WAWW: Thanksgiving Edition

Well hello Addicts!  Happy Halloween is finally over?  Well, the crazy thing about America and The Simpsons is we like to jam pack all our big holidays into the last 2 months of the year.  Just when you catch your breath… it’s time for Thanksgiving!

“Oh Lord… on this blessed day… we thank thee for giving our family one more crack at togetherness.”

As I type right now, we are less than 12 hours away from the end of Halloween. Last year, Halloween ended and we were thrown right in to the Thanksgiving Update.  It was a small little number but gave us some new stuff for our towns.  Although I know this post may drop after we already know what we got… these are some Thanksgiving related items I think would be cool.

Last year brought us 5 balloons.

Snowball 2 Balloon Itchy Balloon Scratchy Balloon Blinky Balloon SLH Balloon

Three were for game cash and two cost precious donuts.  I must admit I bought all 5 as a new tapperino but was upset they couldn’t go on the roads and ultimately regretted each one.  While I wouldn’t buy them again, I really hope they come back for any one who wants them.  Really I shouldn’t complain at all because it could have been much worse like buying Funzos.  If we do get balloons, I’d like some that were actually from the show: Rusty the Clown, Funky Winkerbean and The Noid (avoid the Noid… he ruins pizzas).  For any one who doesn’t know… once upon a time he was the mascot for Domino’s Pizza.

The episode I found these in was Season 12 Episode 5, Homer vs Dignity.  Other cool things in this episode included the parade floats.

If you haven’t seen this episode, Homer actually dresses up and looks like Santa on his float.  Another great thing to go with all this parade stuff is the parade stands from the episode.  Of course, any 3D artist worth their salt could make their own but I really want these mainly because I like this version of them.

Thanksgiving 14

I’m pretty sure the Rusty balloon is a salute to the clown Krusty was based on.

Perhaps my favorite thing from this episode though is Homer dressed up as a Panda aka Sim Sin.  Not only would this be a funny skin for Homie… it could come with one of two buildings.  The Springfield Zoo or the Panda-Monium Exhibit.  The Panda Cones Cart in the picture would be amazing too!

Thanksgiving 8

If you haven’t figured out yet… I spent some time re-watching Simpsons Thanksgiving episodes.  I found four total.  The most iconic is Season 2 Episode 7, Bart vs. Thanksgiving.

Definitely some cool things which could grace our game from this episode.  As a decoration, do you remember Lisa’s center piece for the table?

This seems like the sort of decoration EA would make big and gaudy for all of us. Bart of course destroys this and ends up running away leading to two buildings I think tie in to Thanksgiving quite well.

“I saw the best meals of my generation, destroyed by the madness of my brother.  My soul carved in slices by spiky haired demons.” ~ Lisa

Both are located in Springfield’s seedier area of town which is something we don’t have yet in TSTO.

The first building is the Springfield Plasma Center.“12 bucks and a free cookie… what a country.”

The next is the Rescue Mission.

I like both of these buildings and picture them around the same area as Cletus’ Farm and Nelson’s house.

My next episode is Season 13 Episode 3, Homer the Moe.  Not really a Thanksgiving-centric episode but it does end with Homer hunting a turkey for the holiday.

This could be a awesome task for Homer or a cool decoration to walk around the town.  Of course, while Homie is hunting… Moe makes a new friend which could also be a really hilarious new task for him.

Thanksgiving 16

Lastly, in Season 17 Episode 18, The Wettest Stories Ever Told (Mayflower Madman), the Simpsons do their take on the Pilgrim’s story.

This could give us our favorite characters in new Pilgrim costumes…

Thanksgiving 17

What I’d really like to see though is a Mayflower floating in the water of my town.

To finish off, a certain bunny told me the one thing she’d really like to see is Tom the Turkey from TOH XIX.  I think she really wants something to officially kill the Halloween Update lol.

Well, as you read this we may already have our Thanksgiving gifts from EA.  I will resist the urge to go back and change this post later before you get to read it. This year’s American holiday falls on the 28th of November so there is plenty of time for goodies from EA.

Happy tapa tapa tapping… Wookiee out!

7 responses to “WAWW: Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Aw, thanks Wookie. 🙂
    I hope they have some cool new things this Thanksgiving, too.

  2. Yes the US holidays are like buses….

    I am looking forward to thanksgiving mainly for the balloons they will look great around my promenade and retail park.

    However a great shout around the mayflower it would be great anchored offshore across from fort sensible.

  3. If the balloons came back from last year along with the “Cool Brown House” as a premium item that would make my (Thanksgiving) day!

    The Springfield Zoo is be a great idea for a future update. It could come with animals with a few tasks like Jub-jub as well

  4. I do wish the ballons come back!!! Cause I missed out last year so this year I really want them all!!!

  5. I can think of many, many creative ways to use those awesome balloons from last year. Outside the pet shop. Blinky next to Squidport sushi. I have been hoping so badly that they return so I can have a chance to get them. Out of the box thinkers would enjoy their return.

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