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From The Mouth Of Addicts: In The News


Hey there Hoppereenos. How are you all enjoying your lil furry creatures in your town? Already got them all? Psssh. I am letting mine run loose in my A game for as long as I can. Quite silly to watch.

Anywho, what we came here for. FROM THE MOUTHS OF ADDICTS!!

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Showoff Reminder: Forgotten Krustyland

Hey Hoppereenos. Just bouncing on in here to remind you about the upcoming Springfield Showoff for this week.

I want to see what YOU have done in that sad sad lil Amusement Park that we seem to have forgotten about. Krustyland. How are you decorating it? Do you even go there anymore? Did you add some of those Valentine Day decorations there? I want to see what YOU did to it.

TSTO Krustyland krustyland entrance

Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff?  Post your images to the Addicts Flickr, share them in the Comments below, share your images on our Facebook Page, Link them to our Twitter feed, or email us your screenshots at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com. We can’t wait to see YOUR designs! (Need help with images, just ask.) 

HOPPY Tappin’


Bunny Icon 2

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Should I Spend Donuts on Strupo Statue?

We have a new episode tie in!  But, with the new premium items that are limited-time it may be overwhelming trying to decide whether to buy it or to pass on. With that limited-time label on items I know it can be tempting to just buy everything you can. But, have no fear! That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth your donuts & what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Strupo Statue to your Springfield? Well before you hit that confirm button, let’s break down the Pros and Cons of adding this decoration to your Springfield.


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3/19/14 Episode Tie-In Update: The Rundown (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like an Episode Tie-In for this week’s “War of Art” episode just hit our devices.  Working through the details as we speak, but this is an in-game update.  Meaning it will download automatically once you start TSTO, so you don’t have to go to the App Store looking for it!

As always we’ll update THIS post with more details once we have them.

Happy Tapping!

UPDATE: Mayor Quimby kicks things off, but it is an auto start.
You may have trouble getting it to start in your town, if that happens try all of the usual troubleshoot methods (hard close and restart app, restart your device.  You may have to do it more than once)

SPOILER ALERT: More specific game details after the fold.
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Tapped Out Up-Dates

We originally ran this post back on August 28th and we’ve been updating it as we go.  However, with a recent increase in questions from you guys about when each update hit…and so you can do your own tracking and analyzing….we’ve decided to repost this.  This way you guys can make your own judgement about whether or not EA is releasing new content the same way they’ve done in the past or not.

With so much talk and anticipation coming up more and more for the next TSTO game update we decided it’d be fun to go back and review all of the release dates of previous TSTO updates to try and see if we can guess when the next update will arrive. While there truly is no way to know exactly what day and time the next update will appear in the game, it’s still fun to speculate.

The Van Houten 2020 Multi-Event was Update #197 to The Simpsons Tapped Out (although EA says it’s #201 🤷‍♀️). Here’s the complete list of each update and its release date:

