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Good News and Bad News…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with a bit of good news for many of you…but bad news for some of you.  The Terwilliger Takedown Update has FINALLY hit the files.


IT’S NOT IN THE APP STORE YET.  So currently there’s nothing to download.  BUT it has hit the server, which means at some point today (usually between 12pm-2pm EDT) we’ll see it hit our App Stores.

This will be a welcome sign for many of you who just want it to be over!  However, I know there are some of you who are still trying to earn those extra Bonuts (Bonus Donuts) and crafting materials…and for those of you who are trying to do that you still can!

If you’re looking to extend this event beyond the app store update, you can.  Just delay downloading the update.  First, make sure your auto updates are turned off for TSTO.  Otherwise it may automatically download and throw you out whether you want it to or not.  So if you want to extend it turn off the auto update for TSTO.

Then just continue to play as normal…you’ll usually get at least another 24-48hrs out of it before the game forces you to update (you’ll see a popup telling you to download the newest version to continue playing).  So if you want to keep playing, do nothing.

For those of you who want Terwilligers to be over…simply keep checking your App stores for the update.  Once it hits we’ll have a post up here for it as well.

Once again…there currently is nothing to download in the App Store.  This is just a note that the removal is coming and should hit today.  So don’t panic if you don’t see it in your App Store right now, because it’s not there. 

We’ll be back when it actually hits the stores with any changes that have occurred.

Hope this helps brighten some of your days!

Also, just a note.  I’m going to be away this afternoon (probably right around when the update hits).  I’ll be in NYC going to a Yankee game with my Dad (you’re never to old to go to a ballgame with your dad!).  However, Bunny will be here covering the update if I’m gone by the time it hits.  So hope you all get everything you want out of Terwilligers and here’s hoping we get a few days of downtime to redesign our Springfields! 

The Curtain Is FINALLY Closing On Terwilligers- Event Ends TOMORROW

Update 8:30am EDT 5/26: Yup, the event is still in our towns.  Looks like my note indicated below about the app store removal is what will be required to officially remove it from our towns. I expect an update to hit sometime between 12pm-2pm (EDT),as that’s when they usually hit.  For now you have a couple extra hours of Terwilligers….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, we’ve finally reached the end of the Terwilliger’s Event!  And I know some of you will be thrilled to go back to normal and others will be wishing for one more day.

I know there’s a lot of questions about WHEN the Event actually ends (since the Farming License Shows longer on it’s counter than others)…here’s my take: It ends TOMORROW at 0800GMT (4am EDT)

I’d rather see everyone play it safe then end up sorry they missed out.  So assume EVERYTHING ends tomorrow. Use up all of your crafting resources for what you want TODAY.  Buy those premium items you want TODAY.  Finish collecting those Act 3 prizes TODAY.

Don’t chance it until tomorrow.  Finish everything you can TODAY, anything extra will be a bonus.

Note: Terwilligers will require an App Store update to completely remove from our games.  Not 100% sure if this means you can artificially extend the event by delaying downloading the update.  In the past it has, but this event is a little different.  There’s timers built in associated with crafting and the prizes…so it’s up to you if you want to take that chance…personally I wouldn’t.

So let’s take a look at everything that ends tomorrow and what you’ll need to grab if you want it before it’s gone from the store…


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