Stonecutter Removal Update Live in App Store

`Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick update to let you know the Stoncutter removal update is live in the App Store.  So check out your App Stores to download the Stonecutter removal…BUT if you’re not quite ready to update you can hold off as long as EA let’s you.  The 4th of July update still works with out the removal…for now.  So if you’re working at getting those last bit of emblems you still can!

Oh and for those who are wondering…yes Number 1 DOES have a full set of tasks.  Similar to the other Stonecutters.  🙂

Happy Tapping Friends!

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  1. Any news about the forced update? My device doesn’t update yet. I loooved this event, but I’m kinda looking forward to the stonecutters going away already lol

  2. Also my daughter wants to know if any emblem prizes are available after the event. (Stone of triumph, skins, table).

    I loved this event but it def was hard for those w/o the ability to play multiple times a day. 🙁

  3. Does the Martian (stonecutter) for 100 donuts remain available after the event? I want him really bad & am holding onto Stonecutters just for him. But if he stays either way I can stop panicking over him disappearing. 😉

  4. Aware you are busy giving us the lowdown on the 4th of July update but are you looking at a survey on the Stonecutters? I always find it interesting how everyone progressed and their thoughts.



    • HAHAHAHHAHA I told Alissa to hold off on it a couple of days. She wanted to put it up, I said that some have not updated just yet and to wait just a lil longer.

      Short story long, YES… a poll is what we like after Major Events end. 😉

  5. Not to beat a dead horse here. I know you know as well as I do when EA well force the update but do you know if there’s a certain time of day when this is most likely to happen which I’ve seen you often say it’s around 4am when changes are expected. I’ve only got about an hour and a half for#1 to reset. I’ve noticed the cost of doughnuts for the next prize declines the more emblems you collect. I’ve gotten Carl/Lenny/Jasper skins down to 95 sprinkles

  6. Going to ride it out as long as I can. I just need 180 emblems to get my next shot at donuts. Still unsure whether or not to buy Hibbert’s skin. Seems really pricey to me, but I hate missing out on Stonecutters.

    Also I am bummed that the Nighthawk Diner is going to cost donuts now. Feels like we are being punished for not getting into the game earlier. If I had heard about it I would have.

    But this has been a really awesome event. Huge thanks to this site for giving me the tips needed to get through it.

    • We’re more than happy to help. 😉

      Great event!

      Just make sure your device has the option to auto update apps turned to OFF or it’ll push the new update.

    • I’ll help you if you help me 🙂 I’m only a few away from getting the table (& the free donuts that go with it)

      SO glad that EA gives us this “grace period” to finish up an event unlike the family guy game.

  7. Hi, today I got a good surprise, I was able to get to 3000 emblems one last time, the secret bonus came, got the 3 donuts, and then…secret bonus again! I got 6 donuts!!! So, glitch or EA being nice in the last day of the event? Did it happen to anyone?

  8. So does number 1 have any tasks in the abandoned store? I still have the stonecutters on my iPad. My phone auto updated, but I haven’t logged on from it. I was thinking of buying the store if he had a task for it.

  9. I’m actually kind of glad the Stonecutter event is over. I was playing this game over a year ago, but ended up removing the app for space (i had the lowest iPhone at the time). I got an iPad recently and started playing again from the beginning right at the time Stonecutters began. However, I was so far behind i didn’t have the advantages of having a lot of buildings, characters, or even the money to buy things. I did manage to make it all the way to the singing table though 🙂

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to playing the regular game for a few weeks so I can get through some levels, expand, and save cash.

    P.S. – I’m so glad I found this site! I love the community you all have built and the updates!

  10. Um, well…my Springfield is totally GONE. Does anyone know if update for Kindle Fire HD is messed up? When I went to do upload the tsto app and launched but no longer gives me option to sign into EA Origin acct. AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

    • I ran into it myself. Don’t worry. I just played til after I was able to go to the “Other Springfield”. Then After a lil bit of dialog the option to go to friends towns opened and I could then go into the Bart and Milhouse screen and select the “add friends to Origin” option at bottom left…it then popped up the screen to log in to my game again.

  11. CapCityGoofball

    Does the ark do anything? Finally got Herman in my C town, and I’m trying to decide if it is worth the 6 donuts to rush his sell counterfeit jeans tasks or to wait it out. It’s a freemium town, but I do know I’m on borrowed time before the update is forced. I’m hoping that I can wait it out, as I only need 1100 donuts to get Burns and the pool. (Don’t have time to play 3 towns, so I’m a little behind)

    • The Ark is cool looking as the flames on it light up. Does nothing else really. Just a cool decoration. Make sure your auto update is unselected for apps or it WILL force the update. At least mine did. Lol

      • CapCityGoofball

        Cool, thanks! I definitely turned off the auto update again, I did that to try to get Shari and Blocko during Easter OT, but my hand was forced in the end. At least I got everything in my A town, and all the daily task prizes in my B town. I’d rather save the donuts in my freemium towns (B & C) for something more fun, so I’m going to hope for more borrowed time. Thanks again for the info!