Note: All dates are in US Format, so they go Month. Date. Year 

-Update #1: Released on Friday, 9.12.12 included Level 21
-Update #2: Released on Friday 9.28.12, “Moonshine River” episode tie-in update
-Update #3: Released on Wednesday 10.3.12, Level 22 and Treehouse of Horrors XXIII Halloween Event
-Update #4: Released on Monday 11.5.12, Level 23 Update
-Update #5: Released on Thursday 11.8.12, Thanksgiving Event.
-Update #6: Released on Tuesday 11.13.12, “Penny-Wise Guys” episode tie-in update.
-Update #7: Released on Friday 11.30.12, “The Day the Earth Stood Cool” episode tie-in update
-Update #8: Released on Monday 12.3.12, Level 24 Update and the Christmas event
-Update #9: Released on Friday 1.11.13, Level 25 Update. This update also removed the snow and the Christmas decorations
-Update #10: Released on Wednesday 1.30.13, Valentines Day Event, and this update also brought us the dreaded Harp of Death
Update #11: Released on Thursday 2.14.13, Level 26 Update.
-Update #12: Released on Thursday 2.28.13, “Gorgeous Grampa” episode tie-in update
-Update #13: Released on Thursday 3.7.13, St. Patrick’s Day Event
-Update #14: Released on Thursday 3.14.13, “Dark Knight Court” episode tie-in update.
-Update #15: Released on Thursday 3.21.13, Level 27 Update.
-Update #16: Released on Monday 4.8.13, “What Animated Women Want” episode tie-in update.
-Update #17: Released on Wednesday 4.10.13, Whacking Day Event and also brought Origin to Android
-Update #18: Released on Friday 4.19.13, Level 28 Update.
-Update #19: Released on Thursday 5.3.13, “Whiskey Business” episode tie-in update.
-Update #20: Released on Friday 5.10.13, Level 29 Update
-Update #21: Released on Thursday 5.16.13, Season 24 Yard Sale Event
-Update #22: Released Friday 5.31.13 Level 30 Update
-Update #23: Released on Wednesday 6.12.13, Squidport Expansion
-Update #24: Released on Friday 6.28.13, 4th of July Event
-Update #25: Released on Monday 7.15.13, Level 31 Update
-Update #26: Released on Tuesday 7.25.13, Level 32 Update
-Update #27: Released on Wednesday 7.31.13, Krustyland Content Update
-Update #28: Released on Thursday 8.15.13, Level 33 Update
-Update #29: Released on Thursday 8.29.13, Level 34 Update
-Update #30: Released on Thursday  9.12.13, Level 35 Update
-Update #31: Released on Monday 9.23.13, Season Premiere “D’OHmer Land” episode tie-in Update
-Update #32: Released on Tuesday 10.1.13, Halloween and Treehouse of Horrors XXIV 2013 Update.
-Update #33: Released on Wednesday 10.23.13, Level 36 Update
-Update #34: Released on Thursday 11.7.13, Removal of Halloween & Introduced Level 37.
-Update #35: Released on Friday 11.15.13, Thanksgiving 2013 Update
-Update #36: Released on Wednesday 12.04.13, “Yellow Subterfuge” episode tie-in Update
-Update #37: Released on Tuesday 12.10.13, Christmas 2013 Event Update
-Update #38: Released on Wednesday 1.8.14, “Married to the Blob” episode tie-in Update
-Update #39: Released on Thursday 1.16.14, Level 38 Update
-Update #40: Released on Wednesday 1.29.14, Super Bowl Update
-Update #41: Released on Wednesday 2.5.14, Valentine’s Day 2014 Event Update
-Update #42: Released Wednesday 2.26.14, Social Currency Event Update
-Update #43: Released Wednesday 3.5.14, “Diggs” and “The Man Who Grew Too Much” episode tie-in Update
-Update #44: Released Wednesday 3.12.14, St. Patrick’s Day 2014 Event Update
-Update #45: Released Wednesday 3.19.14, “War of Art”  episode tie-in Update.
-Update #46: Released Friday 3.28.14, Level 39 Update
-Update #47: Released Wednesday 4.9.14, “Days of Future Future” episode tie-in Update.
-Update #48: Released Tuesday 4.15.14, Easter 2014 Event Update
-Update #49: Released Wednesday 4.30.14, Level 40 Update
-Update #50: Released Thursday 5.15.14, “Yellow Badge of Cowardge” episode tie-in Update
-Update #51: Released Thursday 5.22.14, Level 41 Update
-Update #52: Released Tuesday 6.3.14, Stonecutters Update
