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Silly Simpsons: More LEGOs and a topical extra

It must be said that the amazingly talented Platypus Guitar posted about this before me but I still wanted to share some Silly Simpsons goodness with my favorite Addicts.  That’ll teach me to leave posts in drafts lol.

The LEGOs seem to be a current theme in my life for some odd reason.  Saw the movie, then found a bunch of new cool stuff/images.  The awesome LEGO peeps picked my favorite cartoon and I’m even singing the theme song from the movie at karaoke.  Summation… Everything is Awesome!  Seriously, no complaints on my end because I love the building bricks.  They’ve been a part of my life since I gained dexterity in my hands.  Now if I could only afford all the ones I want lol.  Anyone else feel like they were a lot less expensive way back when?


My wish list totally includes the Simpsons house and the Millenium Falcon. Some day, I’ll have to drag my huge tub of bricks inside from storage and have some fun with the youngins. Continue reading

TSTO Anonymous: Can you spare a Spot of Time?

What’s up Addicts?

So I’m driving along on just one of the many California freeways, top down on the LeBaron, wind in my fur and rather than concentrating on the veritable deathtrap that is the CA highway system, I’m thinking of you guys and gals and William Wordsworth.  How’s that for random?

This actually does make a little sense, I promise.  So, the first thought I think to myself is, “Self.  It’s been far too long since you wrote a TSTO Anon post but what should you write about?”  The second is, “Dang there’s a lot of cars (I was passing where two freeways meet in Los Angeles), makes me feel kinda small in the world.”  If you really want to know, the following thought was, “Hmmmm… I’m hungry, the next Inn N Out is 3 exits away… woo hoo!”

So, I keep driving, get some delicious animal style heart clogging morsels and keep thinking about TSTO Anonymous.  What I came up with is combining something I learned about in my British Literature class with us tapping Addicts.

TSTO Anon Continue reading

An accidental WDTCF – Rex Banner & the Nighthawk Diner

wookiee St. Paddy's Day dialogue Continue reading