In Game Update: New Decorations and MORE!

Hey there Hoppereenos. Looks like EA gave us quite a lil surprise. They decided today would be a fun day to release our troops. No idea why. We are looking into it though. Outside of that, a lot of cool new decorations were just introduced. We will be breaking them down for you, so stay tuned as we gather all the information.

More to come.2014-09-04 11.03.21

First off, the information for the Nerd Troop Replenishment is still EXACTLY the same. Even with this update. So why they launched today is beyond us. Not sure if this is to make up for those that did not get them last Saturday. There still may be one this Saturday too. So make sure you use ALL of them up before 2PM EST

Now for the NEW Decorations:

unlock_twonicornTwo-nicorn- 70 Donuts, Vomits Rainbows, Exotic Animals & Pets Group

windmill_menuWindmill– 2000 Elixr, +500 Vanity,  Grass/Pavement/Beach/Boardwalk

twostoreyouthouse_menuTwo-Story Outhouse, 3000 Elixr, +800 Vanity,  Grass/Pavement/Beach/Boardwalk

guillotine_menuGuillotine, 5000 Elixr, +1300 Vanity,  Grass/Pavement/Beach/Boardwalk

medievaltent_menuMedieval Tent, 300 Elixr, +100 Vanity,  Grass/Pavement/Beach/Boardwalk


New Old Items?:

elixirmixer_menuElixr Mixer, 65 Donuts, 35 Elixr every 8hrs, Grass

treasurechest_menuTreasure Chest, 85 Donuts, 20 Gold Coins every 12hrs,  Grass/Pavement/Beach/Boardwalk

barracks_menuBarracks, 40 Donuts, .50% Bonus, Grass/Pavement/Beach/Boardwalk


Reintroduction of Old Items (Keep in mind, if you already have some of the older buildings, they won’t show):

Fort SensibleFort Sensible, 65 Donuts, $120 & 12 XP every 6 hrs

freakshow tentFreakshow Tent, 80 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Crate_of_fireworksBox of Fireworks, 50 Donuts, 2.25% Bonus

Satan's AnvilSatan’s Anvil, 225 Donuts

A bunch of cool new items to use for decorations around your Medieval Springfield as well as a reintroduction of some older items too. Pretty cool as I was already using the Fort and Freakshow in my designs. Lol.

Looks like they also decided to make it a little bit more normal on Level 21 Castle Upgrades by making it 10,500 instead of 105,000. That zero made a HUGE difference.

Note from Alissa:  Looks like after Level 21 they increase by 1,000 Elixir.  So Level 22 will cost 11,500 Elixir to upgrade to, Level 23 12,500 Elixir and so on.  Also, from what I can see (at least with the first couple of upgrades beyond Level 20) it’s 1 wall at each level.

Still combing through more details and information. Will update with anymore findings. In the meantime, what do YOU think of all the new stuff? Are YOU gonna buy a vomiting unicorn? Got some ideas for the new decorations? Let us know, we love to hear from you.


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  1. The event is comino to an end. Should I spend all my elixir on decorations and just store them? Or will the elixir be useful later?

  2. First off, I tried scrolling through the comments before asking this, but didn’t find what I was looking for: Have any of the recent updates fixed the “Krustyland” bug? I put my Krustyland on hold because I always have buildings being attacked, & I don’t want my visit there to cancel out the attacks (like it was previously doing). Thank you in advance for your response :-).

  3. I have a question about TSTO post Clash of Clones. What happens to any unused Elixir? Does the Elixir just disappear? Should we be buying as many Clash of Clones decorations as possible? Will the decorations be good for anything when the event ends ($)?

    • After the event, like the events before it, the elixir will be done for so players certainly will want to use all of it. Different decorations effect different things, usually the conformometer ratings.

  4. Has anyone else noticed since this last update that they are earning more elixir and gold? It COULD just be a result of my having more nerds to send out, and my neighbors are letting houses be destroyed, but it jumped quite a lot in the past two days or so. I am certainly not complaining. But I wondered if it was happening to anyone else?

  5. I’m not sure if it was mentioned anywhere else, but I believe with this update (unless it came with the level 44 update, I’m not sure) they also added another 6 hour task for Nelson. Previously his only 6 hour task was to serve detention, now you have a choice of him going to school or detention for 6 hours (payout is the same of course no matter which you choose).