-Update #53: Released Wednesday 6.18.14, Level 42 Update
-Update #54: Released Wednesday 7.2.14, 4th of July Update & Stonecutters Removal
-Update #55: Released Thursday 7.17.14, 2014 Yard Sale.  Old items back for premium prices.
-Update #56: Released Wednesday 7.23.2014, Level 43 Update.
-Update #57: Released Tuesday 8.19.2014, Clash of Clones Event Update
-Update #58: Released Friday 9. 5. 2014.  Level 44 Update.
-Update #59: Released Wednesday 9.17.2014.  Level 45 Update.
-Update #60: Released Wednesday 9.24.2014.  Season 26 Premiere Episode tie-in.  (Clown in the Dumps)
-Update #61: Released Tuesday 10.7.2014.  THOH XXV (Halloween) Event Update.
-Update #62: Released Wednesday 10.22.2014 Level 46 Update.
-Update #63: Released Wednesday 11.05.2014.  Simpsonorama Episode tie-in. (Matt Groening)
-Update #64: Released Wednesday 11.12.2014.  Level 47 Update and Halloween Removal.
-Update #65: Released Thursday 11.20.2014.  Thanksgiving 2014.
-Update #66: Released Wednesday 12.03.2014. Christmas 2014
-Update #67: Released Tuesday 12.16.2014.  Level 48.
-Update #68: Released Wednesday 1.14.2015.  Christmas Removal.
-Update #69: Released Wednesday 1.21.2015.  Musk Who Fell to Earth Episode Tie-In.
-Update #70: Released Wednesday 1.28.2015. Level 49.
-Update #71: Released Thursday 2.05.2015.  Stonecutters Black Market Sale
-Update #72: Released Thursday 2.12.2015. Valentine’s Day 2015 Mini-Event
-Update #73: Released Wednesday 2.18.2015.  Superhero Event
-Update #74: Released Wednesday 3.04.2015.  Level 50.
-Update #75:  Released Monday 3.16.2015.  St. Patrick’s Day Mini-Event
-Update #75: Released Wednesday 4.01.2015.  Superhero Removal & New Mystery Box.
-Update #77: Released Wednesday 4.01.2015.  Easter Mini-Event.
-Update #78:  Released Wednesday 4.08.2015. Level 51.
-Update #79: Released Tuesday 4.14.2015.  Terwilliger Event.
-Update #80: Released Wednesday 4.22.2015.  The Kids Are All Fright Episode Tie-in
-Update #81: Released Wednesday 5.06.2015.  Level 52.
-Update #82: Released Wednesday 5.13.2015.  Mathlete’s Feat Episode Tie-in.
-Update #83: Released Wednesday 5.27.2015.  Terwilliger’s Take Down.
-Update #84: Released Thursday 5.28.2015.  Level 53.
-Update #85: Released Wednesday 6.03.2015.  Pride Month 2015
-Update #86: Released Wednesday 6.17.2015.  Level 54
-Update #87: Released Tuesday 6.23.2015.  Tap Ball/June 2015 Event
-Update #88: Released Tuesday 6.30.2015.  4th of July 2015.
-Update #89: Released Wednesday 7.15.2015. Level 55.
-Update #90: Released Wednesday 7.22.2015.  Springfield Heights Expansion
-Update #91: Released Thursday 8.06.2015.  Level 56.
-Update #92: Released Tuesday 8.11.2015. Monorail Event.
-Update #93: Released Thursday 9.03.2015.  Level 57.
-Update #94: Released Tuesday 9.15.2015. Monorail Event Removal.
-Update #95: Released Thursday 9.17.2015. Level 58
-Update #96: Released Wednesday 9.23.2015.  Every Man’s Dream Episode Tie-in.
-Update #97: Released Thursday 9.24.2015.  IRS and Unemployment Office.
-Update #98: Released Tuesday 10.06.2015. THOH (Halloween) 2015 Event.
-Update #99: Released Thursday 10.15.2015. Halloween of Horrors Episode Tie-In.
-Update #100: Released Wednesday 10.21.2015. THOH XXIV Episode Tie-In
-Update #101: Released Tuesday 11.10.2015.  Level 59
-Update #102: Released Tuesday 11.17.2015.  THOH 2015 Removal Update.
-Update #103: Released Thursday 11.19.2015.  Thanksgiving 2015 Mini-Event
-Update #104: Released Wednesday 12.02.2015.  Springfield Heights Part 2
-Update #105: Released Tuesday 12.08.2015. Christmas/Winter 2015 Event
-Update #106: Released Wednesday 01.13.2016. Much Apu About Something Episode Tie-In
-Update #107: Released Thursday 01.21.2016.  Deep Space Homer Update
-Update #108: Released Thursday 02.04.2016. Daily Challenges Update & Football
-Update #109: Released Wednesday 02.10.2016.  Valentine’s Day Mini-Event.
-Update #110: Released Wednesday 02.17.2016. World’s Largest Redwood
