Lisa recycles so why can’t EA? A decoration comparison.

(Sung to the tune of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”)

Take trash out to the trash can,
Make sure to re-cy-cle.
Use less papers and paper towels,
I turn off the water and never waste towels.
So it’s root, root, root for the green team,
If we don’t live green it’s a shame.
For it’s reduce, reuse and re-cy-cle,
In our clean world game.

What’s up my friends?  Well… it appears in TSTO Land, EA has decided to go green when they’re creating new stuff for our games.  What’s that mean?  Click more and see.

With the new stuff released on September 4th, a lot of tappers who have played for a bit were struck with DÉJÀ VU for three of the items.  It seems Lisa Simpson must have convinced the designers to not only use recycling materials for her castle but also for new things too.  I guess recycling pixels is in vogue now too. Let’s take a look at the three items compared to their predecessors.

Chest of Sacred Artifacts                             treasurechest_menu

Limited Time – Stonecutters Limited Time – Clash of Clones
Brown gold chest with red lining Dark brown chest with purple lining, crown inside is different, scroll removed
55 donuts 85 donuts
Earns $200/20 XP every 8 hrs, during event earned 20 emblems every 8 hrs Earns 20 gold coins every 12 hrs
Can be placed on Grass, Pavement, & Squidport Can be placed on Grass, Pavement, Beach & Squidport

As you can see, the first one was a better deal and it was nice to get one free during the Stonecutter Event. The new one has an extra placement option. and may be worth it for anyone who joined after Stonecutters.  I say pass.

Chest Comparison

           Tapped_Out_Backwater_Brewery                      elixirmixer_menu

Moonshine still in cinder blocks Similar still but liquid is purple and it’s now animated
Released Chirstmas 2013, still available Limited Time – Clash of Clones
25 donuts 65 donuts
0.50% bonus to cash and XP Earns 35 elixir every 8 hrs
Can be placed on Grass only Can be placed on Grass only

For this one, I have to say the Backwater Brewery is a better deal even though I like the animation and PURPLE of the new one.  No clue at present whether the new one will generate cash or have a multiplier when the Clone Wars are over.

Still Comparison

macaronisshed_menu             barracks_menu

Horse shed with neighing sound when tapped, eyes seen in slot Same shed with medieval decorations
Limited Time – Yellow Badge of Cowardge Episode Tie-In Limited Time – Clash of Clones
30 Donuts 40 Donuts
0.75% bonus to cash and XP 0.50% bonus to cash and XP
Can be placed on Grass, Pavement, Beach & Squidport Can be placed on Grass, Pavement, Beach & Squidport

For anyone who missed out on Macaroni’s Shed, this might be the right choice. Unfortunately it’s a bit more expensive and has a lower bonus.  My first thought when this arrived was “Did EA see me talk about the barracks in another post?”  If they did and this was the response, I apologize.

Shed Comparison

Besides these three, reader z-Man pointed out that the Windmill greatly resembles a feature of another building.

TSTP Sir putts a lot level 32windmill_menu


You think in the Clone universe, Barbarian Homer and Wizard Marge might find a use for the medieval windmill?

So there are the newest decorations EA decided to recycle and refurbish.  What do you think of them?  Did you purchase one or the other?  Sound off below and stay classy as usual.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

15 responses to “Lisa recycles so why can’t EA? A decoration comparison.

  1. Just being annoyingly nit-pick-y here… but I gotta say it! Inside the Chest of Sacred Artifacts is not, in fact, a crown but a globus cruciger or sovereign’s orb (most commonly paired with a scepter and seen being held by kings and queens on their coronation day–see: Queen Elizabeth II.) The cross on top of the orb is meant to symbolize Christ’s dominion over the world (the orb.) Inside the Treasure Chest, that cross has just simply been removed… leaving nothing but a pretty golden ball! Thank you for enduring my wise-ass-ness.

  2. it won’t truly be recycling until we start seeing Sims and excess football players from Madden NFL appearing in springfield.

  3. I think that’s fine. I mean, reclycling pixels is kind of a common thing to do in videogames and EA sure does work a lot in giving great animations to most of the characters.

  4. I think Homer’s task with the firecracker with Luigi, is a recycled action from last year too.

    I think they also used Ned’s Thanksgiving action twice

  5. Worth remembering the event is ‘clash of clones’ – it makes sense that some rewards will be slightly rehashed copies of earlier rewards. It ties in with the barely noticeable upgrades to characters. I’ll give EA the benefit of the doubt on this one, provided all rewards in the next event are original.

  6. I plan to put a row of mills on the water… Still need more boardwalk pieces to do so… I ll need to be patient lol

  7. To me, the recycle items, plus the Clash of the Clones event as a whole, show that EA have clearly run out of ideas when it comes to designing special events. Thank goodness for the level 44 and Friendship updates! if it was not for these, as well as trying to help out my neighbours, I don’t think I would be playing this game on a regular basis whilst this event continues.

    • In complete agreement. As soon as I get the final prize (I’m at 24K gold), I’m done with Clash of Clones. I don’t like the castles (they’re getting stored ASAP) and I hate the event. I’ll keep playing for FPs but that’s it until October 7th.

  8. I had just realized today that the brewery was available and cheaper. I haven’t bought it yet, but I think it will go nicely by Cletus’s farm.

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