Where did THAT come from – Stampy

Did you hear that?  Sounded like an elephant.  And not just any elephant but an African bull elephant.  Weighing in at up to 13,300 pounds and standing up to 13 feet tall, these suckers are the largest land mammals on the planet.  From the Loxodonta genus, they are impressive creatures.  Until today, I had no clue there were actually two species of African elephants (African bush and African forest respectively).  The bush is the largest.

Why do I bore you with this lesson?  Well, because EA now gave us our very own African elephant in our game.  The last of the 5 friend point prizes (at a whopping total of 12,000 points collected), I am super stoked to see this pachyderm in our games.

Level 5 StampySo for the WDTCF portion of this post, I’m actually quite happy to say I already covered our new pet.  For new tappers, or those of us old players with short term memory loss, tappers actually were able to get a version of Stampy during Thanksgiving 2013.  Check out this post for all my rambling on his origins.  (Also some info on Poochie there.)

stampyparadeballoon_menu stampy balloon unlock_stampy

Unfortunately, the first offering cost donuts and a lot of folks would have rather had the real deal or couldn’t afford him.  Well, I guess EA realized this because now both freemium and premium players alike can enjoy this great character.

As an added bonus, Stampy has two tasks that he can be sent on.  The first is an outdoor animation and really hilarious.  The other is inside the Simpsons house. I would have loved to see the Stampster rub against the house or demolish it but I can’t always get what I want.  (If I did, we’d already have a monorail.)  I personally just like watching him wander around town.

Stampy Tasks

And there you go.  New elephant in our towns and one happy Wookiee.  What are your thoughts?  Do you like him?  Shoved Bart into his mouth yet?  Want to join me in a sing-a-long about Heffalumps and Woozles?  Sound off in the comments.

My summary: Best. Prize. Yet.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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12 responses to “Where did THAT come from – Stampy

  1. My Stampy always has great difficulty locating the Simpson house when I send him to redecorate. He doesn’t cross water but also rarely follows a path far enough to reach the house. Usually he gives up and just goes through a fence. Just now I watched him doing his usual back and forth, then he reached a pink house and just disappeared! I tapped on the Simpson house and he had mysteriously been transported there. Best yet.

  2. As promised Wookie, I am sending in pics of my Krustyland “Auditorium” (thanks to Bunny & BlueStacks).
    If the email doesn’t come through, let me know 🙂

  3. Thanks for the info on the Stampy balloon, it was before my time, and I have seen it in neighbor’s towns. So many things I’ve seen that I want, helicopter, santa & reindeer, just to name a few. Makes me want to fill my storage with everything I like (is there an item limit on how much we can put in there)? So far I’m up to approximately 1,500/5000 FP towards Stampy (could they have required any more LOL). I feel bad for the Addicts who didn’t complete their wheel, so I’m happy this event has no time limit. IMO, the time constraints only hurt the new players, which you’d think EA would want to turn into loyal players. Maybe it’s their way of getting newbies to fork out $ for donuts to catch up?

  4. Yes Wookie where is our monorail!

    I am desperately tapping to get homers care let alone Stampy, I’m getting 2Frink Points a tap so a loooooooong wait. good to see he has an outdoor task rather than a decoration.

  5. Seems weird that you get more money and Xp for the shorter task

  6. And that would be my true explanation for spending 40 D’s on the falcon. cheaper than what the asking price of Stampy was and now i get him with 4 other prizes too! 😉

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