-Update #111: Released Tuesday 02.23.2016. Casino Event.
-Update #112: Released Wednesday 03.09.2016. Marge-ian Chronicles Episode Tie-In.
-Update #113: Released Wednesday 03.16.2016. St. Easter Event (Easter & St. Patrick’s Day)
-Update #114: Released Tuesday 03.29.2016. Casino Event Removal, no other additions were made to the game)
-Update #115: Released Thursday 03.31.2016. Crook and Ladder Mini Event.
-Update #116: Released Tuesday 04.19.2016. Wild West Event.
-Update #117: Released Monday 05.09.2016 Whacking Day 2016.
-Update #118: Released Wednesday 05.18.2016. Level 60.
-Update #119: Released Tuesday 05.31.2016. Wild West Removal Update, no other additions were made to the game.
-Update #120: Released Thursday 06.02.2016. Homer’s Chiliad Mini Event.
-Update #121: Released Tuesday 06.14.2016.  Superheroes 2 Event.
-Update #122: Released Wednesday 06.29.2016. 4th of July 2016.
-Update #123: Released Tuesday 07.26.2016. Superheroes Removal and Dilapidated Rail Yard.
-Update #124: Released Wednesday 08.03.2016. Springfield Games 2016 Mini Event.
-Update #125: Released Tuesday 08.16.2016. SciFi (Stephen Hawking) Event.
-Update #126: Released Tuesday 09.20.2016. SciFi Removal Update, no other additions were made to the game.
-Update #127: Released Wednesday 09.21.2016. Season 28 Premiere Episode Tie-In (Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus)
-Update #128: Released Tuesday 10.04.2016. THOH XXVII (Halloween 2016)
-Update #129: Released Wednesday 11.09.2016. Havana Wild Weekend Episode Tie-In.
-Update #130: Released Tuesday 11.15.2016. THOH XXVII Removal Update, no other additions were made to the game.
-Update #131: Released Wednesday 11.16.2016. The Most Dangerous Game Mini Event (Thanksgiving 2016)
-Update #132: Released Wednesday 12.06.2016. Winter 2016 Event.
-Update #133: Released Thursday 12.22.2016. Shelbyville/Lemon of Troy Premium Packs.
-Update #134: Released Tuesday 1.03.2016. Homer the Heretic Mini-Event. (Rabbi K)
-Update #135: Released Wednesday 1.11.2017. Great Phatsby Episode Tie-In Teaser.
-Update #136: Released Wednesday 1.18.2017. Winter Removal, SH Changes (Land) & Great Phatsby Items.
-Update #137: Released Wednesday 1.25.2017. Lunar New Year Mini Event
-Update #138: Released Tuesday 1.31.2017. Destination Springfield Event (Airport)
-Launch Dates from within the event:
-Released Thursday 2.02.2017. Superbowl 2017.
-Released Monday 2.06.2017 Valentine’s Day Mystery Box
-Released Wednesday 2.08.2017. Valentine’s Day 2017
-Update #139: Released Tuesday 03.07.2017. Destination Springfield Removal.
-Update #140: Released Wednesday 03.08.2017. “22 for 30” Episode Tie-In
-Update #141: Released Wednesday 03.15.2017. Rommelwood Academy Mini Event
-Launch dates from within the event:
-Released Friday 03.17.2017. St. Patrick’s Day 2017
-Update #142: Released Tuesday 03.28.2017. Secret Agents Event
-Launch dates from within the event:
-Released Sunday 04.16.2017. Easter 2017
-Update #143: Released Tuesday 05.09.2017. Secret Agents Removal.
-Update #144: Released Wednesday 05.10.2017. Pin Pals Mini Event
-Update #145: Released  Wednesday 5.24.2017. Forgotten Anniversary
-Update #146: Released Tuesday 5.30.2017. Time Travelling Toaster Event
-Update #147: Released Wednesday 7.05.2017. Pride 2017 Mini Event
-Update #148: Released Wednesday 7.19.2017. Superheroes Return Special
-Update #149: Released Wednesday 7.26.2017. Stunt Cannon, Homerpalooza Preview
-Update #150: Released Tuesday 8.01.2017. Homerpalooza Event
-Update #151: Released Wednesday 9.12.2017. County Fair Mini Event
-Update #152: Released Thursday 9.28.2017. The Serfsons Episode Tie-In
-Update #153: Released Tuesday 10.03.2017. Treehouse of Horror XXVII Event (Angelica Button)
-Update #154: Released Tuesday 11.14.2017. Thanksgiving’s Gone to the Birds Mini Event
Launch dates from within the event: Black Friday Specials 11.23.2017-11.28.2017. Cyber Monday Specials 11.26.2017-11.28.2017
