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Chart Alert: Characters with Costumes and the Rate At Which They Earn

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In keeping with the series of “what would you like to see on this site during the downtime” posts, we’re going to tackle another popular requested item.  This time it’s a list of all of the characters that have costumes (skins) and an indication if those skins earn at a premium or freemium rate…

Before we get into this chart, I’ve also been working on updating the Characters Page.  This time it will only include characters, with a link to this post for skins, and I’ll break the NPCs out separately.  To find the characters chart check out this page…I promise it’s been here the whole time, I just updated it to include some recent characters. 😉

And now let’s check to the costume list….

skinner_longshot_victory_pose Continue reading