Level 43 Side & Premium Walkthroughs

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 43 has arrived in Springfield and with it comes a much needed update to Krustyland!  It’s about time Springfield’s favorite (and only) theme park got some much needed attention!

While Level 43 does contain a main questline (involving Princess Penelope & Krusty), there are also several other side quests/dialogues that will take place…depending on how you play out the update.  Some of these dialogues will pop up for you even if you’re not currently at Level 43, some will appear if you have certain premium characters & others will pop up for you if you purchase the premium buildings & rides.  So there’s plenty to do with this update to keep you tapping!

Let’s take a look at these little side/premium quests that will pop up throughout your Level 43 journey……WARNING Dialogue Spoilers Below

TSTOSherri_and_terri opmbuffet_menu unoriginallogride_menu

We’ll get things rolling with the first little bit that pops up between Homer and Bart prompting you to build Tavern on the Scream…
Note: There is a minimum requirement for this.  You have to currently be at Level 30 and you have to have completed up to part 9 in the Krustyland questline (Krustyest Place on Earth)



A Day in the Knife
Homer starts

Homer: Why’d you bring me to Krustyland?  Keg explosion at the Duff Pavilion?
Bart: I want to get an unhappy meal at Tavern on the Scream.  It comes with a figurine of dead Scratchy regretting he’ll never get to see his kids grow up.
Homer: But we’d have to build it first!
Bart: Can’t we just make some other schmuck do it?
Homer: Ooh, good idea!
Build Tavern on the Scream– 1,500 Tickets, 24hr build
Make Homer Eat at Tavern on the Scream- 3hrs, Earns 40 tickets, 35xp
Make Bart Eat at Tavern on the Scream
– 3hrs, Earns 40 tickets, 35xp
Homer: I love the fake names on this menu.  Guts-pacho soup…. Spine-akopita… Intestine spaghetti and spleenballs.  Waiter, do you have a recommendation?
Squeaky Voiced Teen: I suggest Salmonella-tainted Chicken.
Homer: Such a funny fake name.
Squeaky Voiced Teen: That one’s not fake.

Next up let’s cover some fun quests that will pop up for Sherri & Terri if you’ve purchased them.  This update now allows for Sherri & Terri to enter Krustyland (Eddie and Lou too!)…so here’s what will pop up for you while you’re completing the Level 43 main questline:


Pretty Princess Land
Sherri & Terri start

Sherri (or is it Terri): Let’s get some autographs from the Princess!
Terri (or is it Sherri): But we don’t know where she is!
Sherri (or is it Terri): Follow the two-mile line of other little girls.
Make Sherri and Terri Line Up for Autographs- 6hrs, Earns 204 tickets, 180xp
Make Princess Penelope Greet Park Goers- 4hrs, Earns 52 tickets, 45xp

The Princess Penelopennese War
Sherri & Terri start

Sherri (or is it Terri): Let’s pretend we’re Princess Penelope and do all her favorite things.
Terri (or is it Sherri): I’m learning that female success comes from wearing fancy dresses.
Sherri (or is it Terri): I’m learning it’s better to be born royal than work hard like a commoner.
Sherri and Terri: Yay!
Make Sherri and Terri Visit the Enchanted Forest of Tie-In Merchandise- 1hr, Earns 62 tickets, 52xp
Make Sherri and Terri Watch the Stunt Show- 4hrs, Earns 52 tickets,
Make Sherri and Terri Tour the Haunted Condo- 8hrs, Earns 252 tickets
Sherri (or is it Terri): Those were ok.
Terri (or is it Sherri): Maybe we should stick with doing the things we think are fun, instead of what someone else says is fun.
Sherri (or is it Terri): I always agree with you.  Or are you me?
Terri (or is it Sherri): Let’s worry about that when we get boyfriends.

Will trigger if you have Mount Krustmore…

Twins Just Want to Have Fun Pt.1
Sherri and Terri start

Sherri (or is it Terri): Let’s ride Mount Krustmore
Terri (or is it Sherri): Okay.  But you first, then me.  That way if one of us dies, we’ll both live on in the other.
Sherri (or is it Terri): Good idea.  We better sync memories first with our secret twin language
Make Sherri & Terri Use Their Secret Language– 4hrs, Earns 156 tickets, 140xp.

