. What to do with the thousands of gems I have left? All my fighters are maxed out and I still have 8000 gems.

  17. 4kidsandacatdog

    I got OWW with plenty of time to spare, but can’t say I’d have gotten it without the revision. I’m glad Smithers has an alternative for eight hours too! He’s been whipping it in my town a little TOO often!

    • When a problem comes along,
      You must whip it!
      Before the cream sets out too long,
      You must whip it!
      When something’s goin’ wrong,
      You must whip it!

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