  6. It’s weird. Game updated fine this morning (was sick so didn’t go on it at all yesterday), got into my town and had Homer and Barbarian blab about nerds, then I got kicked out of my town and the app closes every time it tries to load my town back up.
    What sucks is that I saw most of my town in flames before I could repair anything, so I’m missing out on coins from invasions.

  7. I was just nerding random people through the attack button, and I saw one person had more than one of each castle (stupidly forgot to take a screenshot) and had a defence equivalent to over 2 days. Are extra castles a reward at some point? Or have I stumbled upon a glitched/hacked game?

  8. Does anyone know ? With a new Level-ing Up : will my XP ‘quest’ amount ‘re-set’ to a ‘normal’ level ? I followed the lead given here : bought a ton of Bloodmobiles and resold them, to earn Donuts — NOW my ‘target’ sits at well over $2 Million ! (Which means basically not achieving donuts the ‘usual’ way !) I wanna get that Unicorn …

    • As far as I know, the normal game basics are not impacted. Can only try.

      • Thanks, Just posted a long one about THIS elsewhere …. In short : the goal amount Did Re-Set to a much lower number ! (A bit less than $500K). I believe THIS to be Important Knowledge, maybe worth putting into a future “Game Play” revision.

  9. I don’t know if it was mentioned, don’t have time time to read all posts ATM so sorry in advance if it was but be careful if you’re trying to save your elixir for something… I clicked on the wrong item but realized it before I placed it and cancelled it, however instead of canceling it it put the item in my inventory and charged the elixir anyways. Tested it with castle walls and it happened every time. Not a big issue for me but it may be for some.

    • I thought i was crazy when that happened to me. I was 99% sure i clicked the x but figured i pressed something elae by mistaje and was so confused

  10. All my game does is crash. It won’t open up past the login screen 🙁

  11. Since this update, my game is experiencing extreme lag rendering the game unplayable. Anyone else having this problem?

    I am using an iPhone 4

    Going to contact EA, just wondering how many others are afflicted with this problem.

  12. My game keeps crashing when visiting some friend no report option just dies. I am on an andriod galexy note 10. Is this only affecting one platform? After about the 5th time the game crashes I give up. I am also a family guy game player and dont have half the technical issues I have with this game

  13. Why did in my device said 105 000 instead of 10 500?
    Looks ok today but yesterday and before leveling up the castle any more costed me that, so I decided to continue with the other castle till level 20 🙂

    • Before yesterday afternoon’s update it was 105,000 Elixir to update beyond Level 20. Now it’s 10,500 to update beyond Level 20 (and increases by 1,000 for each new level).

  14. Two-nicorn!!! So freakin awesome!!! I sure hope we see level 44 soon. And Halloween just around the corner!! EA has really stepped up their game!!!

  15. Well thats me done 38,000 gold, all prizes and I just have to sit on my hands for the next 4 weeks. Too easy in many ways and I did it without spending a doughnut. I love the rainbow vomiting unicorn, can’t wait to show that 2 my 5 year old daughter.

    • Many of us are nowhere near that amount… Think I am on around 20,000 and not sure how I could have got more (unless sacrificing sleep or work)! And I can’t even getinto the game today thanks to the update!

    • I’m still leveling up my characters (past the 38k gold), as fast as I can! 🙈 Plus, I’m still working on as much elixir as I can earn, for castle upgrades & new decorations! October will be here too soon, for me! 😂😂😂

      • [To the Addicted Moderators (whomever of the Gallant Trio sees this first) i just errantly posted the following to an earlier string (Sep. 5th) above … I shoulda placed it as a new entry ! Sorry]

        Just got awarded 5 Donuts on ‘Sideshow You’ for balloon popping !

        NEVER got anything besides Krustyland Bucks there, before !

        Is this a New Concept ?

        (There Was A Very Small Up-Date this morning — i assumed it was Only Glitch Control because of that — did it include anything like This ???)

  16. Am I the only one sick of the clash of the clones? I was biting my tongue and just waiting it out thinking to myself “in fairness how could you follow on from the stonecutter event” but now I see the update with rehashed old over priced items….come on EA!

    All I can say is I hope that you are using your developers time to create an awesome Halloween and/or Christmas event.

