Amazing Addicts Readers Giveaway: WINNERS!!!

So who won them pink sprinklies? Anxious to know? Was it you? Continue reading to find out. 




WOW!!! Can we just say THANK YOU!!! The responses were completely overwhelming. So many new names and identities posting for the first time. LOVED IT!! It just lets us know even more just how amazing and outstanding our readers really are and appreciated.

3 donuts 2 donuts

So who is getting the five gift cards for Pink Sprinkly Donuts?

1- Andrew: Always great at answering any questions about events. Only been a few months but probably the longest I’ve spent playing a mobile game

2- Jeremy: I discovered Tapped Out in May and discovered tstoaddicts about a week later. Now I visit every day!

3- Jeremy T.: I found TSTOAddicts about 6 months ago when I first started playing and it’s been my go-to site for all things related to TSTO. I think the updates from Alissa, Bunny & Wookiee are fantastic and very helpful. The comment section is also really insightful and it’s fantastic that you guys provide feedback for people who need help. Keep up the great work! Not only am I a “TSTO” addict, but I’m a “TSTOAddict” addict! 🙂

4- Emmanuel Chavez: Love this site. Its been real helpful with making the right donut purchase. I check this site daily for ant fun facts or information

5- alunited1961: As long as the radonmiser hasnt been borrowed from EA

Congratulations to the winners. But wait a minute…we are not done yet.

We just couldn’t giveaway just FIVE. Not with all the amazing responses. So… we decided to double it. DOUBLE???!! WHAAAAH???!!! (That’s what happens when you got 3 awesome people at the helm.)

That’s right, we decided to give away at total of TEN gift cards!! WOOHOO!! So who are the additional winners the randomizer picked?

3 donuts 2 donuts

6- grtdrgn: 

Wow. So many comments….

Well, let’s see… I found the site when I was doing a Google search about TSTO, at the time looking for sites with tips about house farms and the most efficient way of building them. However, I eventually decided I didn’t want a house farm with houses all squished together and I was enjoying reading the articles on the site, so I gave up reading about house farms and just started reading. I think I found the site shortly after the Easter update. (I started playing about a day or two before the “Days of Future Future” episode tie-in, so I only got one Homer grave and didn’t have anything to get Flanders wife at the time)

There’s not much about the site I don’t like. First of all, I love that the writers have integrity such that they don’t post about rumors of what will be coming in the game. I also love that the writers play the game as much as they do, so they are actually knowledgeable of the game mechanics and not just writing fluff pieces because their editor told them to.

I love each person’s personality that comes out in their writing. I identify with each one. Oh, and I love that they actually read the comments of each and every person who posts and participates on the site–not only to be sure nothing inappropriate is being said, but also to take part in everyone’s lives. I feel almost like I belong here with this bunch of (lovable) oddballs, almost as if I’ve become a Springfielder myself. (I need to create a Gravatar, but not sure I have the gumption to do so yet. Not even really sure I can figure out how to make one that fits my personality)

Let’s see… favorite part of the site… That would have to be the Sunday Night Open Thread. I missed last night’s, but I try to hop on there since I discovered it, just for the camaraderie of talking to fellow Tappers and getting to know the admins just a little bit better. I also love the “Where did ____ come from?” posts, as well as “Should I spend donuts on _____?”

I regret to say that I am about to lose about a month’s worth of play time on my Springfield as I’ve been having a problem with Dr. Hibbert not prompting to build the Hospital, and now that I’m level 40, I am pretty sure he got stuck somewhere around the time I bought the Unfinished Shed/Chester and his Stonecutter’s #2 skin. So EA is going to roll back my Springfield and I imagine I’m going to lose an awful lot of progress. I just hope that it doesn’t affect my friend points, friend list, or even make it where I can’t get all the Stonecutters event stuff finished again as we have a little over a week before the event ends.

Anywho… I love TSTOAddicts. I am proud to be an Addicts and to count all you other Addicts among my friends.

Thank you.

7- Ray: I enjoy layout Inspiration, so more Design Guide options for individual buildings/areas/items/etc. On a broader scale I enjoy everything about the site. What drives TSTOAddics is the massive amount of familiarity and personality that comes through posts. Sure anyone can post up the same info as you guys but they do not make it an enjoyable read/experience. that is what keeps me coming back.

8- Karl: TSTO Addicts is a lifesaver. No matter what problem, question or frustration I am facing you guys are quick with a solution or at least a shoulder to cry on. Not to mention your great walkthroughs and quest summaries that make sure I don’t start corn when I will need to grow roses in short order. Thanks for everything you guys do and here’s to a million more frantic taps, swipes and waiting to reconnects.

9- Enrique (@Rick_E_Bobbi): Hi everybody! I’been reading this blog since shortly after the tips debacle. I visit almost daily. This site really shines during events like the current one in the way you break things down and help us players strategize. Thanks to you Addicts staff for your hard work and dedication. Hope I win. (:

10- Brian Kessler: I love this website. Tons of helpful info for a somewhat newbie to the game.



Congrats again to all the winners. Remember, you needed to provide us your VALID email address as we will be emailing the winners. If the address comes back invalid from what was submitted, the entry will be disqualified. For all the rules, please see the original Contest Post.


Alissa, Bunny, & Wookiee

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