Good News and Bad News…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with a bit of good news for many of you…but bad news for some of you.  The Terwilliger Takedown Update has FINALLY hit the files.


IT’S NOT IN THE APP STORE YET.  So currently there’s nothing to download.  BUT it has hit the server, which means at some point today (usually between 12pm-2pm EDT) we’ll see it hit our App Stores.

This will be a welcome sign for many of you who just want it to be over!  However, I know there are some of you who are still trying to earn those extra Bonuts (Bonus Donuts) and crafting materials…and for those of you who are trying to do that you still can!

If you’re looking to extend this event beyond the app store update, you can.  Just delay downloading the update.  First, make sure your auto updates are turned off for TSTO.  Otherwise it may automatically download and throw you out whether you want it to or not.  So if you want to extend it turn off the auto update for TSTO.

Then just continue to play as normal…you’ll usually get at least another 24-48hrs out of it before the game forces you to update (you’ll see a popup telling you to download the newest version to continue playing).  So if you want to keep playing, do nothing.

For those of you who want Terwilligers to be over…simply keep checking your App stores for the update.  Once it hits we’ll have a post up here for it as well.

Once again…there currently is nothing to download in the App Store.  This is just a note that the removal is coming and should hit today.  So don’t panic if you don’t see it in your App Store right now, because it’s not there. 

We’ll be back when it actually hits the stores with any changes that have occurred.

Hope this helps brighten some of your days!

Also, just a note.  I’m going to be away this afternoon (probably right around when the update hits).  I’ll be in NYC going to a Yankee game with my Dad (you’re never to old to go to a ballgame with your dad!).  However, Bunny will be here covering the update if I’m gone by the time it hits.  So hope you all get everything you want out of Terwilligers and here’s hoping we get a few days of downtime to redesign our Springfields! 

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  1. I cannot thank you enough for these great updates. I managed to craft everything (saved the flower wall for last) and earned 6 more donuts (or Bonuts!) thanks to your heads up!!

  2. Love how you threw BONUTS in there! sandra’s done a great job propagating its use thus far, but now that it’s been featured in an official addicts post, there’s no telling how big it’ll get!

  3. Thank god it’s over! This was my least fav event over the past year & 1/2. By the official end of the event, the only music note type task I fully completed was the Dame one… The previous two I was always just shy of getting it. So frustrating. And the only item I was able to craft by the official end (that wasn’t part of a building update) was the farmers market. I didn’t even get to complete that till the start of the 3rd phase… If the event ended when it was supposed to end, I would have been about 1,200 DNA shy of getting the gas & grub. The DNA was ridiculously hard to get (very low payout and not a ton of characters earned it), yet high numbers of DNA were needed for anything worth while.

    I played almost non-stop this last phase and even doing so, I only managed to earn the gas & grub and the boat house in the extra day they gave us. I nearly spent donuts to get them cause I was afraid it would update like the first and second phase and I would just barely miss out AGAIN. Had I spent precious donuts on it, I would have been even more upset. Honestly, I despised this latest update and I don’t see how anyone who works for a living or has a family can play these updates with any modicum of success.

  4. lordstanley2013

    Enjoyed this update just like all the others. Played daily, planned ahead and ended up with everything I wanted. Ended up spending 30 donuts on the homer decoy and was 1000 DNA why of the welcome sign when the event was SUPPOSED to end. crafted what I could just to get rid of my crafting items. Contacted EA today regarding the matter and within 5 mins I had a welcome Springfield sign in my inventory. Couldn’t be happier. Btw thanks for all you guys do at this site!

  5. Really wanted the houseboat but wouldn’t have made it in time for the given deadline so went for the homer decoy instead. Now with the extended time I’ve made up what I would’ve needed for the houseboat! Really sad but at least the homer decoys cute. Just wish it’d either end when it says or say there’s some leeway on the event times as I never know whether to risk it or not!

