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Monthly Shout Out Reminder: Free Donuts!


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Just a little reminder about our Cross Blog Monthly Shout Out contest where we’ve teamed up with TSTO Topix and TSTO game to find out more about YOU!

We want to feature YOU!  Your town, your words anything/everything about YOU!  Each month we’ll pick a handful of readers across the three blogs to be featured in our Monthly Shout Out, where we’ll feature your town and some fun information about you.  Then at the end of the Shout Out we’ll let the TSTO Community vote for their favorite.  That winner will be declared our Tapper of the Month!  Oh and did we mention the Tapper of the Month wins FREE DONUTS?!

For the full contest details check out the Monthly Shout Out Post here.

If you’d like to be considered for the Tapper of the Month for April be sure to submit your images and details to TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com by 11:59pm EST on Friday March 21st.  So the staffs of Addicts, Topix and game can pick the top 5 and setup voting the following week!  Don’t worry…if you don’t submit yours by Friday we’ll hold your submission and you’ll be considered for May’s Tapper of the Month!

So now I wanted to take a moment to address a few questions that have popped up over the last few weeks and give a few more specifics:   Continue reading

UPDATE: Android Market

Hey there Hoppereenos, just bouncing in. An update has hit the Android Market, however I do not see changes seen in the files yet. I am hoping this is a glitch fix as I do not see any changes to my games as of yet, but still combing through them. This means you need to go to your Google Play Market and initiate the Update (Version 4.7.4).

4.7.4 Update 032014

Let us know if you notice anything in YOURS. (Still hoping for the Guinea Glitch Patch.)

FYI…the update to iTunes Market seems to be fixing some of those Guinea Pig task glitches, so make sure you go to your app market and Update.

HOPPY Tappin’


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After a morning filled with posts about glitches and hacks let’s get back to a little lighthearted fun!  

Hey there Hoppereenos. I am sure by now most of you have already gone past this part of the quest, but for me…I am LOVING all the extra fur balls roaming my town. So for now, I will let them stay and play. THEY’RE SOOOOOO CUTE!!!

Also, because I am just not “normal” (who’d have thought, right) I am messing around with them. They follow roads, so I am manipulating the very small amount of roads I have to see what fun images I can makes with them. Yah…I HAVE lost it. 😉


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Personal Information Reminder/Warning

We saw reports yesterday and they are ongoing today in regards to yet again hackers trying to obtain personal information from another site. This time, they targeted EA. We have been waiting for confirmation and more details on just what happened. For now, you can find all the specifics and details of what is being said that happened in the link below.


We’re also seeing a statement from EA saying this has been found, isolated and FIXED.  More on that here:


This brings us to a very serious and crucial part of life right now. There are so many people out there on the internet now that will do anything to make a quick dollar by trying to camouflage themselves as someone else to try and obtain any and all of YOUR personal information. Please make sure you are taking the basic steps to protect yourself at all times.

1- DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION. EVER. Most sites now only ask you to register to start. Even then, the information is very limited and basic. Most even allow you to bypass most and just ask for your Name, Email, and Zip Code. From that point on, you are usually only asked to provide your user name and password. If you are ever asked for your personal information again, question it. If it still does not make sense, then contact THAT company personally. (Their information should be on their site. I suggest starting a brand new screen and going to their site by typing it in. That way you know you are there.) If it still seems suspicious, report it immediately to authorities.

2- NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR ID AND PASSWORD. Due to you did fill out some basic personal information, treat your user ID and password as though it is a bank account number. Once you give out that information, ANYONE can access it. So just don’t do it. If you are worried it has been compromised, change it immediately.

3- USE PREPAID CC/GIFT CARD WHENEVER POSSIBLE. For online purchases, I personally set up specific accounts to use for ONLY that purpose. This way the amount I want to use is the only amount available. No possibility of more being taken. Not only that, it is not linked to my other bank accounts in any way, shape, or form. This protects a lot of my personal info and money from unauthorized access. I know a lot of us like to use our CC for those extra “points & mileage” which is fine. This is where purchasing a gift card from your local store may come in handy. You still use the card to make an initial purchase and still get points, but there is no need to give out your CC online. Even many banks are offering free prepaid credit cards to their customers. These are very handy.