-Update #155: Released Wednesday 11.29.2017. A Rigellian Christmas Promo.  Teaser for the 2017 Christmas Event.
-Update #156: Released Tuesday 12.05.2017. The Invasion Before Christmas Main Event.
-Update #157: Released Wednesday 01.03.2018. The Buck Stops Here Mini-Event.  Included with update, “Haw-Haw Land” Episode tie-in.
-Update #158: Released Wednesday 01.17.2018. Bart Royale Event Teaser.
-Update#159: Released Tuesday 01.23.2018. Bart Royale Main Event.
Launch dates from within the event: Valentine’s Day 2.12.18-2.18.18
-Update #160: Released Wednesday 03.07.2018. Homer vs. the 18th Amendment Mini-Event.
Launch dates from within the event: “Homer is Where the Art Isn’t” episode tie-in 03.15.2018-03.19.2018
-Update#161: Released Wednesday 03.14.2018. The Springfield Jobs event Teaser.
-Update #162: Released Wednesday 03.21.2018. The Springfield Jobs Main Event.
-Update #163: Released Wednesday 05.09.2018. Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part 3) mini-event.
-Update #164: Released Wednesday 05.23.2018.  Bart the Frink, Teaser for Itchy and Scratchy Land.
-Update #165: Released Wednesday 05.30.2018. Itchy & Scratchy Land Main Event.
-Update#166: Released Wednesday 07.11.2018. Poochie’s Dog Dayz Mini-Event.
-Update #167: Released Wednesday 07.25.2018.  Moe’s Ark Event Teaser.
-Update #168: Released Wednesday 08.01.2018. Moe’s Ark Event.
-Update #169: Released Wednesday 09.12.2018. Super Powers Mini-Event.
-Update #170: Released Wednesday 09.26.2018. Treehouse of Horror XXIX  Event Teaser.
-Update #171: Released Wednesday 10.03.2018. Treehouse of Horror XXIX. (Classic Monsters) Main Event.
-Update #172: Released Wednesday 10.17.2018. “Treehouse of Horror XXIX” Epsiode Tie-In.
-Update #173: Released Wednesday 11.14.2018. Thanksgiving 2018 Mini-Event. (Moe’s Family).
Launch Dates from within the event: 11.20.2018-11.28.2018. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Mystery Boxes.
-Update #174: Released Wednesday 11.28.2018. A Simpsons Christmas Special Event Teaser.
-Update #175: Released Tuesday 12.04.2018. A Simpsons Christmas Special Multi-Event.
-Update #176: Released Wednesday 01.09.2019. Not Yet Spring Cleaning Mini-Event.
-Update #177: Released Wednesday 01.23.2019. Love, Springfieldian Style Multi-Event.
-Update #178: Released Wednesday 02.27.2019. State of Despair Mini-Event. (released after a 1-week downtime in the game)
-Update #179: Released Wednesday 03.12.2019. Classless Reunion Mini-Event.
-Update #180: Released Wednesday 04.10.2019. Marge at the Bat new questline challenge.
-Update #181: Released Wednesday 05.15.2019. The Real Moms of Springfield Mini-Event.
-Update#182: Released Wednesday 06.12.2019.  Game of Games Multi-Event.
-Update #183: Released Wednesday 07.17.2019. Flanders Family Reunion Mini-Event.
-Update # 184: Released Wednesday 08.07.2019. Simpsons Babies Multi-Event.
-Update #185: Released Wednesday 09.11.2019. Krusty’s Last Gasp Online Mini-Event.
-Update #186: Released Wednesday 09.25.2019. Cthulhu’s Revenge Mini-Event.
-Update #187: Released Wednesday 10.23.2019. THOH XXX Multi-Event
-Update #188: Released Wednesday 11.20.2019. Thanksgiving 2019 Mini-Event
-Update #189: Released Wednesday 12.11.2019. Christmas 2019 Multi-Event
-Update #190: Released Wednesday 01.15.2020. Holidays of Future Past Mini-Event.
-Update #191: Released Wednesday 02.05.2020. Black History Month Multi-Event
-Update #192: Released Wednesday 03.18.2020. No Bucks Given Mini-Event.
-Update #193: Released Wednesday 04.08.2020. Simpsons Wrestling Multi-Event.
-Update #194: Released Wednesday 05.20.2020. Springfield Pride 2020 Mini-Event.
-Update #195: Released Wednesday 06.10.2020. Game of Games the Sequel Multi-Event.
-Update #196: Released Friday 07.24.2020. Summer Games 2020 Mini-Event.
-Update #197: Released Wednesday 08.12.2020. The Van Houtens Multi-Event.
-Update #198: ???

