From the Mouths of Addicts: A Conversation with Qtuappele


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  This week’s post is all about our Tapper of the Month for July qtuappele!

Back on July 10th we announced the TSTO Communities of Topix, Addicts & game voted qtuappele as the Tapper of the Month during our monthly Shout Out!  As part of the Tapper of the Month we interviewed qtuappele to get a better feel for why she created her Springfields the way she did and some advice she might have for other Tappers when it comes to design.

So without further ado let’s see what she had to say!

The basics:

Origin ID: qtuappele
A little more about qtuappele:
“Hi there, my name is Diana F. My husband and i have been tapping the same springfield town like a year and a half ago.
We are from mexico, and use iPad for this game, also would be great if you visit our town. Our user is: qtuappele.
The image is huge! because we have a massive town, and we love every part of it!”

Qtuappele’s Springfield:
click image for full version 


Q & A With Qtuappele:

Addicts: What are your favorite decorations to use and why?   

Qtuappele: The trees, because, like in real life they make everything more living and pretty.

A: How long did it take you to decide how to design your town? 

Q: At the right time i see the building, i exactly know how i want it look.

A: What was your inspiration for your design? 

Q: At first i wanted an exact replica of the tv show, but then i realized that everybody had the same idea, So i decided to change it for my version of my ideal Springfield; and employ the use of irony some times, for example the SWAT van in front of Fat Tony mansion, or the police patrol parked on the krusty Burger window.

A: What brought you to our silly lil site? 

Q:  I was searching tips about the last challenge of the game, and the answer just pop out from your site,Then suddenly  i read: “donuts free”…. Then I became intrigued. 😀

A: What keeps you sticking around our silly lil site? 

 Q: I found a kind community on your site :), i get information, and neighbors!

A: What do you like best about each Addicts Team Member (Alissa, Bunny, Wookiee)? 

Q: They are courteous and friendly, great web managers, and they keep innovation on their site. 

A: What will buy with your donuts?  

Q: I think I’m going to wait for the next challenge, and if any building is pretty i’ll buy it. but unlike, anything catches my attention  i’ll buy the Apu’s apartment. 

A: What made you decide to enter into the Shout Out competition? 

Q:Something good must bring this hobby….. right?…right?

A: What suggestions would you give to other TSTO Addicts of how to manage/design their towns? 

Q:  Enabling you to set your imagination free; and i Quote Frank Lloyd Wright: “Architecture is the triumph of human imagination over materials, methods and men, to put man into possession of his own earth” 

Q: What is your Favorite in game Character? Building? Decoration? …and why?

Q: My favorite(s) Character(s) are actually, Homer and March having a date all over town. My favorite building is the Cletus Spuckler’s farm. In my town all the year is christmas in there!, and is surrounded by nature.
And finally, about my favorite Decoration, i have not decided in my own mind, the big wooden boat is pretty,  always floating over the sea, and the the Krusty’s roller coaster, because i just love the Roller coasters XD.

Finally i want to thank the fellow members of this community for voting in favor of my town. And i apologize for grammar, English is my 3rth language. 😉

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions Qtuappele!  And congratulations again for being our Tapper of the Month for July!

Well that’s it for this week’s edition of From the Mouths of Addicts.  What did YOU think of Qtuappele’s Designs?  What designing have you done in your Springfield?  Did you enter this month’s Shout Out? (send your submissions to  Sound off in the comments below.  You know we LOVE hearing from you! 🙂

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13 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: A Conversation with Qtuappele

  1. This has inspired me so much. I’m a big fan of the Sims and I love making neighbourhoods like this, trees, flowers, greenery. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to do the same with TSTO. I’ll certainly be taking a lot of inspiration from you, I love the central river. Beautiful touch! I’m gonna give some of it a try now but it’s really hard to see past the snow and leafless trees during the winter season. Roll on Spring!

  2. congratulations Qtuappele 🙂

  3. Hi Guys, Thank you for your comments; and all your request will be answered in these days i promise, just be patient, :), actually you can addme any time, happy tapping!

  4. Really nice piece love the realist town and use of trees…… Springfield would look with a responsible planning department.

  5. Nice Springfield town design work, Qtuappele (Diana). In fact, a couple things in the town we did the same I see. Congrats on being chosen ‘Tapper of the Month.’

    • Awesome!, What is your user ID, we wanna see it. Saludos.

      • It’s my name (first and last) without the space in between. Although I’m topped out at level 43 now, the town is still very young and still in its infancy in being built as I only started playing in March of this year. So I have future visions for it that haven’t come to be yet. I don’t plan on nuking it and starting over, but I do have plans for changes in many areas and as I get more donuts, there will be more changes and additions.

  6. Congratulations Qtuappele! I would love to see your town “up close and personal”, if you have room for a new friend. Seems like so many people have stopped playing, I have at least 10 slots open. Same name, Alicatnip.

    You are a tapper like me, I love trees, the more the better! West Michigan where I live (and most of the state, especially our Upper Peninsula) is very wooded and I love it. I’m level 39, but in game play still struggling for land to build my “master plan”. I’ve dreaded the infamous item limit but seeing all your trees makes me feel better!

    I think it’s great that you chose Cletus’ house. I really admire the detail they put into it, studied it for awhile when I first got it. But, we have enough REAL houses like it in the country here that it lives in a corner of my “fantasy” town, lol!

  7. Is their kustryland good and if can we see it.

  8. Her town really is a beautiful! AND she is a wonderful neighbour. Great interview, guys.

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