The basic conclusion here is to protect yourself and your personal information at all times. If something is suspicious, report it. If you’re not sure, please ask. We’re always here to help. 

P.S. About 2 months ago Yahoo was hacked, mainly Yahoo e-mail accounts were impacted.  If you didn’t hear about it 2 months ago here’s the initial story: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jameslyne/2014/01/31/yahoo-hacked-and-how-to-protect-your-passwords/ This has since been fixed BUT if you have a Yahoo mail account and did not change your password back in January when this hit you might want to change your password now.  Here’s some details from Yahoo on the matter: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/index?page=answers&y=PROD_ACCT&locale=en_CA&startover=y&source=product.popular_search&question_box=account%2520has%2520been%2520hacked&ywamode=popularsearches
Keep in mind…this has NOTHING to do with EA.  This is not something connected with the Apple Phishing scam that was shut down.  This is isolated and only pertains to Yahoo accounts (and it’s about 2 months old).  However…it’s still a good idea to go in and change your password if you haven’t already 🙂
Yahoo may be sending out precautionary emails to some of its users due to the compromise in January after the release of the Apple ID hack.  However, I use a Yahoo email for my TSTO account and I have not received an email from Yahoo as of right now.  SO I would be very cautious of any emails you receive asking for personal information again.  Especially if you play on an iOS device and use a Yahoo ID for your Apple login.  When in doubt report it to your email service provider for confirmation that it is in fact from them.  

Guinea Glitch

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bunny pouncing in to notify you of a trend we are seeing grow involving the Episode tie-in quest line.


From what we are seeing players that use their iPhones are playing the first part of the quest, Tapping 40 Guinea Pigs, no problem. The glitch occurs when the device is switched out to a secondary one. In most cases, the iPad.

For whatever reason the two devices are NOT syncing up properly. I am unsure if the game was completely logged out prior to making the switch or what steps were taken. What we do know is when the switch is made, the secondary device rolls back to the start of the quest…asking the player to tap once again 40 guinea pigs, but this time there are none to tap. Not a single guinea pig in site.

Guinea pig

The basic troubleshooting does not seem to provide a fix as of yet. I am currently contacting EA myself to see if there is any resolve in place.

I would suggest ANYONE with this glitch to contact EA right away so they are aware just how far spread the issue is and what devices effected. This will allow them to correct it quicker and faster. They have already started a thread at the Help HQ on the issue too. These threads are monitored and managed by the same people that would be helping you via email, so please add your information there too as it will help them in finding resolve.


In the meantime, sit tight. I will update you if I receive anything further back from EA.

03-20-14 1:10PM EST UPDATE: Contacted back by EA. They are trying to gather all the information to help them narrow down the cause of the issue so they can patch it. They also suggest anyone effected to use the forum thread to notify them. I was directed to same link I already posted above. So please, anyone effected…report it to EA. It will help all the effected users in the long run. 

 03-20-14 5:00 PM EST UPDATE: There was an in market update released to a lot of Android and Apple devices. Unsure if this helped resolve the issue for some. Or if it was for other glitch issues, but go to your app market, download the update, and check none the less. Let us know if any of you are able to progress.  

HOPPY Tappin’


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Should I Spend Donuts on Pokey the Guinea Pig?

We have a new episode tie in!  But, with the new premium item that is limited-time it may be overwhelming trying to decide whether to buy it or to pass on. With that limited-time label on items I know it can be tempting to just buy everything you can. But, have no fear! That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth your donuts & what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Pokey the Guinea Pig to your Springfield? Well before you hit that confirm button, let’s break down the Pros and Cons of adding this fuzzball to your Springfield.

unlock_pokey Continue reading