Twins Just Want to Have Fun Pt.2
Sherri and Terri start

Sherri (or is it Terri): Perfect.  Our memories are now identical.  Which one of us is Terri?
Terri (or is it Sherri): It doesn’t matter.  It never matters.
Sherri (or is it Terri): Then let’s go ride Mount Krustmore, me.
Terri (or is it Sherri): Okay, me.
Make Sherri & Terri Ride Mt. Krustmore– 24hrs, Earns 600 Tickets, 450xp. 


Next up let’s take a look at the questline that will trigger when you purchase and place the Unoriginal Log Ride….


Unoriginal Quest Pt. 1
Milhouse starts

Milhouse: Finally!  A ride for people who hate novelty.
Bart: Even the plastic splash ponchos are from another ride: “Captain Sputnik’s Fun Plunge 1958”.
Nelson: Give me your lunch money so I can buy a ticket.
Milhouse: Also comfortingly familiar.
Make Milhouse Ride the Unoriginal Log Ride- 5hrs, Earns 90 tickets, 75xp
Make Bart Ride the Unoriginal Log Ride- 5hrs, Earns 90 tickets, 75xp
Make Nelson Ride the Unoriginal Log Ride- 5hrs, Earns 90 tickets, 75xp

Unoriginal Quest Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Lisa: How was the Unoriginal Log Ride, Bart?
Bart: Like a waterslide that isn’t fast crossed with a haunted ride that isn’t scary.
Nelson: I got a mouthful of gross flume water.
Lisa: Then why are you going on the ride again?
Nelson: Because whatever chemical they’re using to sterilize the water is making me as giddy as a Malibu hippie.
Make Nelson Ride the Unoriginal Log Ride– 5hrs, Earns 90 tickets, 75xp

And finally…let’s take a look at the questline that will trigger when you purchase and place the One Plate Maximum Buffet…


Sensible Eating Pt. 1
Homer starts

Homer: A buffet that you only get to visit once?  But what about my go-backs?  My many, many go-backs?
Wiggum: It’s a criminal perversion of the principles of buffet dining.  I’d arrest someone, but then they might not give me a free meal for being a policeman.  And I didn’t get into this job not to have free meals!
Homer: Hey, look at the plate the graphic novel gentleman has.
Comic Book Guy: It is not a plate.  It is a replica Captain American shield.  I wish it was really made of Vibranium, since I doubt this cheap plastic will hold the massive portion I am about to load up.
Make Homer Overload a Plate at the One Plate Maximum Buffet- 5hrs, Earns 90 tickets, 75xp
Make Comic Book Guy Overload a Plate at the One Plate Maximum Buffet- 
5hrs, Earns 90 tickets, 75xp
Make Wiggum Overload a Plate at the One Plate Maximum Buffet- 
5hrs, Earns 90 tickets, 75xp

*Note: Eddie & Lou will appear in Springfield AFTER you’ve completed the first part of the main questline.  Basically after you’ve built the wheel and placed balloons.

Sensible Eating Pt. 2
Lou starts

Lou: Hey Chief, we got a report of a drunk walk-around Scratchy.
Wiggum: Alright boys, to the One Plate Maximum Buffet!
Eddie: Chief, the perp is nowhere near there.
Wiggum: It’s a stakeout Eddie.  This alcoholic mascot is going to need a hangover breakfast real soon.  When he screws up for one, we’ll be ready for him.
Make Wiggum Overload a Plate at the One Plate Maximum Buffet- 5hrs, Earns 90 tickets, 75xp
Make Eddie Overload a Plate at the One Plate Maximum Buffet- 
5hrs, Earns 90 tickets, 75xp
Make Lou Overload a Plate at the One Plate Maximum Buffet- 
5hrs, Earns 90 tickets, 75xp


And that’s it my Tapping friends, all of the side quests you’ll encounter with this new update!  Nothing too crazy, but stuff to keep you busy none the less.

