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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well you’ve seen other sites cover it, we’ve been hearing rumors about it for months, BETA testing in progress and now some screenshots have been released…the Family Guy game IS coming and soon!

As a result of some recent positive press about the game and many Tappers asking questions about it in the comments section of Addicts we’ve decided now is the right time to announce to the Tapped Out Community something we’ve been working on behind the scenes since last year.


We’re proud to announce an entire site dedicated to the Family Guy Game!  Introducing

Family Guy Addicts will be a collaborative effort from some of your favorite TSTO Bloggers (not just the Addicts crew!) and while the Addicts name is in the title  it will be VERY different from TSTO Addicts.

While we’re not quite ready to launch the full site yet, for now it’s just a landing place for news and information about the game.  Once the official game launches worldwide you’ll see all of the great tips, tricks & walkthroughs like you see here on Addicts.

Why create a second site for the Family Guy Game?  Well it’s pretty simple really.  Here at TSTO Addicts we try to keep this site as PG as possible, while Family Guy has always been more of a MA audience.  And from what we’re seeing in preliminary screenshots…the game will closely mimic the show.  So we’ve decided a while back to create an entire site just dedicated to the new Family Guy Game, so that Tappers that don’t appreciate the type of humor/language used on Family Guy won’t be subjected to it here on Addicts.

Please keep in mind we won’t be discussing the Family Guy Game here on TSTO Addicts….so any and all questions/comments about that game we ask be directed to

We’re excited about the new site and the chance to stretch our creative minds in different directions.  We’re also extremely excited about working with our friends from other TSTO sites!  But make no mistake TSTO Addicts will always be our home (we LOVE our Addicts Community here!), and we’ll still be providing you guys with the same great quality posts we always have!

All original art and content © Up All Night, LLC and
All Screen Shots of Game Graphics & Dialogue and Game Graphics from files ™ and © TinyCo and FOX.  Family Guy ™ and © 2014  FOX and its related entities. All rights reserved.

81 responses to “Family Guy Game

  1. “Family Guy The Game”
    No Thanks !!
    Let me know when there is a Futurama Game !!

  2. Please tell me there’s one coming for Futurama… Please, pretty please… with a cherry on top!!!

  3. Thank you so much for keeping them separate. I do not like Family Guy.

  4. Ah to play 2 games, i might as well look for work that allows me to do so. Reality can really bite hard and leave teeth marks sometimes.

  5. …and now, for my last comment… GIGGITTY GIGGITTY GIG 😉

  6. Wookiee! Don’t downplay your awesomeness! (besides, I live with my son temporarily, & have been known to wear favorite 20 yr. old shirts just because I can). LOL

  7. I see it as a win-win situation. Two different companies vying for our money means for some competition. I have always loved Stewie, but The Simpsons will forever be a classic. I will likely try FGTO (just sounds so weird), but my heart will forever belong to TSTO… mainly because of Addicts <3

  8. i do not mind watching family guy , american dad or some others but for a game i will stay with the simpsons until it putters out which i do not see happening for quite some time. Besides it makes no sense to invest so much then abandon it. Got Stampy today and after finishing visits i got 3 donuts! Wooooo Hooooo!!!!

  9. I wanna Lego town builder that allows stacking objects and 360 degree rotation…and a Tapped Out BikiniBottom…and some pie.

    • Well turn yourself around in circles while holding the game, place Legos all over your floor then try to walk through the room in the dark and see if you still want Legos, Mindy is already wearing a bikini bottom…top too, and you had your chance at some pie.

      p.s. I will be making some homemade apple pie and cheesecake this weekend…just sayin 😉

    • WanderingCaveman

      Have you heard of Minecraft, freak? It’s not quite Lego, but you basically stack block of different materials to build things.

      • I like minecraft but then I see what other kids are doing with their world and …I just give up…sure I can dig a hole and build a house but these kids have castles floating in the sky…makes me dizzy…lol

    • …I didn’t wanna say “…and rub Bunny’s fur…”
      Trying to be a gentleman…have practiced for years as a preacher’s son… 😉

    • There is a Sponge Bob “Tapped Out” game actually.. it’s iOs only & a “freemium” type game that you have to pay for when you download.. pretty disappointing, huh? :/

      Where’s the classic Ninja Turtles Tapped Out?

    • That is disappointing

    • I would so play and write about a Spongebob tapped out game.

      • What’s up Bunny & Wookie! Just wanted to let you guys know I hover around a lot and this is my fav fan site.. WDTCF is my favorite posts..

        Yeah Wook, that Sponge Bob app got bad reviews man.. I don’t have an Apple device otherwise I’d see for myself.. I am kinda excited about the Family Guy TO coming up, would be beyond sold if it was American Dad though lol.. maybe they can be premium characters?

        Bunny, I wish I was savvy enough to do so.. imagine the Technodrome next to Channel 6 building with the Turtle Blimp floating nearby and Bebop & Rocksteady on a joint task “Ruin Shredder’s plans”.. *sigh*

      • Feel free to add me Wook if you have a spot open.. my screen name above is the same as my origin..

    • Legos are banned from children in my house, they are only for responsible adults who make cool Star Wars stuff 😉

  10. *****, I don’t have enough time to play tsto AND the family guy game. Ones gonna have to go… That, or going outside.

  11. The Family guy have all ready bin launch, i have been played it for i couple of days, and it is almost a complete copy of tsto. But i like it so now a play that to.

    • It is out in certain limited areas in BETA form only. Not a fully launched complete game yet. Worldwide launch of the completed product will happen at a later time.

  12. I am so excited to see this branch out ! I know a lot of die hard Simpson fans hate family guy so I was keeping to myself about it here on the site. I can’t wait for the came and more importantly the blog! No worries about tsto, I will still be as addicted as ever 🙂 ( how could anyone not be?)

  13. I actually love Family Guy and American Dad, and even though they are obviously cashing in on the tsto success (why should they stop copying The Simpsons now eh?), I can see it as maybe not being as successful or well done as tapped out, BUT I will still be downloading and definitely gonna stick your new site in my bookmarks.

    Sure my other half is gonna be thrilled when he finds out he’s losing me to yet another game lol

  14. Don’t forget that they already have a Simpsons Tapped out clone called “Archie Riverdale Rescue” that’s already out, complete with Roulette wheel where you have to rebuild Riverdale.

  15. I have a feeling this game will do very well. I personally am not interested in the game, maybe because the show and game are such a blatant ripoff of The Simpsons. I do HOPE that the game does well enough to inspire EA to really step up their game and add some awesome new features to TSTO to keep us all interested.

  16. Wow! Very excited about the game and the new site!

  17. Every since I started playing TSTO I’ve been wondering about Family Guy!!!

  18. Looks like a complete copy.

  19. …famous…you’re gonna be famous, I say…congrats!!!

  20. Not a fan of Family Guy. A true The Simpsons addict. Have the trading cards, went to The Simpsons Down Under in Australia, saw the movie the first day and many times thereafter, etc, etc. I’ll stick to being a TSTO addict.

  21. Congratulations! Who are the writers gonna be?

  22. Is this game gonna be EA??

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