    • It seems every time a new event comes up I’ve got say Apu working a 7 day shift. If the character came with a building, put the building in storage then immediately rebuild it. You don’t have wait the build time it will just reappear and the character who came with it well be right outside waiting for a job to do

  12. It was a wonderful deal for freemium and premium players! I am a premium player, but tapped my behind off and got all the goodies! I was so happy for freemium players to get the good stuff! I bought some skins and all the extras, but it wasn’t too pricey. Lucked out on already having the stuff from last year, so the new stuff was affordable. Love Washington as an addition this year. Love your blog as well, keep up the good work!

  13. Goodbye 56445 emblems 🙁

  14. How do I get free donuts from stonecutters table please

  15. My “B” town still needs 14 emblems to get donuts !!!
    Most hang on !!!

  16. My app kicked me off and when I opened it again it was automatically updated and I wasn’t done 🙁 was trying to get Mr burns money pool

  17. I missed out on so much time during this update. I missed the first five days by being on holiday and through the month I’ve had parties to go to with the little one, a surprise party to plan for my mother in law and the actual day it happened. Altogether I think have missed about 10 days of gameplay!
    I’ve only unlocked the stone of triumph or whatever it’s called today. Really wanted to get all skins and the table. Was never nearly bothered about the anvil to be honest. So gutted I’m only missing two things that I wanted, I’ll keep playing until I’m forced to update and see how far it gets me lol

  18. If I don’t update, will the No 1 tasks keep going? Otherwise collecting the last couple hundred emblems for 3 more donuts are pretty much impossible to get.

    • Until it forces the update on you. Make sure the auto update option is turned to OFF on your device.

      • Thanks! Verfied it in my game a little while ago, No 1 still prompts for tasks without the store-update. I am going to squeeze as many donuts as I can out of this 😉

  19. Not a -full- set, he is missing a 4 hr task

  20. Are we still able to complete the sacred parchment puzzles + get the prizes?

    • As long as you don’t update and make sure your auto update option for apps is off on your device. Until it forces you to update or your neighbors have all updated…you can play on.

  21. The chest of ancient artefacts is still earning emblems but generates money lol

  22. This was the first update I avtually spent real money on so I could get all the stuff from this event. Took 1000 donuts but well worth it. I’m hoping they bring back the casino so I could get the native. I’m pissed I didn’t get him being native myself. Oh well.

    Keep up the good work EA and good job guys and gals at tsto addicts. Take a bow.

  23. Number 1 has tasks (called it), however none with the abandoned store like I hoped

  24. Definitely one of my favorite events to date! Throughout the course of the event I managed to gain 100 donuts!! (From table, bonuses, level ups and visiting friends). Huge boost for a freemium player! Holding out for 1 more bonus before I update.

  25. Any one else notice that the tomacco growing is only 30 minutes now?

  26. The task rewards for the stone utters also dropped 🙁

  27. Oh no I think my phone was configured to update automatically and I have been updated! There were three handshakes in my town but no ID was revealed after I cleared it. Should I get to see who visits me?

    • It may have just been remnants and didn’t register the names left from pyramids. I am still looking into all the changes with the update fully live in the game now.

      • Right now some of my handshakes are identified and some are not. I hope eventually all will be identified because Imhave amazing neighbors and want to know when they visit. 🙂

        • I think the ones that are not are just remnants of the Stonecutters. Give it time for all to catch up. If still issues, report it to EA if it bothers you. 😉

    • It may have just been remnants and didn’t register the names left from pyramids. I am still looking into all the changes with the update fully live in the game now.

    • You should, sometimes it doesn’t tho. Check to see if it continues down the line.

  28. Sorry to see Stonecutters go. Was the best event I have played through. Hoping the next event is as cool! I probably got 12-15 free donuts. Plus the 10 from Stonecutters table. That was super! Not to mention every prize you could get. Great additions to my game!!! The 4th of July stuff is great too. Way to redeem yourselves from Easter EA!!!!

    • I just noticed the Pyramid (which cost 100 Donuts) and the little Treasure Chests (which cost like 40 Donuts) both generate $200 every 8 hours. The Pyramid should generate more as it was a bit more expensive. Only complaint tho lol

  29. Sweet, Number 1 does have tasks!!! Thanks for the update. I’ll try to hold off for a bit. Just a couple hundred emblems away from 3 more donuts.

  30. Mine updated automatically…bummer. Although between the emblems and the new level, I was able to get 52 free donuts. So I can’t really complain about that!

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