Level 44 On the Way?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Something ominous was posted on the TSTO Offical Facebook page earlier tonight…..



Does this mean Level 44 will be hitting tomorrow?  I know I’ll be checking my Tapping Devices to see what happens…will you?

What do YOU think the new update will bring?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

117 responses to “Level 44 On the Way?

  1. Level 44 is here 🙂

  2. Got Level 44!!!! Yay!

  3. Matthew b Lawler

    Level 44 has arrived!!!!!!!

  4. Level 44 is live! Dialog starts off talking about the reactor melting and something about a elephant drinking the coolant, lol

  5. Everyone was right. I just got the level 44 update. You have to build Honest John’s Computers and then you get Database!

  6. Just logged in and got level 44.

  7. According to the buildings: Happy Sumo is available now for 100 donuts. Level 44 now offer Honest John’s computer, The and Bloaters at the Squidport. Plus, Friendship Points are being collected again for Level 10 prize: Marge Tetherball

  8. First world problems.
    Have 8.9 million saved towards sit n rotate (saving since July 4 event ended). Just spent several thousand on gorgeous plum trees, and can’t decide if I should spent a million on new building or get to the sit and rotate first. Argh!!!!

  9. 44 has hit on IOS

  10. Have level 44 now – computer shop, new restaurant for 100 donuts.

  11. level 44 just hit on I OS. you have to build honest johns computer shop. takes 24 hrs and is $1,058,000 to build

  12. Guys it’s out. Akira as premium and a nerd for level 44. Can’t remember his name.

  13. Im surprised that no one has mentikne Artie Ziff as a possibility yet. Athout after reading the very well investigated theory below my thoughts may have beeb changed.

  14. Guys i can’t play tsto anymore, it keeps crashing every time i open the game it takes just a few seconds for it to crash! Does anyone know if EA is gonna fix this?

  15. I bet it will be Helen Lovejoy. She is gossipy and would want to know people’s secrets. Also she got mentioned in one of the dialogues of the recent event.

  16. -Where’s my update?? Where’s my update??
    -Hey, they’re playing the update song.
    -I love that. Reminds me of elephants.

    Hahahaha, sorry but this has stayed in my mind since this morning

  17. So glad I didn’t take the update from the play store, seems to have added bugs not fixed them, silly EA. They should put Database on the job, he’d have it fixed in no time.

  18. Since tha app store update i keep getting booted. Can usually cycle through a few towns before it crashes on me. Super sux!

  19. Must be the nerds from homers college days

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