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Math Of Stonecutters

Going mad trying to make sure you get every single possible Emblem? Not sure if there is a way to get it all? No worries, we are here to help you break down the math of the event so you can keep on track to get all those goodies in the Emblem Prizes.

Stonecutter Completed Emblem Prizes

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Free Random Donuts? WOOHOO!!

Hey there Hoppereenos. Just jumping in as I was just able to confirm a very odd occurrence in the game the other day. FREE DONUTS!!!

2 donuts3 donuts1 donut


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Just jumping in here with the details and information I know you are all DYING to find out. Where do I need to be on Emblem count to collect ALL prizes by the end of the event. Well, here is my usual handy dandy Calendar to guide you along.

Stonecutter EmblemStonecutter EmblemStonecutter EmblemStonecutter EmblemStonecutter EmblemStonecutter Emblem

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New Glitch! Number 1 Tasks Repeat

UPDATE: So many are now showing (me too) that it has jumped back to the right time settings for the tasks. Let us know if yours has too. 


So as I am sure many of you are starting to notice as your timers are resetting for the day…the tasks for Number 1 are NOT lining up. It is so odd. The files…still the same. I even re-downloaded them all to check. Same. So…another glitch (good I guess?) and we are on repeat for Thursdays tasks. Got another message in wait with EA on it to see if I can get an answer…meanwhile…Look to Thursday for the set of tasks you will run into…unless it auto corrects itself.

#1 victory pose


Thursday 6-5-14 tasks: 1 hour, 2 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour

Number 150 emblems