    Hurry up level 44 and if anyone from EA is reading this a lovely big switch clash of clones button off in an update next week would be most welcome. Thank you.

  17. In Game Update: New Decorations and MORE…CRASHES!

  18. I freakin love that two-nicorn. Makes me laugh every time I tap it. But the freakshow is kinda pricey for something that only gets me vanity points. I always thought it might earn money or a percentage or something. Do we have til the end of the event to think about these?

  19. I can’t visit my neighbours or invade anyone without my game crashing >_< I'm sending my nerds to attack wherever I can because otherwise, I won't be able to collect the new ones. Is it worth complaining to EA about this?

  20. So many of these things are AWESOME! Been wanting many of them for ages. AND A TWO-NICORN????? Could that be any more perfect???? Now I have to save up my elixir rather than spend it upgrading my castle. 😀

    I love this game WAY TOO MUCH.

    Has anyone else been having a problem with crashes since this update hit? When visiting neighbors, it crashes pretty often now. It’s frustrating, because when I try again on the same neighbor, it crashes again, which means a few of my neighbors end up getting skipped. (Sorry folks!)

  21. Man… Satan’s Anvil was the ONLY prize I wasn’t able to get in time for Stonecutters, and I was super bummed about it. Then today I saw it in the shop and was like, “No way! I’m totally getting thaaa…oh, 225 donuts? “%&+#!!!,” I silently screamed. And make no mistake, I am NOT one of those players who constantly complain about items costing money (those people irritate me to no end). I’ve bought my fair share of sprinkles. I’m currently sitting on 57 donuts in my Springfield bank account, but I’m afraid my real-life account isn’t looking so great at the moment… Boo-hoo… Haha! Oh well. Hopefully it sticks around awhile. I do love the idea of their “yard-sales” though, as I just discovered this game as of March earlier this year. ANYwhoooo… Thank you guys for all your hard work/info/blood/sweat/tears/computer issues… Alissa 😉 hehee…All of you guys, seriously, TSTO and FGTQFS are the only bookmarks saved in my browser, and I check in every day!

    • The Anvil should be around until the end of the event so like a month. I think EA brought it back for folks like you and it does fit in well with the medieval theming. Appreciate the kind words. Alissa is one of the hardest workers I know.

  22. THEY CHANGED THE UPGRADE CASTLE FROM 105,000 TO 10,500????? UGH WHYYYYYY???? THE HORROR!!!!!!!! Lol the reason for my rant is that I just saved 105k elixir and purchased the castle upgrade. I’m going to go bash my head into the nearest wall. *angrily headbutts brick wall, pulls out all his hair, and fumes in a corner*

  23. Latest update keeps crashing on me whenever I want to attack.

  24. What was with the dialogue encouraging using max nerds on attacks? Came here to see what you had to say about it, but don’t see any mention of it. I’ve been using the 1 nerd strategy and have fared pretty well, but thinking about mixing it up a little (instant gratification issues 🙂

    • My opinion is EA wants people to buy nerds. I still stick to the one nerd strategy.

      • One nerd strategy is superior. I’ve been using it and I’m sitting on about 57k gold right now.

        As for castle upgrades, I’m dumping all my purple into them until 20, then I’ll worry about decorations.

  25. I am a hesitant freemium player but didn’t skip a beat in using every last donut I had on twonicorn. I can’t stop tapping it. Can’t wait for a screen glitch to multiply it by 30 for a few glorious seconds. Leaves all the microscopic critters in the dust.

  26. Level 44 Hacker Post on TSTO FB! Two updates in one week…heck yes!!

  27. Love the new stuff, especially the Two-nicorn! But… did anyone else lose all their shields? I had peaked a bit before the update and had shields on DOZENS of houses, but when I logged back in, they were gone. I did not go to Krustyland, so I am baffled.

  28. by the time this makes it through the moderator it’ll probably be old news.. but.. new level? 44? hope it drops in the next 24hours!

  29. Yay! Fort Sensible is back! I’ve been wanting this for a while and was hoping it’d show up in the garage sale they had a while back. Not a bad price for a limited edition building either. Kinda tempted on the Twonicorn, but I’m low on donuts and might want to save them for events that come up before I get iTunes cards for Christmas and/or Gil has a good deal.

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