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Turbo Tappin’ Stonecutters: Game of Stones & The Secret of the Cut Stone

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well the Stonecutters Secret Society (which is not so secret anymore) has FINALLY arrived in Springfield!  Yes, yes EA has brought back another AMAZING event to our little Tapping Devices!  (anyone else having fond memories of Halloween??)

So now we all know what a new Awesome event means…time for an all new Turbo Tappin’ the Stonecutters Event!  This is the main walkthrough you’ll encounter with the update.  Keep in mind that Game of Stones and The Secret of the Cut Stone will intertwine with each other throughout the event.

Game of Stones is what gets things going, and right around Part 4 you’ll start The Secret of the Cut Stone questline.  From there, the Secret of the Cut Stone will be your main questline, with Game of Stones popping up when you win new prizes.

In addition to the two main questlines I’ve covered here, there will also be smaller side quests that will popup at various points when you unlock new characters (they start with Welcome to the Stonecutters, Number ….), I’ll cover these in a separate post.  This post is just the walkthrough for the two main questlines (Game of Stones & The Secret of the Cut Stone).


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GLITCH!! Number 1’s Daily Tasks Disappeared (IN GAME UPDATE)

UPDATE 6-6-14: So as I am sure many of you are starting to notice as your timers are resetting for the day…the tasks for Number 1 are NOT lining up. It is so odd. The files…still the same. I even re-downloaded them all to check. Same. So…another glitch (good I guess?) and we are on repeat for Thursdays tasks. Got another message in wait with EA on it to see if I can get an answer…meanwhile…Look to Thursday for the set of tasks you will run into…unless it auto corrects itself.

UPDATE 6-5-14: It looks like the tasks disappearing is back …again. My best suggestion is the same as below…contact EA right away and start a frenzy in the forums. I started a new thread for it. I am also in touch with EA on the matter. 


Will update if I hear more back. In meantime, please use the post I put up for Number 1’s tasks. You can see where you were on the calendar (it lists the task hours in order), then going off that you can see what tasks to look for in that time bracket and the characters to go check to see who has the task in their list. This may help bypass the glitch. Let me know. 

Number 150 emblems

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Ark of the Stonecovenant: Sacred Parchment

Hey there Hoppereenos. More and more information I know you will want. After you have collected a total of 1450 Emblems (and completed Game of Stones Part 5), you will be able to unlock the Sacred Parchment from the Emblem Prize List (you will find it in your inventory). Once you place it into your Springfield, a questline will be triggered for the Ark of the Stonecovenant.

Sacred Parchment


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Eye Spy! Peeking On Your Neighbors

Hey they all you voyeurs. Lol. So now EA has decided to add a fun lil element into the event for us to “Spy” on our neighbors. Why on earth would we do that? Well, other than the obvious reasons….

Eye Spy Eye Spy 2

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Capture The Robed Order

Hey there Hoppereenos. Back for some more information on this really cool event. The Hooded Order Characters that randomly show up in your town. Robed figure 2

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