What do YOU think of the side quests?  Your thoughts on the premium buildings with this update?  How about on Eddie, Lou & Sherri & Terri now coming to Krustyland?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. Sabrina Bratton

    This isn’t about KL but have a question about the mystical ruins in sf why can’t I get Mr. Burns out of the ruins

  2. Sabrina Bratton

    I’m on level 57 in the game and want more quest for krustyland after the princess and the pea when will that happen

  3. Sabrina Bratton

    So when do new quest start after the princess and the pea I’m stuck and don’t have doughnuts to purchase any thing help please

  4. I started the Sensible eating Pt.1 quest and Homer has finished it, but I cannot make both Comic Book Guy and Wiggum go there. I even tried to uninstall the app but nothing has changed 🙁
    This task doesn’t appear in their list too.
    The quest with Milhouse, Nelson and Bart won’t start either.
    Someone has the same problem?

    • A few thoughts on this..

      First are the characters free? If they’re not free they won’t follow you over to K-Land.

      Second, where are you in the Krustyland Walkthrough? Various characters appear in K-land at various points in the questline. So if you’re not at those trigger points they won’t appear in K-land.

      Check out the K-Land walkthroughs and see where you are and where the characters will appear:


      Hope that helps! 🙂

      • yes they are free (Wiggum, Comic Book Guy and kids) but when I tap on the task or KL bus, it asks me if I want to go to Krustyland. In KL when choosing from the quest menu in the left it says that Wiggum or whoever is in Springfield and sends me back to SF 🙂
        Interesting is that Eddie appears in Krustyland and I can send him to that **** One Plate maximum

        Probably indeed I’m at the wrong point in the KL questline, I was just wondering why this story worked with Homer only
        Thank you for your answer!

  5. I can get sherri and terri into KL but I can’t get them to trigger their mini quest, I’ve not long had them and haven’t completed their own main quests in SF town yet, could that be an issue or do I need to get further in the ‘princess’ quests first, just got to Krustys 2nd mini heart attack.

  6. Hi! When I try to make sherri and terri visit the enchanted forest of tie-in merchandise, the game shows me my inventory and the girls don’t complete the action. What should I do? Thanks

  7. Thanks for the dialogue! 🙂 Since you guys used your evil mind tricks to make me a premium player, I’m now saving my donuts for limited time items! 😛

    One slight correction, “Make Princess Penelope Great Park Goers” should be Greet. ^_^

  8. Oh, hahaha! I laughed out loud—Washboard abs!!! Wanna do my laundry, Willie?

  9. I have a second Springfield on my Ipad and just started Krustyland there. Thought the Homer/Bart quest line might start there. But it hasn’t. Do you think there is a minimum level required?

    • Yes. Level 30 and you have to have completed up to part 9 in the Krustyland questline (Krustyest Place on Earth).

      Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this. Had the check the files and yesterday was just a crazy day! 🙂

  10. i hope you are well rested after the cray cray last nite till the wee hrs! 🙂

  11. Eddie and Lou don’t appear in my KL, anyone else having this problem?

  12. Hey guys. First post but long time reader. I was wondering why Eddie and Lou weren’t able to get into Krustyland…and now I know why! My wheel isn’t finished building. So thanks for that info! And keep up the great work.

    • Anytime! 🙂

      • That’s so awesome to see. 39steps is my neighbourino and the first communication i have ever had with a neighbour is this… Hi. 🙂

      • Hey Pep! And yeah…this would be my first communication with a neighbor too. Now I’ll hit your town up and do some damage! 😉

    • Haha. He/She did actually vandalise me! Good thing he/she taps the valuable stuff normally 🙂

    • Listen….just because I was born with both male and female genitailia doesn’t mean you have to LET EVERYBODY KNOW !!


  13. I built my wheel so I can get Princess Penelope now I’m done. I have to say it feels good to not have to spend doughnuts on an update as Krustyland doesn’t exist to me

    • lol…the land that doesn’t exist. Just happy you got your character early. 🙂 You going to at least complete the questline? You never know it might hold up a future level for you if you don’t

      • Thanks for the advice. I was going to ignore the quest but don’t want to miss something later because of it. And complain as I do I’m sure I’ll eventually buy the doughnut crap

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