  6. Alissa, as a freemium player is it wise to speed up Brandines 90d task?

  7. About 11 of my 99 neighbours have updated. They’ve started visiting my town and tapping buildings but I can’t enter theirs. Can’t help but feel a bit bitter that I saw no sign of them dropping the blobs in my town during the event even though they were definitely playing the event! Now they’re visiting again. Oh well, I’m quite loyal to my neighbours and only delete if they don’t play for over 3 weeks in a row.

    • Don’t let it get to you. Similar to many events before it… Mutant Blobs were scarce and hard to come by. So to share that little amount around 100 people is really difficult. I bet if building tapping was involved, you would have seen them daily as anyone can do that. I also saw many people state they didn’t even want to play the event, so the minute it is over they jumped back to playing again.

      • True Bunny, plus they may be in different time zones so dropped them when I was sleeping and they expired. I do love all my neighbours and their beautiful towns. Thanks for putting it in perspective.

  8. I wrapped everything up perfectly before the event end, but I was also a hard worker (oops. I mean player? This *is* a game! Right?!) through the whole event to get to that point of crafting satisfaction.

    I think I will have two extra cactus plots thanks to the lower crafting cost and time. Also I just got BONUTS!!! Three on the first try, surely because of the long tap trick I learned from you all. Woo hoo!

    Thanks for all the information and updates! Sounds like I’ll try to hang on to the event to get another bonus round of bonuts. Bobonuts! 🙂

    • What’s the long tap trick?!

      • It’s where you tap and hold on the box furthest to the right to try to get 3 donuts first time.

      • Press and hold down the right most square. Keep holding down until the flashing lights at the edge of the square meet at the top middle and then release. It took me a few tries to get it working, and it doesn’t work every single time, but if you get the technique right, it does give you 3 donuts most times.

        • You need to tweak those instructions to get it to work every time (which I only figured out how to do during this event)… The key is to take note of where you are in the lights “cycle” when you press down on the third square, and then release when it comes around to the *exact* same point in the cycle. (It doesn’t actually have to be the point in the cycle that Bunny mentioned, but that’s an easy point to recognize, so it’s a good one to use.)

      • Thanks for the clarification Sandra Shill! 🙂

  9. So I was in the same boat as some others… I crafted the decoy homer by mistake, really wanting the house boat and used the extra day or so to build up my theater masks again, however ended up using 55 donuts to finish the crafting. I just contacted EA and complained about the cut-off issue and they reimbursed my donuts! Very stoked! Now I have everything I wanted from the event, and my sprinkles back! 🙂

  10. Erm… Sorry but how do I turn off the auto update for IOS? Is it within the game itself or from App Store app? Kindly advise. Thanks

  11. The update is here.

  12. CentralCali559

    It just hit the iOS App Store

  13. I have a question (so this is the first time I maxed out on Friendship Points and the neighbors cob clones occationally give free donuts) If I update (ending the event) will I get random donuts by tapping neighbors buildings?

    • Yes. It will go to the “Main Neighbor Source”. So that is buildings during regular game time, and we will usually post on what the item is during events. Sometimes it is buildings, sometimes objects… like the Mutants during this Event. 😉

  14. Just figured it out lol

  15. Waiting for it to be over. It wasn’t my favorite event thats for sure.

    Enjoy your baseball game and GO YANKEES!!!!!!!
    Love the Yankees!!

  16. So wish I could take more friends Maybe allow more ?

  17. Is anyone else getting Bart? Past half hour I’ve been trying to get into my game and it’s Bart every time. 🙁

    • A lot of people were rushing to get in last minute, could just be traffic. I have been in just fine all morning myself. Also check your connection/WiFi Signal.

  18. I noticed the farming license is still available to purchase for several more days, but all the other event items just say “limited time” beneath them. What’s up with that?

  19. How do you see what’s going on in files and stuff like that?

  20. How do you turn off automatic updates on android? Very close to one more bonut round

  21. Blargh! I bobbled. I was all “maybe I should earn more DNA while I can”, then I was like “no, we need cash to build that sun sphere thing”. Then I had everyone go audition for the opera, which for me is still a quest-line. I’m only half way to getting the Bob sign now. Grrrrr!!!!!

  22. The Problem Child

    I got a look at what’s in the newest update and the prices. Hopefully if might console some players. I hope.

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