Based on the list above the number 1 release day is….

Wednesday with 102 Updates
Tuesday with 40 Updates
Thursday with 31 Updates
Friday is Fourth with 12 Updates
Monday is last with 7 Updates.

Launch Dates from within events are not included in this total

*Note: We have not included Gil deals here.  Since they’re typically just discount donuts or other donut spending deals.

For those curious here’s a list of Gil’s Deals:

For more specific details on what each deal offered/what prices donuts were discounted too, check out this post.

-Gil Deal #1: 12.19.2012-12.22.2012.  Gil’s First Deal…a Christmas Special.
-Gil Deal #2: 12.23.2012-12.28.2012.  Gil’s First Donut Deal…Day Old Donut Sale.
-Gil Deal #3: 1.11.2013-1.14.2013.  A Sign and Doom Deal.  Springfield Sign and Hank Scorpio.
-Gil Deal #4: 2.22.2013-2.25.2013.  Nerd Farm Deal.  Frink, Homer Buddha & Cash.
-Gil Deal #5: 5.24.2013-5.27.2013.  Gil’s Day Old Donut Sale.  25% Off donuts.
-Gil Deal #6: 11.29.2013-12.03.2013.  Gil’s Duff Deal.  Duff Brewery, Springfield Sign & Cash.
-Gil Deal #7:  12-24.2013-12.31.2013.  Gil’s Holiday Donut Offer. 30% bonus Donuts.
-Gil Deal #8: 2.20.2014-2.25.2014. Gil’s Krusty Premium Package. Krustylu, Sideshow Mel, the Cannon..and for some reason Dr. Nick.
-Gil Deal #9: 6.26.2014-7.1.2014. Gil’s Mansion of Solid Gold Deal
-Gil Deal #10: 8.4.2014-8.12.2014. Gil’s Summer Donut Deal.
-Gil Deal #11: 8.13.2014-8.19.2014.  Gil’s Back to School Deal.  Otto/School Bus, Monkey Bars, Teatherball & See Saw.
-Gil Deal #12: 10.2.2014-10.7.2014. Technically not a Gil Deal, but the Shadow Knight Deal.  Shadow Knight Thrown and Skin for Bart.
-Gil Deal #13: 11.28.2014-12.01.2014.  Gil’s Black Friday Deal.  A Complicated deal where every hour items were offered at discounted prices.
-Gil Deal #14: 12.01.2014-12.02.201. Gil’s Cyber Monday Deal. Truckasaurus.
-Gil Deal #15: 12.24.2014-12.27.2014. Gil’s Holiday Donut Deal. 30% More Donuts.
-Gil Deal #16: 1.15.2015-1.20.2015. Gil’s Princess Deal. Castle of Equalia and Queen Helvetica outfit for Lisa.
-Gil Deal #17: 3.11.2015-3.16.2015. Gil’s The Homer Deal. Buy the Homer car (first time it was offered)
-Gil Deal #18: 3.16.2015-3.23.2015. Gil’s Blarney Castle Deal.
-Gil Deal #19: 4.01.2015-4.07.2015. Gil’s Easter Deal.  Easter Island God.
-Gil Deal #20: 6.03.2015-6.10.2015. Gil’s Pride Month Deal. Roscoe and the Ajax Steel Mill.
-Gil Deal #21: 6.12.2015-6.15.2015. Gil’s End of School Deal. Premium characters with Donut Rebates. (kind of like Black Friday 2014)
-Gil Deal #22: 7.30.2015-8.04.2015. Gil’s Summer Deal. Ice Cream Homer and Ice Cream Truck.
-Gil Deal #23: 8.26.2015-9.02.2015. Gil’s Muscular Marge and Shapes Deal.
-Gil Deal #24: 9.30.2015-10.06.2015.  Gil’s Oktoberfest Deal
-Gil Deal #25: 10.28.2015-11.04.2015. Gil’s Halloween Deal
-Gil Deal #26: 02.04.2016-02.09.2016. Gil’s Tailgate Deal
-Gil Deal #27: 02.10.2016-02.17.2016. Gil’s Valentine’s Deal (Becky & Der Krazy Kraut)
-Gil Deal #28: 03.16.2016-03.20.2016. Gil’s St. Patrick’s Day, Notre Dame of Springfield Deal.
-Gil Deal #29: 04.13.2016-04.19.2016. Gil’s Spring Cleaning Deal. 
-Gil Deal #30: 04.27.2016-05.04.2016. Gil’s “El Serpiente” Deal (Bandit Fort)
-Gil Deal #31: 05.18.2016-05.25.2016. Gil’s Duff Gardens Deal. This deal had a major glitch and was lost for many tappers.  It returned to the stores, for all tappers, on June 7th 2016…for 7 days.
-Gil Deal #32a: 06.03.2016-06.06.2016. Gil’s Donut Day Donut Bundle Deal. 
-Gil Deal #32b: 06.03.2016-06.10.2016. Gil’s Donut Day Items. (Donut boat, store & truck)
-Gil Deal #33: 06.22.2016-6.29.2016. Gil’s Asylum Deal.
-Gil Deal #34: 07.20.2016-7.26.2016. Gil’s Radioactive Man Film Set.
-Gil Deal #35: 08.23.2016-8.30.2016. Gil’s Rockstar Maggie Deal
-Gil Deal #36: 09.28.2016- 10.04.2016. Gil’s Fall Rebate Deals.
-Gil Deal #37: 10.24.2016-11.01.2016. Gil’s Blinky Monster Deal.
-Gil Deal #38: 11.25.2016-11.30.2016. Gil’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals.
-Gil Deal #39: 12.13.2016-12.22.2016. Gil’s Pagan Deal.
-Gil Deal #40: 1.18.2017-1.24.2017. Gil’s Jay G Bundle Deal.
-Gil Deal #41: 2.08.2017-2.15.2017. Dia-Betty.
-Gil Deal #42: 3.21.2017-3.28.2017. Hellfish
-Gil Deal #43: 4.04.2017-4.14.2017 Springfield University Nerds.
-Gil Deal #44: 06.21.2017-06.28.2017. Mozart and the Concert Hall
-Gil Deal #45: 08.23.2017-08.29.2017. Praiseland and Rachel Jordan
-Gil Deal #46: 10.09.2017-10.16.2017. Dragon Burns
-Gil Deal #47: 12.20.2017-12.26.2017. Jesus.
-Gil Deal #48: 1.31.2018-02.07.2018. Moe’s Express, Larry & Sam.
-Gil Deal #49: 04.10.2018-04.15.2018. Scotland Yard and Jack the Ripper
-Gil Deal #50: 06.19.2018-06.26.2018. J. Edgar Hoover.
-Gil Deal #51: 08.17.2018-08.26.2018. Sarah Wiggum.
-Gil Deal #52: 10.11.2018-10.18.2018. the Devil.
-Gil Deal #53: 12.13.2018-12.19.2018. Young Marge.
-Gil Deal #54: 01.23.2019-01.30.2019. Vicki Valentine

Again, for details about all of these Gil Deals check out this post.

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